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Journalist for TV Dawna Friesen. She currently serves as Global National’s executive editor and lead anchor. In 1985, Friesen began her career. After five years of reading the news at a station that combined radio and television, she was picked up by US and Canadian national networks.

Dawna Friesen, a distinguished journalist, is employed with Global National at the moment. Friesen has worked as a journalist for more than 30 years, reporting on topics ranging from small-town Canada to the front lines of history.

As Donald Trump was chosen as the next president, Friesen hosted Global News’ coverage of the 2016 American Elections. She worked as a senior international journalist for NBC News in London prior to joining Global National.

She traveled extensively during her 11-year stint, reporting on the conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Europe, and the Middle East while also spending a few months in Gaza and Israel.

Additionally, Friesen supports and advocates for the Canadian Alzheimer’s Society.

Dawna Friesen

Dawna Friesen

Where Is Dawna Friesen From Global National?

Although it was claimed that Dawna Friesen had retired or left the network, it appears that she is still employed by the Global National.

Dawna is currently active on Twitter; her previous tweet was from two days ago, on August 19. People wondered if Friesen had departed the network because she is rarely visible on the Global National YouTube channel.

Because Dawna Friesen was not featured on Global News, her supporters are wondering what happened to her. For for 30 years, Friesen has worked as a journalist, writing about everything from small-town Canada to the front lines of history.

Dawna is a major anchor, therefore she might not constantly appear on TV, but that isn’t the case. Her other responsibility is to gather data for the journalists.

What Happened To Dawna Friesen From National Television?

Since Dawna Friesen hasn’t been seen on Global News recently and hasn’t made any announcements on her exit from the news, people are wondering what’s going on with her. She might be occupied with her personal life and have taken time off from work.

Friesen joined Global National in 2010 after his return from London and has since hosted numerous breaking news events there.

The Fort McMurray wildfires, the Quebec City mosque shooting in New Brunswick, the shooting deaths of RCMP officers in Moncton, and the terrorist assault in Paris, France are just a few of the well-known events Dawna has covered.

Additionally, there are no records of Dawna being ill or experiencing any medical issues. She likes to travel, read, stay current on news, and spend time with her kid when she is not working.

Meet The Canadian News Anchor Dawna Friesen

Meet The Canadian News Anchor Dawna Friesen

Dawna Firesen Husband Is Rick Anderson

In Vancouver, Canada, on July 28, 2018, Dawna Friesen wed Rick Anderson, a political consultant from Canada. After divorcing her first spouse, Dawna got married.

Lucas Kennedy, who was born when Friesen was 40 years old, was another child that Friesen and Tom Kennedy had. Despite her split with Kennedy, Friesen raised and gave her son Lucas a wonderful life.

She writes and tweets about her son a lot. Anderson, Dawna’s current husband, contributes political commentary to Don Newman’s Politics program on CBC Newsworld and maintains a blog for The Globe and Mail.

Rick Anderson, her first spouse, was 12 years her senior. Additionally, her current spouse appears to be older than the Canadian anchor.

Dawna Friesen Bio

Canadian television journalist Dawna Friesen serves as Global National’s chief anchor and executive editor at the moment. She formerly worked as an international journalist for NBC News.

Born October 8, 1964

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Status Global National anchor and executive anchor
Education Red River College Polytechnic
Occupation News anchor
Years active 1985–present

Notable credit(s)

CTV NewsNet anchor
NBC News foreign correspondent
Global National anchor and executive editor
Title News anchor and executive editor of Global National
Spouse(s) Tom Kennedy (? – 2018)
Rick Anderson (2018–)
Children 1


In 1985, she began her reporting career by reading the news at a hybrid television and radio station in Brandon, Manitoba. From there, she went on to report for stations in Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto.

By the late 1990s, she was the subject of recruitment efforts by national networks in both the United States and Canada, and she eventually joined NBC News. During his time at NBC, Friesen covered stories coming out of London in addition to those coming out of the Middle East. These stories included the Israeli Palestinian conflict in addition to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the kidnapping and murder of a reporter for The Wall Street Journal in Karachi. As a journalist for NBC’s coverage of the presidential election in the United States in 2008, she was nominated for and won an Emmy in the category of News and Documentary.

In 2010, Friesen began his tenure as the Global National anchor for Global News, following Kevin Newman in that role. Friesen was the first full-time female news anchor to head a nightly newscast in English Canada. She was the third full-time female news anchor to lead a nightly newscast in Canada, after Sophie Thibault in 2002 and Céline Galipeau in 2009. She was awarded the Gemini for being the finest news anchor that year (2011).

In addition to hosting Global National, she is also the host of the newsmagazine show The New Reality on the same network.

Personal life

Friesen spent her childhood on a farm located west of Winnipeg. Her parents were Mennonites, although they did not observe their faith. When she was just six years old, her father put her to work on the family farm, where she quickly picked up the skills necessary to operate a tractor. Her mother was quite involved in the political life of the community. After moving to St. Albert, Alberta with her family, she attended Paul Kane High School till she graduated in the year 1981. After that, she went on to complete her education at Red River College in Manitoba, where she had previously worked as a waitress when she was younger. Friesen started her career as a journalist in 1984 after graduating from the Creative Communications degree at RRC. She began her career by working in Brandon, Saskatoon, Thunder Bay, and Winnipeg. After her divorce from Tom Kennedy, she tied the knot with Rick Anderson on July 28, 2018, and they have two children together.

Friesen’s two parents were diagnosed with dementia, and in 2014, she was a subject of a 16 by 9 program that explored dementia and the ways in which families manage with the condition.


As a journalist for NBC’s coverage of the 2008 United States presidential election, she was awarded the Outstanding Live Coverage of a Breaking News Story – Long Form Emmy in the News and Documentary category in 2009.

Gemini Award for the best news anchor in 2011.

Dawna Friesen Married Life

Dawna Friesen and Rick Anderson, a political strategist, got married on July 28th, 2018, in the city of Vancouver, Canada. Both Anderson and Friesen lead very private lives, despite the fact that they are married to each other.

Friesen’s first marriage was to Tom Kennedy, but after they divorced, she began a relationship with Rick Anderson, who is now her second spouse.

Additionally, Friesen and Kennedy are parents to a kid they had together. When he was born, his father’s name was Lucas, and Friesen was 40 years old at the time. Despite the fact that she was no longer with Kennedy, Friesen provided a wonderful environment for her son, Lucas. A significant portion of her tweets and blog postings are devoted to her son.

Dawna Friesen Parents

Friesen’s parents were nonobservant Mennonites. This played a role in shaping her upbringing, which took place in a culture that was highly unique. Menno Simons was the founder of an Anabaptist denomination that would later be known as the Mennonites. The Mennonites are a Christian sect that call themselves “Mennonites.”

Simons gave his followers a firm foundation by passing on teachings from early Christians in Switzerland who lived in the 15th century. The religious group advocated for the baptism of adults but disapproved of participation in politics and the armed forces. Her upbringing had many of the hallmarks of a rural Christian way of life, despite the fact that her parents did not fully engage in the religious practices of their faith. Dawna spent her childhood on a sprawling farm.

Her interest in working on farms was sparked by the fact that her father had a background in agriculture. Because of her passion, she learned a lot of activities that are done in the countryside, including how to drive a tractor when she was only six years old. Because her parents needed an additional hand on the farm and did not want to spend money hiring people to work in the farm, they taught their daughter such skills instead of paying other people to work on the farm.

Due to the fact that working on a farm requires a significant amount of time, she had no choice but to get up at an ungodly hour every morning. Her mother was once very involved in the political life of the community. While she was still young, she acquired the skills necessary to become a lady who is disciplined and who works diligently.

In subsequent years, doctors determined that both of her parents were suffering from dementia due to their advanced ages. The fact that Friesen’s parents were suffering from mental illness greatly affected her. Because of this, she became an enthusiastic supporter of the Alzheimer Society of Canada and an ambassador for the organization.

Dawna Friesen Net Worth 2022

The value of Dawna Friesen’s estimated net worth could range anywhere from one million to five million dollars. Since 1985, Friesen has maintained a career in the media, which is unquestionably her most important source of income.

At the moment, she is working for Global National as the executive editor and host of the program. Her annual pay is approximately believed to be around $60,930, which is the same as the typical salary of a news anchor at Global News.

But Friesen never considered earning money to be the primary motivation for working in the industry. Instead, she remained there because she wished to be of assistance to the other people.

Friesen is only the third Canadian woman to ever hold the position of full-time news anchor and to also host a nightly news program. In 2011, she was recognized as the industry’s top news anchor, earning her the Gemini Award.

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