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American MMA fighter Chidi Njokuani competes in the middleweight division of the UFC at the moment. Chidi was a Muay Thai kickboxer prior to joining the UFC. Since 2007, he has fought professionally, representing Legacy FC, Tachi Palace Fight, RFA, and Bellator MMA.

Although the former Muay Thai kickboxer is only 6’3″, which is shorter than typical for a middleweight, his reach is excellent, especially with his legs. In his first two fights, Njokuani displayed his length and Muay Thai striking strength, which led to two swift knockouts.

Chidi is a quick learner who waits for his prey to approach him while standing close to the cage. When they are in striking distance, which is frequently still out of reach for his opponents, Njokuani casually unleashes powerful kicks and superb boxing.

The most important weapon in Njokuani’s extensive and adaptable armory is a long front kick, which he uses to maintain distance and keep opponents who are moving forward from trying to crash distance.

People are interested to know if Chidi is currently employed or not after witnessing his battles. This article will provide the response to that query.

Chidi Njokuani

Chidi Njokuani

Some Fast Facts About Chidi Njokuani

Name Chidi Njokuani
Age 33
Nationality American
Division Light Heavyweight
Height 6 feet 3 inch

UFC: Chidi Njokuani Wife -Is He Married?

Fans want to know if Chidi Njouani is married and has a wife because the UFC fighter has produced numerous victories.

Currently, Njokuani doesn’t have a wife. Because Chidi is 33 years old—the average age at which people settle down—many people think that he is in a committed relationship.

Chidi, however, is not like most individuals. He is committed and serious about his UFC career. Every UFC battle Chidi has competed in has ended in victory.

On his Instagram, Chidi displays his degree of commitment; whereas most users use the network to display their lifestyle, Chidi’s posts are primarily on his training, fights, and teammates.

No pictures of Njouani’s partners or Chidi’s female pals appear on his Instagram wall, despite the fact that he has posted 52 times.

Chidi Njokuani Has A Nigerian Family Background And Parents

On December 31, 1988, Chidi Njokuani was born to Nigerian parents in Dallas, Texas. His name, Chidi, means “God exists” in Igbo.

His parents were passionate about their child’s future and that of his brother’s sporting career. Chidi’s parents left Nigeria for the United States in pursuit of better opportunities.

He briefly abandoned Muay Thai during his teen years in favor of skateboarding, but at the age of 18, he returned to fighting and discovered mixed martial arts.

The Net Worth Of Chidi Njokuani May Be Around A Million

Due to his current victories and endorsements, Chidi Njokuani’s net worth is projected to be around $1 million. A professional MMA fighter’s net worth is often high. Despite the fact that he keeps his exact net worth a secret.

Chidi has a strong winning record against his opponents in MMA, and fighters are paid based on their victories. Chidi enjoys significant sponsorship from companies like Nike, according to his Instagram.

The typical contractual UFC fighter made about $148,000 in 2020 after taking into account bonuses and base pay.

UFC fighters are among the highest-paid athletes in the world, with rounds lasting five minutes, fights lasting three to five rounds, and three fights each year.

Chidi Njokuani Sibling Is Anthony Njokuani

Anthony Njokuani is Chidi Njokuani’s brother and an MMA competitor. Anthony has engaged in conflict far earlier than his sibling Chidi.

In 1983, Anthony and his family, which included his brother, immigrated to the country and settled in Garland, Texas. Anthony started his martial arts training in Tae Kwon Do at the age of 17 before moving on to Muay Thai and then MMA at the age of 21.

In 1999, kickboxer Njokuani started a professional combat career. With a record of 24-0 and the Kansas state Muay Thai title, he enjoyed some success in the sport.

He started his MMA training in 2003 and went on to win the Art of War promotion in Texas. He briefly went back to kickboxing after that.

Eight years after his brother, Chidi decided to follow in his brother’s footsteps and also pursue a career as a professional boxer. The age difference between Chidi and his brother is 9 years.

Some Interesting Facts About Chidi Njokuani

Chidi Njokuani Is Having A Dream UFC Debut

Njokuani’s UFC debut took place on February 5, 2022, when he faced Marc-André Barriault. He knocked out the opponent in the opening round to win the fight. He won the night’s performance honor for this fight.

The next challenger for Njokuani was Duko Todorova. After the first round, an elbow helped him knock out the opponent and win the fight. He received the Performance of the Night award once again thanks to this triumph.

Chidi wants to continue his winning streak, but his next opponent is a formidable opponent. In his third UFC fight, Njokuani will take on Gregory.

Chidi Njokuani Had A Controversial Fight With Simon Marcus

A contentious bout between Chidi and Simon resulted in a majority tie. Njokuani dominated the opening moments of the battle by using his feet to control the ring, but Marcus immediately pushed in and started attacking from the clinch with knees and elbows.

In round two, Njokuani was given time to recover from two unlawful attacks. The referee continued to split the fighters frequently as the fight went on because Njokuani kept turning around and Marcus started to work in the clinch once more.

Marcus was docked a point by referee Tony Weeks for landing a second low blow in round three, and the bout ended in a riot. The judges’ majority decision to draw the fight was final.

Simon used combative language after the match, setting off a heated argument as they scuffled backstage.

Chidi Njokuani Is Strong Offensively But Has A Weak Side In Defense

Njokuani is a skilled and violent Muay Thai kickboxer, although there are questions about his defensive grappling.

He is large enough to post and defend his base against weak attempts, but he also has poor takedown defense and overconfidence from his back.

Njokuani can win matches with his striking, but until he strengthens his takedown defense, he will continue to give evenly matched opponents an easy victory.

Chidi Is Also Active On Social Media

Chidi uses Instagram but not Twitter, but he is reachable there. The MMA fighter has a verified Instagram account with the handle @chidibangnjoku.

Chidi updates his Instagram occasionally, although most of the photographs are of his workouts and battles.

Njokuani has followed almost 1600 people, giving him a following of over 22,000.

Image Of Chidi Njokuani After A Win

Image Of Chidi Njokuani After A Win

Some FAQ About Chidi Njokuani


Who Is Chidi Njokuani’s Brother?

Ignasi Njokuani

What Is The Nationality Of Chidi Njokuani?


Is Chidi Njokuani Married?

No ( as per his Instagram)

Is Chidi Njokuani Married?

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