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Author and radio talk show host Dennis Mark Prager is an American conservative. In 2009, he co-founded PragerU, a website that creates five-minute documentaries with a conservative American perspective.

Dennis Prager’s early political initiatives, which he began in 1969, were on Soviet Jews who were unable to emigrate. He gradually increased the frequency of his political commentary because his views were frequently socially conservative.

He is a man who inspires people to make positive social change. Prager is a conservative activist, best-selling book, radio talk show host, and thinker.

Many of his followers prefer to think of him as a moral compass who points people in the right direction, despite the fact that he is well-known for presenting his talk show. He has a voice that can cut through the background noise and separate the good from the poor.

The host’s incredible journey, which began in his sophomore year, had a significant influence on his development as a person and helped him become the prominent moral critic he is today, who desires to prevent society from suffocating itself.

Many of his admirers and followers are inspired to pursue their goals by his accomplishments. Dennis Prager has shown that education would be pointless if it were not used to tackle the most challenging problems facing society.

He may not have aced his school examinations, but the life test was where he really shined. His aptitude for public speaking and keen interest in religious and spiritual problems have an impact on his charm and sense of humor.

Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager’s Religion: Is He Muslim, Christian Or Jewish?

Dennis Prager was raised in a home that was contemporary orthodox and practiced Judaism. He is a well-known talk show presenter and a powerful speaker, but many of his fans prefer to think of him as a moral compass who points people in the right way.

When he was a student in England in 1969, a Jewish organization contacted him about traveling to the Soviet Union to speak with Jews about living there.

When he returned the next year, the lecturer was in high demand as a lecturer on the oppression of Soviet Jews; he was able to travel and visit more than sixty countries because to the money he earned from presentations. He was appointed to serve as the national student movement’s representative for Soviet Jewry.

Despite having a fierce passion for defending the West, the United States, and Judeo-Christian values, he may very well have the calmest voice on radio.

Most importantly, over 500 of his millions of listeners travel to Israel with him every other year since he has a personal connection with many of them. For the past 25 years, thousands have joined him on his sold-out listener cruises to locations such as Antarctica, West Africa, Vietnam, and the Panama Canal.

On American radio, only the weekly Happiness Hour, Ultimate Issues Hour, and Male-Female Hour are of their sort. In other words, when Dennis Prager speaks, people listen.

Dennis Prager’s Ethnicity And Family

Max Prager, his father, and Hilda Friedfeld Prager, her mother, welcomed Dennis Prager into the world in Brooklyn. He grew up along with his siblings, who included Kenneth Prager.

The speaker attended the Yeshiva of Flatbush in Brooklyn, New York, where he became acquaintances with Joseph Telushkin. He studied history at Brooklyn College, where he focused on Middle Eastern Studies, and graduated with a degree.

Before quitting academia without obtaining a doctorate degree, he took courses at the University of Leeds and the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs.

After completing graduate school, Prager gave up Modern Orthodoxy, although he remained religious and continued to observe many traditional Jewish rituals. In addition, he holds an honorary doctorate in law from Pepperdine University.

He speaks Hebrew, English, French, and Russian with ease. His brother, Kenneth Prager, is a professor of medicine at Columbia University’s Irving Medical Center. His nephew Joshua Prager formerly worked as a journalist for the Wall Street Journal.

After testing positive for COVID-19 the previous week, Prager announced on October 18, 2021, that he had received treatment with ivermectin and a monoclonal antibody from Regeneron.

He said that in order to avoid purposely contracting COVID-19, he had taken zinc and hydroxychloroquine as preventative measures “from the onset” and “hoped for natural immunity.”

dennis prager wife

dennis prager wife

Dennis Prager’s Net Worth in 2022

Dennis Prager, a well-known author and host of a radio talk program, is projected to have a $12 million net worth as of September 2022. He receives a significant salary from the radio station where he hosts shows.

He also gets paid through his YouTube channel, albeit the media hasn’t been told about this yet.

The talented author’s conservative stance has affected many people in politics, business, and philosophy.

He started his profession while he was studying in England. He traveled to the Soviet Union in 1969 at the invitation of a Jewish organization to interview Jews about their daily lives there. After his return, there was a rise in interest in him as a speaker on the persecution of Soviet Jews.

He was appointed to serve as the national student movement’s representative for Soviet Jewry.

When “the nine questions people ask about Judaism” by Prager and Telushkin was published in 1975, it became a bestseller. He co-directed the Brandeis-Bardin Institute with Telushkin from 1976 to 1983. He was hired by KABC in Los Angeles in 1982 to host a religious talk show that later evolved into a daily talk show.

He has been a conversation show host on the Los Angeles radio station KRLA since 1999.

He currently has a significant YouTube channel with more than 1 billion annual views.

For Goodness Sake (1993), For Goodness Sake 2 (1996), Israel in Time of Terror (2002), Baseball, Dennis & the French (2011), and No Safe Spaces are just a few of the films he has created since 1993. (2019).

His published writings include:

Think about it again (1996)

Happiness is a significant issue (1999)

The best hope remains (2012)

Exodus in The Rational Bible (2018)

The Rational Bible: Genesis (2019) (2019)

Dennis Prager Bio

Author and host of a conservative radio talk program, Dennis Mark Prager was born in the United States on August 2, 1948. The Dennis Prager Show, a nationally syndicated radio talk show, is hosted by him. He co-founded PragerU, a website that produces five-minute films from a conservative American viewpoint, in 2009.

Beginning in 1969, his early political efforts focused on Soviet Jews who couldn’t leave the country. He progressively started to comment on politics more and more. His opinions are often socially conservative.

Born August 2, 1948 (age 74)

Brooklyn, New York, U.S.

Alma mater Brooklyn College (BA)
Columbia University
University of Leeds
  • Radio host
  • Political commentator
  • Founder of PragerU
  • Author

Janice Prager

(m. 1981; div. 1986)​

Francine Stone

(m. 1988; div. 2005)​

Susan Reed

(m. 2008)​

Relatives Kenneth Prager (brother)
Joshua Prager (nephew)

Early life and education

Max Prager and Hilda Prager’s child, Dennis, was born in Brooklyn. Hilda Prager (1919-2009) was the mother (1918–2014). Prager was brought up in a Modern Orthodox Jewish home along with his siblings, including Kenneth Prager. He went to school in Brooklyn, New York, at the Yeshiva of Flatbush, where he made friends with Joseph Telushkin. He attended Brooklyn College, where he earned a degree with a history and Middle Eastern Studies emphasis. He attended classes at the University of Leeds and the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs throughout the ensuing years before leaving academia without earning a graduate degree. Prager abandoned Modern Orthodoxy after finishing graduate school, but he stayed devout and continued to engage in many customary Jewish practices. Prager has a Pepperdine University honorary doctorate in law.


In 1969, he was still a student in England when he was approached by a Jewish organization to accompany them on a trip to the Soviet Union to conduct interviews with Jews about their lives in that country. When he came back the next year, he was in high demand as a speaker on the subject of the repression of Soviet Jews. He made enough money from his lectures to be able to travel, and he went to approximately sixty different countries. He went on to become the student movement’s national spokesperson for the Struggle for Soviet Jewry.

The beginning of Prager’s professional career coincided with a growing trend among American Jews, who had previously been staunchly liberal, to move toward the center, and some to the right. This shift was driven in part by the influx of Jews from the Soviet Union. Prager was one of the leading voices in this movement.

The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism, which Prager and Telushkin published in 1975 and went on to become a best-seller, is an introduction to Judaism that is meant for Jews who do not observe their religion. The text addresses a number of problems, some of which are as follows: what distinguishes Judaism from Christianity; is it possible to be a decent Jew while simultaneously harboring doubts about the presence of God; and how can one explain the existence of unethical yet devout Jews?

Between the years 1976 and 1983, Prager was the director of the Brandeis-Bardin Institute, and Telushkin was an employee there under his supervision. It was Prager’s very first job that paid him a salary. Soon after, he became known as a moral critic who attacked secularism and narcissism, both of which, according to him, were killing society. Some individuals referred to him as a Jewish Billy Graham.

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