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The combination of Neal Bledsoe and his girlfriend Audra Callo makes for an endearing duo. Callo is employed in the modelling industry.

For the past few years, Neal has starred in a variety of Christmas-themed love films. The manner in which those films depict his on-screen love life has also led viewers to speculate about the nature of the actor’s real-life relationships. The actor cannot stop thinking about Audra.

He just recently made the announcement that he will no longer be appearing in GAF movies in order to show his support for the LGBTQ movement. The departure comes shortly after the production declared that the firm would continue to centre their movies around the idea of traditional marriage as their central theme.

neal bledsoe

Neal bledsoe

Neal Bledsoe Girlfriend Audra Callo Is A Model

Neal Bledsoe is in a relationship with a woman named Audra Callo. Audra is a successful model and a graduate of New York University’s mental health programme.

According to the information provided on her LinkedIn profile, she graduated from Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in communication. She has worked as a model for a number of different modelling agencies during the course of her career.

Over the course of her career, she has been represented by Wilhelmina Models, Maggie Inc. Boston, Studio KLRP, New York Model Management, Metropolitan Models Paris, Muse Model Management, Bookings London, CSED Talent Agency, Sutherlands Models, MP Mega Miami, Click Model Of Boston, and Elite Model Management. In addition, she has worked as a model for Wilhelmina Models, Maggie Inc. Boston, and Studio KLRP.

On the other hand, her partner Neal is an actor, writer, and filmmaker who is active in both the American and Canadian entertainment industries. Both of the critically acclaimed television series Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty cast him in recurring roles. His recent efforts have been connected to Great American Family, although he has lately said that he will no longer be working for the network.

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Neal Bledsoe and Audra Callo Relationship Timeline

Fans have a lot of affection for the doting pair that consists of Neal Bledsoe and Audra Callo.

The most recent post from Neal occurred on June 12, and it was about Audra’s birthday. Even when she insisted that she was a Venetian blonde, he continued to refer to her as Ginger in his Instagram posts, where he also wished her a happy birthday and uploaded images of her. He also shared how he keeps calling her Ginger.

In a similar vein, Audra will periodically post images of him to her Instagram account as well. Beal’s birthday was on March 27, 2021, and she shared his photo for the very last time on that day. In the accompanying caption, she referred to him as the most absurd human she had ever laid eyes on.

In addition to that, she mentioned how her mind is constantly stimulated by his wit and curiosity.

It is clear from the couple’s limited public appearances and the fact that they don’t discuss their personal lives on either of their social media handles that they want to keep their private lives out of the spotlight. Neither one of them has shared the story of how they first met or how they fell in love.

Neal Bledsoe wishes Audra Callo A Happy Birthday with the picture

Neal Bledsoe wishes Audra Callo A Happy Birthday with the picture

Great American Family’s Neal Bledsoe Leaves Network After Candace Cameron Bure Controversy

Candace Cameron Bure’s comments about how “traditional marriage” is shown on Great American Family are still having an effect. Neal Bledsoe has said in a long statement that he is leaving the network. He did this to show his support for the LGBTQIA+ community.

“Without the love, support, and guidance of the LGBTQIA+ community, my life wouldn’t be where it is now. “From my college mentors to the many agents and managers, writers and directors, teachers and colleagues, and, of course, my dear friends and family, who have all touched my life, I owe them a great deal,” the 41-year-old actor said in a statement published by Variety on Monday, December 5.

As a young man who struggled with our society’s very narrow view of what it means to be a man, their community gave me a place to stay and a way to find my way when my life felt hopeless. And now, if I can’t help that community when they’re in trouble, I owe them nothing. So, I want to make it clear that my support for the LGBTQIA+ community is unconditional. Nothing is worth my silence or their freedom to live and love freely in a world we are lucky enough to share with them.”

Bledsoe said that he has been “unusually quiet” before the premiere of Christmas at the Drive-In on November 25. He and Danica McKellar were both in the movie. The last time he wrote about the movie was in October.

Neal Bledsoe with his girlfriend Audra Callo

Neal Bledsoe with his girlfriend Audra Callo

Neal Bledsoe And Girlfriend Audra Callo Are The Best Thing You Will See On The Internet Today

Together, Neal Bledsoe and his girlfriend Audra Callo make a cute couple. Callo is a good example.

Neal has been the star of “warm and fuzzy” Christmas movies for a few years. Fans are also surprised by how these movies show his love life on screen, which makes them wonder how he really feels. The performer is crazy about Audra.

He recently said that he was leaving GAF films, and he also said that he supported LGBTQ rights. The breakup comes after the group’s creators said they would keep the idea of a normal marriage at the centre of their movies.

Audra Callo, who is Neal Bledsoe’s sweetheart, is a model. Audra Callo is Neal Bledsoe’s girlfriend. Audra is a model and a New York College graduate who works as an emotional wellness switch on.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she got a four-year college education by mail from Boston College. She works as a design model and has done so at a few different places.

She has worked for Wilhelmina Models, Maggie Inc. Boston, Studio KLRP, New York Model Agency, Metropolitan Models Paris, Dream Model Agency, Appointments London, CSED Ability Organization, Sutherlands Models, MP Super Miami, Snap Model of Boston, and World Class Model Agency.

Then, once more, her boyfriend Neal is a performer, essayist, and producer from both Canada and the United States. He played a role in the popular TV shows Tattle Girl and Monstrous Betty. His new works have been linked to Incredible American Family, but he recently told the group that he was leaving.

Dates for Neal Bledsoe and Audra Callo to be together Neal Bledsoe and Audra Callo are loved by their fans because they are a caring couple.

On June 12, Audra’s birthday, Neal put up a new post. He posted pictures of her on Instagram, wished her a happy birthday, and told her he still calls her Ginger even though she says she’s a Venetian blonde.

In the same way, Audra occasionally posts videos of him on her IG account. The last time she posted Beal’s “photograph” was on his birthday, March 27, 2021. She wrote a sweet note calling him the “crazy person” she had been focusing on.

Neal Bledsoe is an actor, writer, and director from Canada and the United States.

Neal Bledsoe is an actor, writer, and director from Canada and the United States.

Neal Bledsoe Bio

Neal Bledsoe is an actor, writer, and director from Canada and the United States. He was born on March 26, 1981.

Bledsoe was born in Toronto, but he grew up in Seattle, Washington. During World War II, both of his grandfathers were in the Air Force. His maternal grandfather got the Distinguished Flying Cross for helping bomb the Nazi oil refinery at Ploiești. He is the fourth cousin once removed of Drew Bledsoe, who used to be a quarterback in the NFL. Before she became an executive for a company that did business all over the world, his mother sold life insurance and helped people plan their estates. His father has a PhD in Sociology from the University of Toronto, where he studied with the philosopher Marshall McLuhan.

Original name Neal Bledsoe
Celebrated Name Neal Bledsoe
Male/Female Male
Profession(s) Actor, filmmaker, writer
Citizenship Canadian
Home Town Toronto, Canada
Birth Date 26-Mar-81
Age 41 years old
Birth Sign Aries
Religious Belief Catholic
Eye Colours Blue
Hair Color Dark Brown
Heights In Centimetres 191cm
In Feet and Inches 6 3
Weight(s) In Kilograms 82 Kg
In Pounds 181 lbs
School Name Roosevelt, & Garfield High School
College University of North Carolina
Father & Mother Father N/A
Mother Mahalia McKellar
Sibling Nate
Marital Condition Single
Affairs Asha Leo (Ex-Girlfriend)
In relation with Not Available
Kids Not Available
Net Worths $8 Million

He lived in Magnolia, Ballard, Fremont, Edmonds, Ravenna, Downtown, Queen Anne, West Seattle, Queen Anne again, Fremont, Queen Anne a third time, Bainbridge Island, and Capitol Hill during his childhood in the Seattle area. He went to Roosevelt High School (Seattle) and Garfield High School (Seattle) in Seattle. He also spent a short time at Ascent, a school in the CEDU system, before graduating from the Shawnigan Lake School and then spending a year at the Idyllwild Arts Academy to improve as an actor and a writer. At the last of these two schools, he started to publish his writing for the first time.

He then went to the prestigious North Carolina School of the Arts, where he was taught by the famous theatre director Gerald Freedman. In 2005, he graduated with a BFA.

Neal Bledsoe And Girlfriend Audra Callo

Neal Bledsoe And Girlfriend Audra Callo

Relationship Status

Neal is a well-known person, but he likes to keep some things quiet and stay secretive about some things. In fact, many people thought he might be single, and others thought he might be gay. It turns out that he is straight and that he knew the British model and TV host Asha Leo. People who followed them on social media could tell that they had been together for a long time because they didn’t hide how they felt about each other and would often write about how much they helped and appreciated each other.

Both of them love animals and travelling, which brought them closer together. Unfortunately, they went their separate ways, and their relationship didn’t work out. Many people think Neal is single because he doesn’t have any potential love interests on social media. However, he hasn’t said anything about that part of his life. He is said to have never been married and to have no children, but we wish him well. All that matters is that he’s happy, which he seems to be based on how he talks about his life in the media.

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