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Juliette Porter and other cast members from previous seasons of Siesta Key, including Brandon Gomes, Chloe Long, Madison Hausburg, Amanda Miller, Sam Logan, Jordana Barnes, and Cara Geswelli, will return for the fifth season of the show.

In addition, unlike what many have come to anticipate from the reality show, this does not simply consist of a day spent at the beach. Friendships and romantic partnerships are put to the test as these young people put everything on the line in an effort to grow their businesses and find success in the Magic City.

There have been a number of noteworthy cast changes at Siesta Key since the show’s first season. In addition to the original members of the cast who are coming back for the fifth season, there are also some newcomers.

Initiation of Siesta Key is scheduled for October 27, 2022 on MTV

Initiation of Siesta Key is scheduled for October 27, 2022 on MTV

Siesta Key: Miami Movie Cast

On July 31, 2017, a reality television program called Siesta Key, which originates from the United States, made its debut on MTV. The program drew its inspiration from the reality television show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, which aired in the early 2000s.

The first episode of the fifth season, which has been given the working title Miami Moves, is scheduled to air on MTV on October 27, 2022. Siesta Key is turning up the temperature now that a brand-new season has begun.

The fifth season of the famous reality show will have a significant focus on taking place in Miami, Florida.

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Siesta Key Cast: Who’s Returning And Who’s New?

There have been a number of noteworthy cast changes at Siesta Key since the show’s first season. In addition to the original members of the cast who are coming back for the fifth season, there are also some newcomers. There are reprises from the following cast members:

Juliette Porter

On July 7, 1997, Juliette Porter came into the world. She is a well-known reality TV personality and actress who hails from Florida. She has appeared as a guest star on the popular MTV program Siesta Key.

The young woman, who is 25, is extremely well-liked by the youth of the United States. MTV’s “Siesta Key” is widely considered to be one of the network’s most popular shows.

2017 saw the premiere of The Show’s very first season. In addition to that, the well-known celebrity Porter was there as well. The lady gained the majority of her fame as a result of appearing on this show.

Brandon Gomes

Brandon Gomes, an extremely well-known star from the United States, is managed by Click Model Management. Because to his participation in the reality TV series “Siesta Key” shown on MTV, he has gained a huge amount of fame.

In the 2017 drama film titled “The First Time Club,” which was directed by Kt Curran, they decided to cast him in the role of Danny. In the action-packed short “Locket,” in which he also starred alongside Cameron Greco, he played the primary role of Fred.

In addition to being a good actor, he also has a good singing voice. His debut as a musician came in the form of an extended play (EP) titled “Leftcoast,” which was released on August 22, 2019. Recently, on May 1, 2020, he released his second extended play (EP), which is titled “Waterfront.”

Siesta Key' star Chloe Trautman Marries Chris Long

Siesta Key’ star Chloe Trautman Marries Chris Long

Chloe Long (Trautman)

Chloe Trautman, a reality television personality who was born on September 6, 1995 in Florida, United States, is best known for being a cast member on the MTV program “Siesta Key,” which made its debut in 2017. Chloe Trautman was born on September 6, 1995 in Florida, United States.

Because of the show, she has achieved a great deal of notoriety, notably on her several online identities. Prior to her meteoric rise to fame on the television show, almost little is known about Chloe’s history.

Her childhood, her early years, and her educational background are a complete mystery. She claims that she developed a strong interest in performing and modeling and always knew that she wanted to engage in the entertainment industry.

Madisson Hausburg

Madisson Hausburg, who is a reality television personality from the United States, is well-known all over the world. The majority of Hausburg’s fame stems from her participation in the reality series Siesta Key, which airs on MTV.

Since the program’s inception in 2017, she has been a regular contributor to it. She was a part of all four seasons of the show, with the most recent one being the fourth one. The show’s fourth episode will air for the first time in May of 2021.

Her career and personal life are chronicled throughout the series. Ismael Soto, who was formerly the show’s producer, and Hausburg have recently announced their engagement. In January of 2020, the third and last part of the series was released to the public.

In May of 2021, the premiere episode of the program’s third season aired. During the third season, she began seeing Ish Soto, who became her new boyfriend.

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Amanda Miller

Amanda Marie Miller, a reality star, has a substantial fanbase on the internet. The eleventh of June in 1996 is the day when Amanda Marie Miller was born. In 2017, she had an appearance on the MTV reality series Siesta Key, which contributed to her rise to fame.

Prior to making her debut on reality television in April 2012, she began posting images to Instagram in April of that same year. After gaining notoriety for uploading pictures from her trips on Instagram, she now has more than 90.000 followers on the platform.

MTV's 'Siesta Key' Juliette Porter on Making Big 'Miami Moves'

MTV’s ‘Siesta Key’ Juliette Porter on Making Big ‘Miami Moves’

Siesta Key: Miami Movie Release Date, Time and Filming Locations

The county of Sarasota in Florida no longer features prominently in the plot of “Siesta Key.” The MTV phenomenon has officially relocated to a different beachside community, where it will make its premiere under a new identity and in a different setting.

That would be appropriate for use in this setting. Take note: effective immediately, the program that was once referred to as “Siesta Key” shall hereafter be renamed as “Siesta Key: Miami Moves.”

The trailer for the documentary series begins with the following line: “As life in Siesta Key gives way to the high energy in cosmopolitan Miami, we see our characters grow up and greet the hardships that come with adult life.”

“Watch these young people as they mature into much smaller fish in a much larger pond,” the author said at one point. “Watch as they mature.”

Release Date & Time

The premiere of Siesta Key’s fifth season has taken place, and the show’s first teaser can now be viewed online. The audience has been on the edge of their seats waiting for the beginning of the new season ever since Juliette Porter and her co-stars started moving to Miami.

It was clear that the show was going to have a new beginning as soon as they started shooting in the new location. This season was filled with a lot of drama, with some cast members losing their jobs because the producers of the show felt they were not providing enough of the needed drama.

Kelsey Owens didn’t hold back any punches when she took to Instagram to explain the circumstances surrounding her firing from Siesta Key moments before she was scheduled to film a scene. The premiere of Siesta Key’s fifth season will take place on MTV on October 27 at 8 o’clock in the evening.

Where Is Siesta Key Filmed?

The environment of “Siesta Key” is characterized as being exotic earlier in this paragraph. What makes this program stand out from other similar programs on television? The candidates and cast members of the series are set in a unique area, which differentiates them from other young people.

The show has a tinge of melancholy to it due to the fact that it presents a lifestyle that is pretty relaxed back but is full of thrilling happenings. Filming takes place on Siesta Key, the location of the show’s namesake, which also acts as the location.

Siesta Key, located in Florida, is a barrier island that lies not far from the coast of Sarasota. The beach is well-known for the beautiful sandy beaches and the warm, tropical environment, all of which are perfect for enjoying oneself at the beach.

Some of the businesses located on Siesta Key that have been featured on the program include Daiquiri Deck, The Old Salty Dog, and Siesta Key Oyster Bar.

The three venues are all quite well-liked drinking places that each offer a lively atmosphere as well as a respectable crowd.

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