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Zydrunas Ilgauskas’s Children: Who Are They? Details About His Wife Jennifer Ilgauskas and Inside Their Family

The Pagyne Children’s Home is near Kaunas, Lithuania. Zydrunas Ilgauskas and his wife Jennifer went there.

They adopted Deividas, who is now six, and Povilas, who is five. The Ilgauskases had always planned to adopt, even before Jennifer lost the twins she was carrying two years ago.

The 7-foot-3 center says that Povilas and Deividas do not speak English and are getting used to life in the United States. Ilgauskas says that being a dad has made him like some of his teammates who also have kids even more.

This week, an Ohio funeral home said that the wife of Cleveland Cavaliers player Zydrunas Ilgauskas had died suddenly. Just then, she turned 50.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Does Zydrunas Ilgauskas Have Kids?

The center for the Cavaliers and his wife, Jennifer, took in two brothers who were orphans in his home country of Lithuania. Ilgauskas took the children, who were 4 and 5 years old, from an orphanage in Kaunas, Lithuania, where he grew up.

The 7-foot-3 center says that Povilas and Deividas do not speak English and are getting used to life in the United States. Ilgauskas says that being a dad has made him like some of his teammates who also have kids even more.

There was a lot of paperwork and questions about the adoption for two years. The Ilgauskases went to the orphanage as a couple. To their surprise, they left as a family in about as much time as it takes to go through a drive-through. After the background checks were done and the governments were satisfied, they did this.

Jennifer lost her twins when she was almost done with her pregnancy two years ago. This summer, the Cavaliers got All-Star Shaquille O’Neal from the Suns. This gave Ilgauskas a new teammate. Ilgauskas will come off the bench now that O’Neal is on the team. He has played at least 65 games in each of the last seven seasons and has been through a lot with his feet.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas His Life As A Husband With His Wife Jennifer Ilgauskas

In the summer of 2004, Ilgauskas married his beautiful bride, Jennifer Ilgauskas. Jennifer died on September 14, 2022, which was sad news for her family. She was the owner of Darvo Medical Rebound Physical Therapy.

Three years after they got married, they had trouble getting pregnant and lost a set of twins. Because of this, babies were born four months early. During that time, they were very unhappy and angry.

In 2009, they decided to take the kids in as their own. They took in two Lithuanian brothers from his home city of Kaunas. One was four, and the other was five.

Ilgauskas stopped being a citizen of Lithuania when he became a permanent citizen of the United States in 2014.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas's Wife

Zydrunas Ilgauskas’s Wife

Zydrunas Ilgauskas Net Worth in 2022

Since Zydrunas, Ilgauskas has spent the last 18 years of his life playing basketball. The players-bio website says that his huge net worth is $55 million.

He played for the Cleveland Cavaliers from 1996 to 2010, where he made more than half of his money. He also signed a deal with the Miami Heat worth $1.3 million.

When he played for international clubs, he was paid about $179 million. It also includes the extra bonus the signing team gets. Ilgauskas, on the other hand, sold his Miami Beach Sunset Island for $8,300,000. He also sold his five-bedroom, six-bathroom house that is 5,166 square feet in size.

Danny Hertzberg, who worked in sales, closed the deal. He also made more money because of it.

He’s a high school coach for free.

Soon, a group of high school basketball players from Ohio will be able to learn from one of the best Cleveland Cavaliers of all time. Zydrunas Ilgauskas, a 7-3 center who retired in 2011, will help out at Saint Ignatius High School in Cleveland as a volunteer assistant in four years. Even though his role will be small, it is still important because of his ties to the city.

Now, the head basketball coach at Lake Ridge Academy probably doesn’t understand why Ilgauskas hasn’t helped him out yet.

Big Z continuing to live and work in Cleveland is also a good sign. He was a talent scout for the Cavaliers when Chris Grant was the general manager. In the summer of 2015, he helped get LeBron James to come back to the team.

Ilgauskas, who is now 40 years old, still lives nearby and is even on the board of the K–12 school Lake Ridge Academy in nearby North Ridgeville.

The Rise Of Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Jennifer Ilgauskas has a picture of her family on her office desk. A few weeks after adopting Deividas and Povilas from Lithuania in 2008, she and her husband Zydrunas are standing under a tree in their backyard with the two young boys. All of them are dressed in casual clothes.

Outside of her office, there is a large, framed copy of Ilgauskas’s No. 11 jersey, which the Cavaliers will retire on Saturday night.

Even though she never doubted her husband’s popularity, which is mostly due to his honest, humble personality and the fact that no matter where they go, someone always offers to buy him a drink, she has been shocked by the amount of support since his jersey was retired.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas’s reputation is often built on things that have nothing to do with basketball. He has played in more games than anyone else on the Cavaliers (771), which is a huge deal for a player who had five foot surgeries in his first six seasons.

Early Life Of Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Zydrunas Ilgauskas is one of the most popular basketball players in the world. He hasn’t said much about his childhood on the Internet.

But before he played in the NBA, he played for the team where he was born, in Kaunas. Atletas Kaunas was the name of that team.

He played for the Atletas Kaunas team and averaged 20.3 points, 12.8 rebounds, and 2.8 blocks per game. Between 1993 and 1976, he helped his neighborhood team in a few ways.

He had problems with his feet and ankles when he was young as well. Ilgauskas was on the injured list for the whole 1996–1997 season. He then went on to make his first professional appearance.



Ilgauskas started working at Saint Ignatius High School on September 18, 2015, as the boys’ team assistant coach.


The Cleveland Cavaliers retired Ilgauskas’ number 11 on March 8, 2014, making him only the third European, following Draen Petrovi and Vlade Divac, to receive such recognition from an NBA organization.

In 2014, Ilgauskas obtained American citizenship. As a result, he lost his Lithuanian citizenship because that nation doesn’t allow for dual citizenship.


Ilgauskas joined the Cavaliers’ front office in 2012 and was appointed as a special advisor to the group.

Ilgauskas returned to Cleveland on January 11, 2012, when he was hired as Chris Grant’s assistant, the general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers at the time. He had to assess potential amateur and professional talent.


Ilgauskas announced his retirement from basketball in September 2011 and gave several reasons, including a desire to spend more time with his family, long-term physical exhaustion, and regular wear and tear on his body.


On February 17, 2010, Ilgauskas was part of a three-team, six-player deal that sent Antawn Jamison from Cleveland to Washington, Al Thornton from the Los Angeles Clippers to Washington, Drew Gooden from Washington to Los Angeles, and Sebastian Telfair from Los Angeles to Cleveland. The deal also included a 2010 first-round pick and the rights to Emir Preldi. He became a free agent after the Wizards bought out his contract on February 25, 2010. Ilgauskas didn’t take the field for the Wizards in any contests. Ilgauskas might have returned to the Cavaliers, but only after the 30-day waiting period that is required for players who are traded from their previous teams after having their contracts bought out by their new squad. He may still sign with any other team, after all.

On March 23, 2010, Ilgauskas agreed to a one-year contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers to play the rest of the 2009–10 campaign. A day later, he made his comeback in a victory over the New Orleans Hornets. Ilgauskas received thunderous applause and encouragement from the crowd during his first home game back with the Warriors, a victory over the Sacramento Kings. For the occasion, Quicken Loans Arena was affectionately nicknamed “The Z” in tribute to the Lithuanian.

For the first time in his career, Ilgauskas did not play a key role in the Cavaliers’ rotation during the 2010 NBA Playoffs. Ilgauskas only spent 69 minutes on the court for the whole postseason, which led to averages of 1.7 PPG and 1.6 RPG that were far lower than his previous playoff output. The Boston Celtics defeated the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Ilgauskas inked a contract with the Miami Heat on July 17, 2010. Ilgauskas’ choice to join the Heat was inspired by the signings of Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, and longtime teammate LeBron James. During the pregame introductions of the Heat’s first game in Cleveland on December 2, 2010, the crowd clapped for Ilgauskas while jeering the other players, including James. Although the Heat advanced to the NBA Finals in 2011, they were defeated by the Dallas Mavericks in six games.


Ilgauskas was the team’s starting center for the following four seasons as it had advanced to the playoffs. In 2007 and 2009, they advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals of the NBA. Shaquille O’Neal was acquired by the Cavaliers in the summer of 2009. Ilgauskas answered the query about the deal as follows: “Just now, I was reading the news. I’ll probably be joining the team off the bench as a result.” Ilgauskas surpassed General Manager Danny Ferry on December 2, 2009, when he came off the bench in a game against the Phoenix Suns to break the team record for games played in a career.


He said the following at a news conference in 2008: “I want to express my gratitude to everyone, notably the Federation and all the insurers, for their tireless efforts and tenacity. They have been working long hours both days and nights to make my ambition of competing for my country in the Olympics a reality. It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t able to do that earlier. Although I believe none of us are currently close friends with Cleveland, we went that route because it was the right thing to do. I received an elbow to the back throughout the season… I took a few weeks off after the season to recover, then I started working out to get ready for training camp, but the discomfort soon came back. According to doctors, you have two options: resting or having surgery, which is followed by two months of bed rest. I had a strong desire to play, so the thought of having to sit and being unable to do so would ache. I wouldn’t have traveled all these paths to the cross if I didn’t desire that. Of course, the NBA and the club were tossing sticks into the wheels, which didn’t help. For them, it’s a business. This is not the end of life “.


Ilgauskas extended his contract with the Cavaliers on July 12, 2005. According to reports, the agreement had a five-year value of approximately $55 million.


In the summer of 2004, Ilgauskas wed Jennifer, the love of his life. Due to pregnancy difficulties that forced the babies to be born four months early in 2007, the couple lost a set of twins. Ilgauskas adopted two Lithuanian brothers from his hometown of Kaunas in the summer of 2009 when they were five and four years old.


In 2003, the Cavaliers selected future NBA MVP LeBron James, a high school sensation. The team’s nucleus was formed by James, Ilgauskas, and Drew Gooden. Over the following three seasons, Ilgauskas only missed 9 games, and in 2005, he was again chosen as an All-Star.


In 2002–03, Ilgauskas had a 17.2 point and 7.5 rebound average. Although the Cavaliers finished with the third-worst record in team history (17-65) and received the top overall pick, he was chosen as an All-Star.


For the remainder of the season, he served primarily as Chris Mihm’s backup after making a comeback in December 2001.


During All-Star Weekend, he was awarded the Rookie Challenge’s most valuable player, and in 1997–98, he was chosen for the All–Rookie First Team. In 1998, he agreed to a contract extension worth $70.9 million over six years. Ilgauskas, however, only participated in 5 games during the following two seasons. He underwent surgery on his left foot’s shattered navicular bone on January 26, 2000.

In 2000-01, he regained his position as the Cavaliers’ starting center. In December 2000, he suffered yet another injury, ending his season. The Cavaliers suffered as a result of the injury. With Ilgauskas, they finished with a 30-52 record after winning 15 of 23 games.


The Cleveland Cavaliers selected Ilgauskas with the 20th overall choice in the 1996 NBA Draft. He agreed to a multi-year contract with the Cavaliers on August 1st, 1996. He endured a variety of foot and ankle problems in the early stages of his career. Due to a broken bone in his right foot, he missed the entire 1996–97 season and was placed on the injured list.


In 1994, as the Lithuanian national team was trying to earn a position in the EuroBasket 1995, Ilgauskas made his professional debut. He grabbed 7 rebounds and 7.7 points per game on average. Later, due to his history of injuries, the Cavaliers refused to let him participate in the 2008 Summer Olympics with the Lithuanian national team.


Ilgauskas made his professional debut in 1993 with the neighborhood team Atletas in Kaunas, where he was born. In the 1994–95 season, he had averages of 20.3 points, 12.8 rebounds, and 2.8 blocks per game.


Zydrunas Ilgauskas, a former professional basketball center for the National Basketball Association, was born in Lithuania on June 5, 1975. His Lithuanian name is ydrnas ilgauskas, and his Lithuanian pronunciation is [idrûns sks] (NBA). He was a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers from 1996 until 2010 and now holds the team record for blocks. In the 2010–11 season, he also participated for the Miami Heat.

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