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Luis Enrique and Elena Cullell: An Insight Into The Marriage Of The Couple

The head coach of the Spanish national football team at the moment is Luis Enrique, who is wed to Elena Cullell. Learn more about his partner by clicking here.

Since 2019, the former Barcelona manager has led the Spanish national football team. The Spanish team has greatly improved under his leadership thanks to the addition of some promising young players.

A 25-man team for the forthcoming Nations League was recently announced by the Spanish manager while he was on his bicycle, drawing a lot of attention online. Two unexpected names to be absent from the forthcoming competition are Ansu Fati, the wonder youngster of Barcelona, and Sergio Ramos, the former captain of Real Madrid.

Spain isn’t viewed by fans as a title contender for the next Nations League and World Cup despite having a team full of youthful and marginally inexperienced talent. Enrique, a superb tactician, might manage to shock the audience one more time.

The latter club represented the pinnacle of the 52-year-old Spanish tactician’s coaching career, which also included stints at Barca B, Celta, Roma, and Barcelona. Barcelona had him from 2014 to 2017.

His historic treble in 2015 is the career high point, despite the difficult start to his time at FC Barcelona. One of the greatest comebacks in Champions League football history is also debatably the 6-1 victory over Paris Saint-Germain in 2017.

Even though he spent some of the best times of his coaching career at FC Barcelona, he left the organization in 2017 after his agreement with the club expired in that year. He then took immediate control of the Spanish national team.

He primarily played as a midfielder during his playing career, though he occasionally advanced as an attacker. He is one of the greatest footballers in history, having scored more than 100 goals in his career.

The 52-year-old Spaniard is also one of the select few athletes to have played for Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, two of the best football teams in all of European sport.

The former Barcelona manager, although having a good coaching career, was accused of bias when choosing the team for Euro 2020 because none of the Real Madrid players were included in his selection.

Luis Enrique

Luis Enrique

Meet Luis Enrique’s Wife Elena Cullell

On December 27, 1997, Luis Enrique and Elena Cullell got married. The duo has been inseparable ever since.

Famous football player Enrique loves life with his attractive partner Cullell. Cullell, an economist by trade, doesn’t seem to like being in the spotlight.

According to various accounts, the couple started dating in 1995, when the former Barcelona manager was a member of the Los Blancos team. In 1997, after two years of dating, the pair was married.

Since Mrs. Cullell leads a very quiet life, not much information about her is available online. She has, however, frequently been seen with her husband at parties and award ceremonies.

Cullell takes care of family and home duties while the 52-year-old Spanish coach maintains a rigorous schedule at work. The presence of Cullell beside the former Barcelona manager is a true blessing.

In addition, Mrs. Cullell is one year younger than her husband, 51 years old in 2022, having been born in 1971. Although there have been a few revelations about their private lives, the couple’s relationship has not yet been the subject of any such reports.

Since they are self-sufficient and environmentally friendly, they live happy and free lives. She is there for Enrique whenever he encounters a challenging circumstance.

Luis Enrique's Wife Elena Cullell

Luis Enrique’s Wife Elena Cullell

Luis Enrique: Children And Family

Pacho, Sira, and Xana were the three children born to Luis Enrique and his wife, Elena Cullell.

The oldest kid of Enrique, Pacho, is now 22 years old, and Sira is now 21. Sadly, in 2019 his youngest daughter, Xana, lost her battle with bone cancer.

The heartbreaking news that her nine-year-old daughter Xana has bone cancer was revealed by the former Barça and Spain manager in 2019. His daughter passed away just five months after being born.

The loss of his cherished daughter greatly stunned and saddened the 52-year-old, preventing him from playing football for several months. Every day, he still misses her.

Pacho, his son, aspired to play football but lacked the ability to succeed on the professional level. He decided against playing football as a result, and selected an alternative career.

What Is Luis Enrique’s Net Worth In 2022?

In 2022, Luis Enrique’s net worth will be around $16 million.

The 52-year-old Spaniard made the majority of his money while working for FC Barcelona for three years, from 2014 to 2017. According to rumors, he made about $5 million off of his triple-winning 2015 season.

He was a renowned player and manager who never struggled with money; in fact, his profits have soared recently. He reportedly receives $1.5 million year from the Spain national team, according to several Spanish media agencies.

The 52-year-old Spanish manager currently resides in an incredible mansion in Barcelona, Spain, where he enjoys life with his family. His wealth might increase to $40 million if he triumphs in the forthcoming Nations League and World Cup.

Luis Enrique Childhood

He goes by the moniker Lucho to begin with. In the Spanish city of Gijón, on May 8, 1970, Luis Enrique Martnez Garca was born to Nely Garca, his mother, and Luis Martnez, his father.

The parents of the Spanish football manager have another child as well. According to research, Luis Enrique is one of the three children of his parents, Nely Garca and Luis Martnez.

Early Life and Growing Up

The Spaniard played a sport throughout his first years of boyhood, NOT football but basketball.

In fact, Luis Enrique still recalls jumping over the school fence to play basketball as one of his most memorable childhood experiences.

Luis made every effort possible in his youth to have a successful basketball career.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned. Because he lacked the height and physical ability for basketball, he ultimately chose football.

Luis Enrique: Family Background

The manager of the Spanish national team comes from a normal middle-class family. The parents of Luis Enrique are ordinary folks, as can be seen in the photo below.

His mother Nely Garca and father Luis Martnez are middle-class earners rather than being wealthy or destitute.

His parents, Luis Enrique’s father and mother, brought him up in a godly and religious environment. The family was content back then, in the 1970s, in one of the outlying areas of Gijón municipality in northwest Spain.

Luis Enrique Family Origin

We locate the football manager’s ancestry in the northwest Spanish area of Asturias. This autonomous region of Spain is well-known for its rocky coasts, mountains, sacred places, and medieval buildings.

In terms of ethnicity, Luis Enrique’s family belongs to the Spanish Asturleonese language group. The majority of the population in Gijón, where Enrique’s parents are from, speaks this language.

Education: Luis Enrique

At first, his only goal was to enroll in a football program. When Luis Enrique was a student at Elisburu school, his football career got off to a shaky start.

The name of this educational establishment has changed to Colegio Pumarin, and its location is at Baleares, 8 in Gijón, Asturias, Spain.

Abelardo Fernández, Luis Enrique’s best friend from school, and he played soccer in the Elisburu school’s futsal squad together.

Later, the boys in the picture below joined Xeitosa, another futsal team. They did well there and then transferred to a bigger academy.

He enlisted at the Mareo football academy at the age of eleven with his best buddy, Abelardo Fernández. Sporting Gijón provides funding for the city council of Gijón’s football academy.

When Luis Enrique was fourteen (1984), he left Mareo football school on loan to join La Braña Sports Club.

A year later, approximately 1985, his best friend moved in with him there. Later, in 1988, Abelardo Fernández returned to Sporting Gijón after departing Enrique (for the first time).

Unlike his best buddy, Abelardo Fernández, Luis Enrique completed his studies at the academy earlier.

After receiving his diploma, Luis was sent back to his old team, Sporting Gijón B, where he joined their reserve squad.

Senior Career Rise – Sporting Gijón

Following a prolific goal-scoring season in 1990–1991 Luis Enrique was given a permanent spot in the club’s senior team.

The forward scored 14 more goals for that squad, all while playing for Ciriaco Cano.

Luis Enrique’s outstanding strike against Valencia CF in the final game of the season enabled Sporting Gijón to qualify for the UEFA Cup. Real Madrid was motivated by that aim and eventually acquired him.

Abelardo Fernández, a brilliant player as well, proceeded to play for Sporting Gijón’s senior team before being acquired by FC Barcelona in 1994.

For the first time in their professional lives, the two closest friends played on opposing teams and developed acrimonious rivalries.

Real Madrid’s Luis Enrique Story

When he was a player at the Bernabeu, the footballer played on the right wing. The most memorable moment of Luis Enrique’s Real Madrid career was during the 1994–1995 campaign when he scored in a 5-0 thrashing of FC Barcelona. Real Madrid won their 26th La Liga championship with that victory.

Luis Enrique later admitted after the victory that Real Madrid supporters didn’t often make him feel appreciated. Moreover, he had negative memories of the place.

He chose to join their rivals FC Barcelona on a free transfer rather than extend his contract.

Luis Enrique joined FC Barcelona in the summer of 1996, and there he (again) met with Abelardo Fernández, an old closest friend.

Enrique played under the direction of English coach Bobby Robson and his assistant, Jose Mourinho, in his first season at the Catalan club. He played under Louis van Gaal as his coach in subsequent seasons.

Initially wary of their new addition after seeing an old foe join them, Catalan supporters.

Later, after witnessing Enrique humiliate Real Madrid, they had a change of heart. He scored multiple goals in the El Clasicos, winning the hearts of the Barcelona supporters.

Not only did Luis Enrique oppose his old employers, but he also fervently celebrated his goals at the Santiago Bernabeu, much to the chagrin of Real Madrid players and supporters. One of those goals was a 25-yard blast.


For eight years, Luis Enrique was a member of FC Barcelona, eventually rising to the position of captain. He captured two La Ligas, two Copa del Reys, a Supercopa de Espaa, a UEFA Cup, and a UEFA Super Cup with them.

A string of injuries hampered him in his later years in Barcelona. Luis Enrique was given a contract by FC Barcelona, which he declined to accept. Sporting Gijón, his first club, also offered him a contract, which he turned down. Enrique remarked on his rejection.

I won’t be able to perform at the standard I expect of myself.

I’ll reiterate that I won’t be participating in sports for anyone who wants to sign me with my injury by going there.

At the age of 34, Luis Enrique decided to retire due to worries about his fitness and injury history.

Pele, a Brazilian legend, listed him among the top 125 active football players after he hung up his boots.

Luis Enrique: Managerial Story

In 2008, Luis Enrique, who had been retired for four years, came back to Barcelona and took charge of the B squad. As he succeeded Pep Guardiola, a longtime Barça teammate, Luis said:

I’ve returned to my house, where I had just finished playing. I’LL BEGIN COACHING HERE NOW.

Luis Enrique accepted a proper coaching position with Francesco Totti’s AS Roma after three fruitful years.

Luis Enrique, who was homesick and still had two years left on his contract, made the decision to switch from AS Roma to Celta de Vigo.

The former Barcelona player brought the Galicians to ninth place in his first and only campaign. One of Enrique’s greatest Celta achievements was a 2-0 victory over Real Madrid at home. Real Madrid, a competitor of Barcelona, lost their chance to win the league championship.

Enrique made the announcement that he would leave Celta and join FC Barcelona on May 16, 2014. While there, he equaled Guardiola’s record of 11 straight wins by purchasing Luis Suarez.

By chance, he ran into Abelardo Fernández, a Sporting Gijon player, during his trip to Camp Nou.

The following titles were won by Luis Enrique before he left FC Barcelona in 2017. Two La Ligas, three Copa del Reys, a Champions League, a Supercopa de Espaa, a UEFA Super Cup, and a FIFA Club World Cup have all been won.

National Team Success Story

In the FIFA World Cups of 1994, 1998, and 2002, Luis Enrique represented Spain. He also participated in the 1996 UEFA Euro. Before hanging up his international boots in 2002, the winger had totaled 12 goals in 62 appearances.

In 2018, the Spanish football association appointed Luis Enrique as the head coach of the Spanish national team, a year after he left FC Barcelona.

The first game under their leadership was a 2-1 victory over England at Wembley Stadium in the UEFA Nations League.

At the time his biography was being written, Luis Enrique had recently celebrated Spain’s qualification for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022.

With the expectation of a better future, the manager has given Spain a new identity. The rest of his biography, as they say, is history.

Elena Cullell: Luis Enrique’s Wife

The Catalan high class woman who is married to the Spanish football manager comes from a well-to-do family. Isabel Falguera, Elena Cullell’s mother, and Francesc Cullell, her father, are both involved in the fur industry.

The wife of Luis Enrique is a graduate. In Gavà, a town in the region of Barcelona, Spain, she attended the French Lyceum of Bon Soleil.

After graduating, Elena Cullell continued her education in the United States. She currently holds a degree in economics.

Elena Cullell is a very modest person despite the wealth of her parents. Research indicates that Luis Enrique’s future bride had a previous job as a stewardess.

When Luis joined Barça, Elena first met him. For the new boy at Barcelona, it was love at first sight.

Luis Enrique’s marriage to Elena Cullell

Before deciding to get married, the two lovers dated each other for a time. On December 27, 1997, Elena Cullell and Luis Enrique were united in marriage. Their wedding will take place in Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona, Spain.

Luis Enrique and Elena Cullell have been happily married for many years and have amassed a gorgeous family. There haven’t been any blatant marital problems or discussions of the manager’s wife and him getting a divorce.

Children of Elena Cullell and Luis Enrique

Three children—Pacho Martinez, Sira Martinez, and the late Xana Martinez—were born to the lovers, who are proud parents.

Witnessing the birth of their first kid in their family was the best sensation ever for Elena and Luis. a happy infant called Pacho Martinez.

His wife and they were blessed with three children. The first child is Pacho, the son of Luis Enrique. A daughter (Sira) and the family’s lastborn were the following (Xana). Sadly, Luis and Elena’s youngest child is no longer with us.

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