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At Vista High School, deputies are investigating allegations of misconduct involving football players. Let’s examine the allegations of improper conduct by football players from Vista High School and the specifics of what transpired.

Misconduct video of Vista High school

Misconduct video of Vista High school

What happened at Vista high school?

Private investigation

The football team at Vista High School is accused of engaging in improper behaviour, and the superintendent of the Vista Unified School District is seeking information from any witnesses who may have seen it.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Office and, as of Monday, a private investigator whom the district recommended are also looking into the incident, according to Superintendent Matt Doyle. According to Doyle, a district investigation was launched a week and a half ago.

After presiding over a Skype session for parents on Monday evening, Doyle released the following statement: “A courageous student presented extremely worrisome charges of student-to-student behaviour in the locker room. In order to ensure student safety, we responded quickly to investigate and strengthen supervision.

Parents were informed of the issue in a letter from principal David Jaffe, who also provided a timeline for pupils’ immediate safety measures. Letter posted below by email


The Facebook post with the video that exposed the behaviours of Vista High school athletes

No sexual assaults

David Bottom, the head football coach at Vista High, has been placed on temporary administrative leave in light of ongoing player misconduct investigations, according to school district authorities. The incident was not a sexual assault, according to the Sheriff’s Office and the school district.

Doyle affirmed that the alleged incident did not involve any sexual assault. He also made the coach of the freshman football team’s dismissal public.

In Doyle’s statement, it was said that additional disciplinary action will be “guided by the material gained via our inquiry.”

Anyone with information was urged by Doyle to get in touch with either the district’s Human Resources department or private investigator Howard Fulfrost via email at [email protected]

Doyle did not go into detail about the alleged wrongdoing, including who or how many were involved, but rather said that they might have included threats made in the high school locker room, both verbally and physically.

Additional inquiries

Additional inquiries, according to the Vista Sheriff’s Department, include:

The Vista Sheriff’s Station was “notified by school authorities at Vista High School of an event involving potential misbehaviour by student-athletes” on September 2, according to the agency’s email.

At this time, there is no reason to think that students at Vista High School are in danger. Since then, the Vista Sheriff’s Station’s juvenile detective has been working with the administration of the school to determine what actually happened.

Principal David Jaffe alerted parents of the problem in a letter, along with a timetable for the students’ immediate safety precautions.

Plans include everything from enhancing daily locker room surveillance by coaches operating under administrative oversight to offering counselling services.

According to the superintendent, the issues were quite severe, and school administrators were taking major action to rectify them.

Reviewing video evidence

District officials, according to Jaffe, are speaking with students and reviewing video evidence. The district’s investigation is expected to be done by the end of the week.

A young man is seen crying as he is brought into a room in the locker room by a larger person and given a bear hug from behind in a picture of the incident that has gone viral on social media. The door is then shut and secured.

Although much of what is happening inside is hidden from view, the young man can be seen lying on the floor with his legs raised in the air by another person. It appears that a pupil adjacent is holding a broom, which is visible.

There is laughter and screams of “rape him.” After around 35 seconds, the door is opened, and the student leaves. At that point, the film is over. The video appears to depict children in distress, so The Coast News will not print it or provide a link to it.

Parents attended the school meeting:

The parents of several football players at Vista High School are growing increasingly angry as they try to find answers to the accusations of misbehaviour made against team members.

They were scheduled to meet with district and school authorities on Monday, but when they got there, they discovered that it had been moved to Zoom because the principal had tested positive for COVID-19.

At the meeting, which lasted about an hour and a half, Vista High Principal David Jafee gave a chronology of when they claimed they were informed of this alleged incident and how quickly it was communicated with parents.

According to the principal, the alleged incident was reported to the Vista Unified School District superintendent two days after it was first brought up to a coach on August 31. Parents were informed via letter on September 9.

The school was unable to provide information on what happened, including the number of players involved and the potential victims, because the investigation is still ongoing.

Parents claim that kids no longer feel safe. Many people were so fearful that anything might happen to their child that they didn’t want to participate in an interview where their faces would be recorded on video.

According to the district, a safety action plan has been put in place that includes daily locker room surveillance, team meetings, and counselling for any athlete who requests it.

The school’s principal has stated that they hope this investigation will be completed quickly so they can determine exactly what happened and, if any sanctions are assessed, before this week is out.

The district superintendent provided the following statement to ABC 10News before to the Monday evening meeting with parents:

People’s reactions on this incident

Elina davis posted,

I am currently trembling. I’m appalled! As the mother of an autistic child with very low verbal skills who is almost 10 years old and a graduate of Vista High School, I simply feel sick to my stomach and want to puke up. I am aware that many people play on the VHS football teams, have children who attend the school, or have friends who do. Say anything if you or they know something! It might have even been my child!


Sadly, incidents of this nature do not only occur within the football team. This school is literally rife with gang violence, and as a result, children and families have been ejected from their home communities. When you report issues, it’s just another day and practically nothing is done; this can’t be possible given the significant gang connection of the student body at this school. Incredible things are swept under the rug in this situation.

Magi said,

Why are football players usually the victims?

Andy tweeted,

I saw the video, and that is terrible. The name of one of the men is Angel.

Sylvia posted,

That such acts still take place makes me feel disgusted. I was saddened to learn of this at the high school I attended. A parent suggested talking to pupils and teaching them the difference between right and wrong as I was reading the post. This isn’t a simple matter! The youngsters involved are plain ignorant and wicked for ever considering doing such a terrible thing; these kids should know right from wrong! I’m hoping they go to jail! Considering that if I were the victim’s parent. Help me, Lord. – feeling brokenhearted.

Renee posted,

Before it’s too late, we need to trust in Jesus. As we get closer to our everlasting destiny, we notice how unstable the earth has become. And where we spend eternity depends on our beliefs towards Jesus Christ. We cannot be certain that we will be alive tomorrow, so it is an exceedingly serious problem. Jesus declared that you are saved via grace and faith. Hearing a message about Christ also leads to faith. Jesus declared that you are his disciples if you continue to live by his word.

Leslie posted,

As a child psychologist, are you kidding me when you say, “The boy on the video was not wounded, according to the SDSO”? This kid was traumatised, and he probably will be for the rest of his life. I’m sickened by this callous attitude.

Araceli posted,

I’m not happy with how this is being handled. This child, who is underage, has likely endured more traumatic episodes that have been ongoing for weeks. He will not reveal the whole truth, nor will they. Kids from other schools and other cities, in addition to his peers, are aware of it. It is impossible to claim there was no sexual assault and that he was unharmed when an inquiry is still ongoing. Looks like the media conducted their own investigation and came to the conclusion that the abused teen is alright. While the others receive a slap on the hand, he will live with the consequences forever.

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