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Shortly after giving birth to her baby, Leva Bonaparte of Southern Charm underwent reconstructive surgery, and she publicly discussed the experience.

Season 7 saw Leva join the cast of Southern Charm, and thus far, she and the other cast members have made a big impression. Leva has been a part of Southern Charm since season 1 as a friend of Cameran Eubanks. While mostly remaining in the background, Leva frequently provides insight into the love lives of Shep Rose and Craig Conover.

Bravo premiered Southern Charm, an American reality television program, on March 3, 2014. The Southern Charm show, which follows the personal and professional lives of seven socialites who reside in the same Charleston, South Carolina area, is its main subject.

Viewers are interested in learning more about Leva, particularly her weight reduction journey, because it appears that she has dropped weight.

Leva Bonaparte

Leva Bonaparte

Quick Facts

Full Name Leva Bonaparte
Profession Model, actress, and reality TV personality
Known For Southern Charm
Marital Status Married
Husband Lamar Bonaparte
Kids Lamar
Nationality American

Leva Bonaparte Weight Loss Journey On Bravo’s Southern Charm

Leva Bonaparte admitted on Instagram that she has been the target of internet body shamers. She handled the matter admirably, even responding to body shamers on her social media post.

In a post on her Instagram, Leva asserted that she tells people it’s okay if they think she looks overweight on television and that they should still find her cute. In the same article, she urged readers to embrace the distinctive features of their bodies.

The Charleston mother claimed that after making dietary changes and exercising regularly, she was still left with some “stubborn spots” that she was unable to lose. She then made the decision to work with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Clayton Crantford.

Despite having certain insecurities, she managed to go forward in her life. She continued by saying that it is obvious and normal for women to go through physical changes after giving birth. Leva Bonaparte, however, accepted the changes to her body after giving birth to her son and liked the way she looked.

Leva later updated her followers on her weight loss progress in an Instagram post. She described herself as a reserved, private person who believes that one’s body and emotions are incredibly sacred and private. But she frequently gets questions about her weight loss and her techniques from her admirers and followers in comments.

Did Leva Bonaparte Undergo Any Surgery For Weight Loss?

Leva Bonaparte, a Southern Charm cast member, confessed that before starting her journey to a new body, she had never undergone any elective surgery.

She has always been concerned with eating well, exercising, and staying hydrated. The problems started when she realized she was having trouble conceiving. She was in her mid-30s and unmarried, which was stressful and uneasy.

In order to address her pregnancy-related worries, she underwent a number of hormone therapy. Leva gained 15 pounds as a result of these treatments. She was satisfied with her weight gain, though, because she was eventually able to conceive and give birth to a boy because of the therapies.

But while Leva was pregnant, she made some awful food choices. Leva Bonaparte put on 70 pounds. due to pregnancy cravings, she gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy. Fortunately, after giving birth to her child, Leva was able to lose 3/4 of the weight she had acquired while pregnant.

Leva claimed that it was challenging for her to lose the extra weight she gained during pregnancy. She consequently accepted it and kept the extra weight she was still unable to lose. Not losing half the weight she had gained was her top priority.

How Did Leva Bonaparte Lose Weight? Her Health Update

Leva stated that in addition to diet and exercise for weight loss, a plastic surgeon helped her “tweak” her figure. Leva Bonaparte started working out every day for 40 minutes. She changed her dietary habits and gave up eating carbs.

After her efforts, Leva was able to lose roughly 20 pounds. She tried dietary restriction and regular aerobics, but she didn’t get the results she wanted.

Despite having reduced some weight, Leva was still having issues with her weight. She believed that since giving birth to her child, her body had changed and that there were still some areas of stubborn fat that she had been unable to lose. Leva eventually made the decision to consult Dr. Clayton Crantford, a plastic surgeon, about it.

Leva was extremely skeptical and anxious prior to her appointment with the doctor. But after visiting Dr. Clayton, she felt completely confident in his assessment and had no further worries. Leva continued by saying how much she adores her new look and altered figure.

Leva made the decision to have plastic surgery because she is content with the way her body looks right now. The Southern Charm actress, who is confident in her appearance, feels strong. Leva is a strong proponent of following your gut. The majority of her supporters agree with her choices.

Leva Bonaparte joined the Southern Charm cast in season 7

Leva Bonaparte joined the Southern Charm cast in season 7

Leva Bonaparte In the Southern Charm Season 7

After fellow cast member Kathryn Dennis propagated a rumor that her husband, Jason Wimberly, was having an adulterous affair with a neighboring makeup artist, Cameran made the decision to depart Southern Charm at the end of season six. Leva replaced Cameran as a full-time cast member of Southern Charm in season 7.

She instantly had her hands full with Kathryn, whom she intended to face regarding the accusations of adultery. Leva, however, had to “teach” Kathryn on racial issues following a mishap involving a monkey emoji.

Being the first recurring character who was a woman of color on Southern Charm put a lot of pressure on Leva during her first season. Lamar Bonaparte, who is also married to the restaurateur, and their son Lamar Jr. Despite Lamar’s absence from Southern Charm for the most part, fans remarked how their lifestyles were different from that of the other cast members.

Leva, a 43-year-old coworker who is older than the majority of her peers, was more focused on her family and profession than she was on any conflicts among the Southern Charm actors.

Leva Bonaparte Biography

Leva Bonaparte is a successful Indian American entrepreneur who was born in the city of Charleston, South Carolina, in the United States. Bourbon n Bubbles, Mesu (a restaurant with a Mexican theme), and Ist Place (a sports bar) are all establishments that she established on her own. She became well known after making an appearance in the seventh season of the reality TV show The Southern Charm.

10 Quick Facts About Leva Bonaparte

  1. Name: Leva Nowroozyani
  2. Age: 43 years old as of 2022
  3. Birthday: May 3rd
  4. Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  5. Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  6. Nationality: Indian
  7. Occupation: Businesswoman and Television Personality
  8. Marital Status: Married
  9. Salary: To be Updated
  10. Net worth: $3 million

Leva Bonaparte Family, Parents, and Siblings

Bonaparte is a devoted daughter to her father, who goes by the name Farhad Nowroozyani. However, no information on her mother’s identity can be found. Her family is originally from Iran. She was raised in Canada alongside her sister, Dr. Mona Haj, who is a specialist in internal medicine. During her childhood, she was close with their mother.

Leva Bonaparte Dating, Husband, and Children

Bonaparte’s connection with her husband, Lamar Bonaparte, is described as a “happy marital partnership.” The wedding took place in April of 2013 for the pair.

The city of Charleston, in the state of South Carolina, served as the setting for the couple’s initial encounter. On January 29, 2018, they became parents for the first time to their son, Lamar Jr. Together, the pair owns 26 different businesses.

Leva Bonaparte Net Worth

As of the year 2021, it is anticipated that Bonaparte possesses a net worth of three million dollars. This encompasses her assets, as well as her money and her income. Her job as a television personality is the biggest contributor to her financial well-being. Leva has been able to amass a considerable fortune as a result of the many sources of income he has, but he has decided that he would rather live a simple life.

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