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Lauren Searle And Cameron Monaghan: How Long They Have Been Dating Each Other? 

Cameron Monaghan’s girlfriend, 23-year-old model Lauren Searle, works for companies like Vision LA and Heros Model.

People have been talking about Cameron a lot lately because of his role in the movie Vampire Academy. Also, a TV show with the same name has come out, and people are talking about how the movie and the show were made differently.

Because of this, some of his fans are interested in who he dates. So, here is what you need to know about Lauren Searle, the woman he is seeing.

Lauren Searle And Cameron Monaghan

Lauren Searle And Cameron Monaghan

Lauren Searle Age and Net Worth

The Things says that at age 23, Lauren has a net worth of $500,000. She is a young model who moved from Australia to the United States. From 2017 to 2018, according to her LinkedIn, she went to the College of DuPage, but it is not clear if she finished her dedication or not.

She started modeling when she was in high school. Her father, who was a photographer, helped her get used to being in front of the camera when she was young.

She Was Born On December 15 1996

On December 15, 1996, Lauren was born. Her mother sent her a birthday greeting with a collage of pictures of her and her sister when they were young.

On the other hand, her father is a photographer. He also posts vlogs on his YouTube channel from time to time. He is also active on Instagram (IG) and shares his work with the people who follow him.

Searle Is A Model

Searle works for Vision LA and Heros Model as a model. On her website, she talks about how she tries to be herself in the modeling world. Her father is a photographer, so she grew up being comfortable in front of a camera.

She started modeling when she was in high school, but she didn’t do it full-time until after she graduated. Then she moved to Los Angeles to become a model.

She has worked for Fleur Du Mal, Skims, and CUUP, among other places. She also cares a lot about health and fitness, and she encourages everyone to be their best selves.

Some sources said that when she was 16 or 17, she was told to lose weight, but she didn’t do it. So, she has always made it a priority to stay true to herself and be real while taking care of her inner self.

She Is An Artist

She is a model, but she is also an artist. She makes acrylic paintings that are modern and abstract. You can see her work on the Instagram page @supacoolart.

She talks about how she has to deal with her inner self to stay true to herself. She says that this can also be related to art. She talks about how she’s been thinking about the idea so she can put it into action in a way that other people can understand.

She Is Into Charity Work

She helps out people in need. She gives money to The Amanda Foundation, which tries to figure out why so many pets in Los Angeles don’t have homes.

Who Is Cameron Monaghan Girlfriend Lauren Searle?

Cameron Monaghan and his girlfriend, Lauren Searle, have been together since 2020. She works as a model, and because of that, the 23-year-old is becoming more well-known.

But when she started dating the actor, her name started to pop up online. She was often seen with him at official events where the actor was present.

Her Parents Are James Searle and Carrie Searle

Her parents, James and Carrie Searle, gave birth to her. People say that she is half New Zealander and half American. James is from New Zealand, but he lives in Chicago. Carrie, on the other hand, is an American.

James also seems to live in the U.S. On his YouTube channel, it says in his bio that he lives in Chicago. He posts vlogs when he and his dog, Bentley, do exciting things like hiking, camping, 4WD Overlanding, cooking, and taking photos.

While that was going on, his wife posted pictures of her daughters and said that her kids live 2000 miles away. James works as a photographer, but we don’t know much about what Carrie does for a living yet.

She Has Two Sisters

Jane and Ella are the names of her two sisters. The sisters hang out with each other a lot. They show each other pictures from their trips.

Her sister Ella makes vlogs on Youtube. She started her channel a year ago, and now there are 337 people who watch it. She also runs Misunderstood Vintage, an online thrift store where she sells the old things she has collected.

Also, it looks like her other sibling, Jane, is in her last year of college. She posts pictures from college on her IG account.

She Has 165k Followers on Instagram

Lauren has a huge 165k people following her on Instagram. She often posts photos from fashion shows and when she is modeling for brands.

In her bio, there are links to her personal website. She is also an artist, and her Instagram account is @supacoolart.

How Is Cameron Monaghan and Lauren Searle Relationship?

Fans think that Cameron Monaghan and Lauren Searle are still together because they look at old photos of them. There have been times when people couldn’t stop looking at the couple.

Even though they didn’t share many pictures of themselves and kept their relationship private, they did share some moments on their IG stories that made fans go crazy.

For example, the first picture of them together, which showed them kissing in a tent, proved that they were dating. In the days that followed, they spent Valentine’s Day together. In the same way,

Cameron Was Previously Dating Peyton List

Before he started seeing Lauren, Monaghan was with the actress and model Peyton R. List. In September 2017, he let everyone know that he was seeing the actress.

On the set of Anthem of a Teenage Prophet, they had met. They were together for two years before some news outlets reported in January 2019 that they had broken up.

But Cameron has loved more than just Peyton. He dated Ruby Modine before he went out with Peyton. On the comedy-drama show Shameless, he worked with Ruby. But they were only together for a short time. From October 2016 to March 2017, they were together.

An intimate picture of Cameron and Lauren together proved that they were dating.

When Cameron and Lauren started posting pictures of themselves on September 2020, people started to say that they were dating. But fans think that they might have been dating before that.

But they knew they were dating when the actor posted a picture of them kissing on their short vacation (probably trek). After that, they were often in each other’s Instagram stories.

On February 14, 2021, Cameron sent Lauren a picture of her with one of her Supacoolart. The actor put a tag on her and called her his “valentine” in his story.

Lauren Searle And Cameron Monaghan

Lauren Searle And Cameron Monaghan

There Are No Photos Of Them In Their Social Media Handle

Up until March 2022, Lauren and Cameron were going strong. They were photographed together at the Hollywood, California, world premiere of Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red at the El Capitan Theatre.

Some of their fans shared a picture of them from July 2021, when they were celebrating being together for a year. It’s from Lauren’s Instagram story.

On social media, however, there are no pictures of them as of September 18, 2022. There used to be a few photos of the couple together on each of their social media accounts, but they are no longer there.

It has led to rumors that they broke up, but no one has proven it. It’s possible that they deleted or hid their photos from social media to protect their privacy.

Searle Early Life and Education

Australia is where she was born on December 13, 1996. She went to school at College of DuPage (2017-18).

When she was in school, she used to play basketball. Even though he doesn’t play anymore, the basketball fan still goes to NBA games. Nationality and Race

Searle has citizenship in both Australia and New Zealand, and she is of New Zealander descent.

Net Worth

The model’s career has done very well, and she has made a lot of money from it. As of 2020, she has a net worth of $500,000. Also, her boyfriend Cameron Monaghan is said to be worth $5 million.

Cameron’s work as an actor and model has been a big reason why she has so much money. Several movies and TV shows have hired him. In 2003, he played Winthrop Paroo in The Music Man, which was his first TV role. Later, he was in movies like Malcolm in the Middle and Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, among others.

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, Jamie Marks Is Dead, and Vampire Academy are all movies that he has been in.

Some Unheard Facts of Lauren

  • Searle enjoys traveling and has already visited several countries such as New Zealand, Sweden, Italy, Australia, and London.
  • Besides, she is also a fitness enthusiast.
  • Her age is 23 as of 2020.
  • The rising model is also popular on social media like Instagram with over 150k followers.
  • Lauren has inked a tattoo of a butterfly on her left arm.
  • Currently resides in Naperville, Illinois.

Body Measurements

  • Searle stands at 5 ft 9 inches (1.75 m) tall.
  • Bust size: 34
  • Waist: 28
  • Hips: 28.5
  • Has a brown colored hair and eyes.

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