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Rick Rubin’s long term partner, Mourielle Hurtado Herrera is a former actress and a model.

Rick is a prominent music producer, and recognized label leader. He is credited with bringing rap music to the mainstream.

For almost 40 years, Rick Rubin has exercised a huge influence on the music industry. Through the music he was able to compose during that time, he was able to offer enormous delight to millions of people.

The co-founder of Def Jam Recordings’ private life does not garner the same attention as his unique unkempt white beard and his secluded lifestyle.

Rick Rubin has been dating Mourielle Hurtado Herrera

Rick Rubin has been dating Mourielle Hurtado Herrera

Quick Facts About Rick Rubin

Birth Name Frederick Jay Rubin
Profession Record Producer
Birth Date March 10, 1963
Age 59 years old
Birth Place Long Beach, New York, U.S.
Nationality American
Relationship Status In a relationship
Girlfriend Mourielle Hurtado Herrera
Children Ra (son)
Father Michael
Mother Linda

Who Is Mourielle Hurtado Herrera? Meet Rick Rubin Partner

Music producer Rick Rubin’s partner Mourielle Hurtado Herrera is a former model and actress.

Rick would have a hard time adjusting to married life due to his persistent work ethic. He is fortunate in that he hasn’t yet married off his girlfriend. Since 2010, he has been dating Mourielle. Former model and actress Mourielle currently works as a farmer in Malibu.

Rubin’s girlfriend has a long-acting history that includes employment as a model and former actress. In 1999, she participated in the popular crime drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. In 2014, she further made appearances in The American and Indocumentados.

She gave up her acting and modeling jobs to start a farm. She is currently a farmer in Malibu, California. She is juggling being a mother and a farmer. She resides in Malibu with their family, and their house is known as “Malibu Oasis.”

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Mourielle Hurtado Herrera Age

Mourielle Hurtado appears to be in her 30s. However, the model has not revealed her precise age yet.

As to sources, she shares a large age difference with her partner, Rick Rubin. Rick is currently 59 years old, having been born on March 10, 1963.

Her early years and family life are not well known. She has never mentioned her parents’ or siblings’ names. She appears rather secluded since she has mostly kept the public and media in the dark about her past.

Rubin was raised on the adjacent Lido Beach after being born in Long Beach, New York. His mother, Linda, worked as a homemaker, and his father, Michael (Mickey), was a wholesaler of shoes.

Mourielle Hurtado Hererra & Rick Rubin Children

The couple, who had been dating for almost nine years, had a newborn boy in February 2017. The baby’s name is Ra. Moreover, Rick became a parent at the age of 54.

Although we don’t know much about the boy, we did get a glimpse of his gorgeous face when Rubin and his family were spotted departing LAX for a flight in July of that year.

After experiencing fatherhood for the first time, Rick is undoubtedly pondering having further kids. He and his prospective girlfriend, though, still have a long way to go before considering establishing a family.

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Mourielle Hutado Hererra Net Worth

Since Mourielle has kept her financial situation confidential, it is difficult to establish her net worth. In addition, it has been a while since she has been highlighted in the media. However, her boyfriend Rick has a substantial combined net worth.

Rick’s estimated net worth is $250 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He has worked on records with some of the most well-known musicians and bands in the world.

He runs his own record business and generates money from the royalties of the songs he writes. He has written several songs and music for television series, video games, and other projects. In the Laurel Canyon section of Los Angeles, he is the owner of a recording studio.

Mourielle Hurtado Herrera and Rick Rubin lives in a huge mansion in Malibu

Mourielle Hurtado Herrera and Rick Rubin lives in a huge mansion in Malibu

She Lives In A Massive Mansion With Her Boyfriend and Son 

The iconic artist currently resides in his “Malibu Oasis” with his family. The ranch-style mid-century home, erected in 1965, was once owned by a non-famous family. But since Rubin bought it, the property has become one of the most talked-about celebrity homes.

The living area of the $8.1 million mansion is 2298 square feet. Rubin is well-known for having a lot of prestigious houses in Los Angeles. In West Hollywood, above the Sunset Strip, Rubin invested $2 million in a gated, 9,300-square-foot estate.

Soon after, he spent $785,000 for “The Mansion,” a four-bedroom property in L.A.’s Laurel Canyon neighborhood that is said to be haunted.

Rick owns many houses in Malibu, two of which regrettably burned destroyed in the 2019 Woolsey Fire. Rick bought a $8.1 million ocean-view home in Malibu in October 2019 and made a clean start there.

Starting in the late 1990s, Rick rented a house in Malibu for more than ten years. In 2011, he made his first purchase, purchasing a one-acre estate adjacent his 2005 rental. He paid $2 million for the famed Shangri La property in 2011.

Some FAQs

Is Rick Rubin married?

Rick Rubin is not married yet but is in a relationship with Mourielle Hurtado Herrera.

Does Rick Rubin have any kids?

Rick Rubin has a kid named Ra.

How old is music producer Rick Rubin?

Rick Rubin is currently 59 years old.

Rick Rubin Bio

American record producer Frederick Jay “Rick” Rubin was born on March 10, 1963, and he is most known for his time spent as a co-president of Columbia Records. In addition to establishing American Recordings, he is also one of the co-founders of Def Jam Recordings, which he started with with Russell Simmons. Rubin contributed to the widespread popularity of hip hop music through his work with artists such as the Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Geto Boys, and Run-DMC. Additionally, he was responsible for the production of a number of successful acts in a range of different genres, such as heavy metal (Danzig, Slayer, System of a Down, and Metallica), alternative rock (The Strokes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, and The Cult), and country (Johnny Cash, The Chicks). MTV dubbed Rubin “the most important producer of the last 20 years” in 2007, and in the same year, he was named one of Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World.”

Early life

Frederick Jay Rubin was raised in the adjacent Lido Beach after being born in Long Beach, New York. His mother Linda worked as a homemaker, and his father Michael (Mickey) was a wholesaler of shoes. He made friends with Steve Freeman, the head of the audiovisual department at Long Beach High School, while a student there, and Freeman taught him a little bit about playing the guitar and writing songs.

After that, he formed The Pricks with the assistance of a teacher after playing in a band with his boyhood pals Marc Greenhut, Carlos Ferreiro, and Joey Ferrante at garage and school gigs for neighbors. Their main claim to fame was getting booted off the stage at CBGB after just two songs for fighting with the heckling crowd; the fight was started by bandmates on orders to get the show stopped and generate publicity. Rubin’s father traveled from Nassau County, New York to Manhattan while dressed in his Long Beach auxiliary police uniform in an effort to “shut down” the concert, despite the fact that he had no jurisdiction in New York City.


Def Jam years

Rubin established Def Jam Records with the use of the four-track recorder at his high school during his final year. He continued, encouraged by San Francisco’s Flipper, to create Hose. The inaugural release from Def Jam was a Hose track in 1982, a 45 rpm 7″ vinyl single packaged in an unlabeled brown paper bag. The group performed in and around the NYC punk scene, traveled to the Midwest and California, and shared the stage with important hardcore acts like Minor Threat, Meat Puppets, Hüsker Dü, Circle Jerks, and Butthole Surfers. Ian MacKaye, the frontman of Fugazi, and the owner of Dischord Records became friends with the group. In 1984, the band disbanded as Rubin’s focus shifted to the NYC hip hop culture.

Rubin began learning about hip hop production after becoming friends with DJ Jazzy Jay of Zulu Nation. The two released “It’s Yours” on Def Jam in 1983 after producing it for Bronx rapper T La Rock. On Baker’s Streetwise Records in 1984, producer Arthur Baker assisted with the record’s international distribution. In the Negril club, Jazzy Jay connected Rubin to concert promoter/artist manager Russell Simmons, and Rubin said he needed help launching Def Jam.

As Jazzy Jay lost out to Simmons and Rubin, the actual Def Jam record company was established in 1984, while Rubin was a student at New York University. I Need a Beat by LL Cool J was their debut album. Rubin continued to track down hip-hop artists from areas other than the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Harlem, such as Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island, which eventually resulted in Def Jam signing Public Enemy.

Kate Schellenbach left the Beastie Boys as a result of Rubin’s influence, which led them away from their punk rock background and into rap. The Beastie Boys’ “Rock Hard”/”Party’s Gettin’ Rough”/”Beastie Groove” EP from 1985 was released as a result of Rubin’s successful production work with Run-DMC, a breakthrough act whose earlier recordings were created by Russell Simmons and Orange Krush’s keyboardist Larry Smith. His productions were distinguished by the sporadically occurring fusion of hard rock and rap. The Beastie Boys’ careers in mainstream hip hop were effectively launched by Rubin when he chose Adam Dubin and Ric Menello to co-direct the music videos for their songs “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)” and “No Sleep Till Brooklyn.”

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