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Josh Howard, Nicolle Bradley, Lisa McGraw, and more are all in the cast of Love After Lockup. The fifth season of Love After Lockup will start on December 16, 2022.

Not all of the people on the show are living the life that people may have thought they were. When they get out of prison, they still have ups and downs.

Viewers will see how some members have changed for the better since getting out of prison, while others have gone back to their old ways.

The new season will show how the former Lockup inmates are doing now that they are out of prison and have started new lives.

Love After Lockup

Love After Lockup

Meet the cast of the fifth season of Love After Lockup

Starcasm has mentioned a few names of people who will be on this season of Love After Lockup’s cast and who have been on the show before.

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Joshua Howard

Josh and Courtney were together for six months before they got married. Courtney lost her job because she changed prison records when she was a corrections officer and used to visit Josh in jail.

Their relationship got so bad that Howard went to prison for violence against a family member. According to the records from May 2022, he went to jail again, but no place on the internet says why.

And as of October 2022, the Ohio Department of Corrections says that he is being watched while on parole.

Nicolle Bradley

Since she got out of prison, Nicolle hasn’t been in any trouble with the law. She got married to Tia back in April, and there have been no reports or signs that she has been arrested or gone to jail again.

But recently, SoapDirt said that Bradley has been living with her friend and dancing at a Virginia Beach club for adults called Mermaids. Even though she hasn’t said much about her love life, fans hope that she and her husband will show up in season 5 to talk about their marriage.

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Lisa McGraw

Lisa admitted to all five felony charges in November 2020 and was given a ten-year prison sentence. But she was put in jail for 120 days as a “shock,” and she was released on March 6, 2021, after five years of being watched.

But she went back to prison in July 2022 because she didn’t show up on June 10, and by June 14, her probation was over. It’s not clear when she will get out of jail. Also, her last post on Instagram was in May 2022. There have been no changes since then.

Ray Ford

When Ray was in jail, he fell in love with Britney. But their families didn’t like that they were together. Ray’s family didn’t understand why anyone would want to love someone who was in jail. Britney’s parents, on the other hand, did not agree with Ray being Britney’s partner.

But Britney was set on getting married to him, and they did so in November 2021. But after they were married for a while, some sources say Britney caught him cheating on her with someone else.

But they were seen together at a party in February 2022, and they went on a date in March. Both of them keep their lives private, and fans hope to find out what’s going on in their lives through the show.

love after lockup season 5

love after lockup season 5

Jeff Wombles

Jeff and his partner In 2020, Anissa had a bad breakup. First, he told them that his partner was having a threesome with his brother Ed and his wife. But Anissa said in December 2020 that they were working on their relationship.

But in November 2021, Jeff was back in jail because he failed a drug test that was part of his parole. He was let out of prison in March 2022, and he wrote on his Facebook page that he was dating Davina Jacobs.

Howard Dough

Rachel and Dough got married while he was still in jail. But after he got out of jail, things got worse between them. He was very bossy, and his family tried to warn Rachel that if he went back to his old ways, he could end up in prison soon.

Later, Rachel found out that he was talking to other girls behind her back, and soon after that, they broke up. He was with another girl very quickly, but trouble kept following him. He is now facing 11 felony charges, and it looks like he will be going back to prison for a long time.

When does Season 5 of Love After Lockup come out?

The fifth season of Love After Lockup will come out on Friday, December 16, 2022. In the US, the show will start on WE TV.

Every week on Friday, it will be shown on the WE channel. The UK release date for the next WE TV is not yet known.

We TV is a pay channel in the United States. It is owned by AMC Networks. It shows the first movies about lifestyle and some entertainment shows.

Making Love After Lockup

Love After Lockup would start on January 12, 2018, We TV said on December 7, 2017.

The show was picked up for a second season on February 9, 2018. The second season began on December 7, 2018.

On January 23, 2019, We TV added more episodes to the second season.

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup, which is a spin-off of the show, started airing these episodes on June 14, 2019.

We TV announced on July 19, 2019, that the second season of Love After Lockup would have more episodes starting August 16, 2019.

On November 20, 2019, both Love After Lockup and Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup were picked up for a second and third season.

We TV announced on November 22, 2019, that season two of Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup would start on January 3, 2020.

It was announced on August 19, 2020, that the third season would start on September 11, 2020.

Love After Lockup Season 5

Love After Lockup Season 5

When does Season 5 of Love After Lockup come out?

We don’t know when Love After Lockup Season 5 will come out, which is sad. There have been no new updates about the show.

Season 4 just came out a few months ago, so it’s too soon to expect a new one. Even if the show is kept going, season 5 won’t come out until 2023. No matter what happens, we’ll keep you informed.

Five couples who broke up after being in jail

Love After Lockup, the most controversial show on WE tv, is back and doing as well as ever. There are new couples that will make you salivate. So many stupid but funny things happen on this show. You can’t help it, so just sit back with a bowl of buttery popcorn and watch. Some of the most popular couples have left us hanging at the end of each season.

Yes, we just watched an entire season of them, but some of the most interesting plots didn’t end as neatly as we would have liked. Some couples were never seen again. So, because we are nosy, we looked up some information about some fan favorites and some people who left reality TV to live in the real world.

Lizzie & Scott

Lizzie, everyone’s favorite con artist, got out of jail just in time to get a regular paycheck for season 2. When Lizzie got out of jail and decided to try to live as one big blended family, it was a big test for Scott and Lizzie’s relationship. Lizzie’s daughter Jazmin wasn’t interested, and Scott’s son was only there to support his dad. After a short amount of time that seemed like years but was only a few weeks. The couple broke up, and they went in different directions. In Life After Lockup, they got back together, but come on, we all know that was just for TV.

Caitlin & Matt

When Caitlin decided to start dating Matt right after he got out of prison, she took a huge leap of faith. Matt was a drug addict, and he pretty much said that he was so hooked on drugs that they ran his life. Like Niagara Falls, their relationship was always going down. It started out great, but slowly went downhill. By the end of the show, Matt and Caitlin had decided to split up. But Caitlin said on Instagram Live that she still talks to Matt’s mom and that they are good friends. Matt had been arrested twice when we last heard about him. Once for driving with a license that had been taken away and once for having Meth. Caitlin definitely dodged a bullet.

Tracie & Clint

Tracie and Clint’s relationship is always going back and forth. One minute it’s on, and the next, Tracie is high on drugs, has stolen his rental car, and is in jail. But on Life After Lockup, viewers saw a different side of Tracie. She got clean and just wanted to try to be a good wife to Clint. We don’t see how she could be a bad wife since she almost did the worst thing possible and he still took her back. No one knows what’s going on with Tracie and Clint right now. Traci was arrested in July, and after posting a rant on her Instagram account, she hasn’t talked about her relationship or getting sober.

Michael, Megan & Sarah

Even though fans had no idea what was going on in this messed-up love triangle. We can probably assume that this triangle has broken up. From what I can tell, Michael and Sarah are not dating based on their Instagram accounts.

Michael only has pictures of himself and his two daughters. Sarah is pretty much the same as a few regular Instagram ads. Since the beginning of August, Megan hasn’t written anything. But who knows, maybe they’ll get back together just in time for a new season.

Josh and Cheryl

On the current season of Love After Lockup, we met Cheryl, who was waiting for Josh to get out of jail so they could start a life together. The relationship between the two people started out hot and heavy, but as you can see, week by week, there were signs of trouble. We might be pretty sure that these two aren’t together anymore. Still says “in a relationship” on Cheryl’s Facebook page. But now there’s an Instagram page with photos of Josh hanging out with a new woman. Looks like these two are done for!

Clip from Season 5

On November 18, 2022, in New York, New York, WE tv said today that the first season of the hit series “Love After Lockup” will be back on Friday, December 16 at 9 PM ET/8 PM CT with 10 new 90-minute episodes that you can’t miss.

This season, four new couples and two couples who were just released from “Love During Lockup” add to the drama with deeper love, bigger doubts, even more mystery, and a lot of firsts, like the first time they touched and kissed, moved in together, or met the family. As people watch the crazy ride of keeping a relationship going outside of prison, they will again wonder if it’s real love or just another convincing scam. Even though every journey starts with a long-awaited prison release, each of our lovebirds and jailbirds has their own winding path to the altar… or an explosive breakup.

When will the fifth season of Love After Lockup start?

That is the right way to read it. With the release of Love After Lockup Season 5, the popular show makes a triumphant return after a short break. The second season came out on January 3, 2020, which was exactly two years after the first season did. The third season of the show came out on September 11, 2020, after a few months of thinking and planning.

After taking a break for two years, they are back with the fourth season of the show. On March 4, 2022, WE tv showed the first episode of the show’s fourth season, which marked the start of the season.

As was said before, new episodes will be released every Tuesday from now on. In this episode, there are five new partners introduced. Over the course of Season 3’s ten episodes, we learn about the characters’ worries, irrational fears, and inner demons.

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