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Jana Hocking’s Boyfriend: Stu Laundy- Who Is He? Know About His Dating Life

Pub playboy Stu Laundy, who was previously in a relationship with dating expert Jana Hocking, was spotted cuddling up with another young lady in the month of April.

The eyebrow queen, Kristin Fisher, was reportedly seen going on a romantic lunch date with the star of The Bachelorette in April, which caused the rumour mill to have headlines published.

While it was claimed in the Daily Telegraph that they were attempting to settle in at the Surry Hills in Sydney, a source close to the couple stated that this was not the case. There was a meeting at work where attendees discussed potential future partnerships.

The fact that they are friends with each other and circulate in the same social circles suggests that they were brought together by their mutual acquaintances, the disgraced market raider Alan Bond and the fund manager Jeremy Bond.

In point of fact, this is not the first time that Kristin’s personal life has been featured prominently on the front page of PageSix; in the past, she was rumoured to be dating former cricketer Michael Clarke. At the New Year’s Eve party that Dina Broadhurst and Max Shepherd hosted, an eyewitness saw the two of them engaging in sexual activity.

During this time, his ex-girlfriend, the founder of P.E. Nation, Pip Edwards, was unhappy that her boyfriend of only six months had already moved on. She was not happy with this development.

The fact that her friend Dina helped plan the entire occasion was not helpful, despite the fact that Dina and she have always had a friendly relationship with each other.

Stu Laundy

Stu Laundy

How Long Has Jana Hocking And Stu Laundy Been In A Relationship?

When Stu Laundy and podcaster Jana Hocking were dating around the year 2021, she made a brief appearance on his list of escapades. They dated for a few short months before deciding to end their relationship.

According to the rumours, they initially came into contact with one another in 2018, when they were both involved in a casual relationship that ultimately did not work out. In her most recent essay, she referred to their get-together as a “lovable divorce.”

While this was going on, the rich owner of the pub participated in the 2017 season of The Bachelorette. He was able to win Sophie Monk’s heart, but they ended their relationship a year later.

After starting a podcast called the Kinda Sorta Dating series, on which various celebrities made appearances as guests, her career took off in a significant direction after that point.

After their relationship ended, they continued to get along well enough to be seen together in 2021, but they were smart enough to keep their relationship a secret from the public. The paparazzi were able to get their hands on a picture of her, and it showed her looking stunning in a red one-shoulder dress with nude pointy-toe shoes, all while her partner had his arms wrapped around her. The location was a celebrity hotspot, and she appeared to be having a wonderful time the whole night, taking selfies with Jess, her Triple M host. Co-host of the Moonman show in Sydney.

But Stu had a difficult time discussing their new relationship in an interview, when he attempted to play down the significance of the revelation. He was just divorced, and he was concerned that his extramarital affairs would have a negative impact on her professional life. As a result, he chose to take things one step at a time.

They seemed to be having a wonderful time in each other’s company, but sadly, their paradise did not last long because he soon took up with another woman while they were still together.

Did Stu Laundy Date Before Meeting Jana Hocking?

Stu Laundy, an Australian businessman who is 47 years old and dated Sophie Monk before getting together with Jana Hocking, appeared on the Bachelorette during that time.

The audience had the impression that the couple already knew each other before the show aired in 2017, and many people speculated that the producers sent Stu into the mansion at her request just so that they could film their romance on screen.

They ultimately come clean on the most recent episode of the Romantically Challenged podcast, in which he admits that the showrunner bribed him to appear on the show. It turned out that he did not have any intentions of becoming a reality TV celebrity. However, he had been single for three years when he saw Sophie for the first time, and she took his breath away. As he courted her and they fled into the sunset, this decision proved to be the best one.

When he found out about the breakup for the first time, it was almost as startling as when the Australian sweetheart announced their separation on her Instagram account. He gave her the responsibility of determining their future together, but he couldn’t help but feel emotional when their time together came to an end.

Even though he was aware that there was a limit to how far their love could go, it was disheartening for him to learn about it through social media.

Even though they are no longer together, she has a tremendous amount of respect for him because during their time together there were no obligations or constraints. They have come to the conclusion that it is in everyone’s best interest to maintain their amicable relationship and view the past half year as nothing but happy memories.

A happy ending for her was not to be, however, as she was cast as the host of Love Island, which debuted in the second part of 2018. Despite this, she does not appear to be overly disappointed.

Stu Laundy And Girlfriend Jana Hocking

Stu Laundy And Girlfriend Jana Hocking

New Girlfriend of Stu Laundy? Who is she?

According to the tabloids, Stu Laundy, a former reality television star, has been seeing Kristin Fisher recently.

However, nothing official has been said between the two due to the fact that he wanted to show respect to his four children. After 15 years of marriage, he and Rachel divorced and he took their children with him. The children are the result of his life as a married man with Rachel.

Since he is the heir of a pub empire and has a net worth of over 500 million dollars, there is no shortage of women who are interested in courting him. After World War II provided the initial impetus for business, the organisation continued to expand in size as it was handed down from his grandfather’s generation to subsequent generations.

However, despite having a million dollars, he does not live a lavish lifestyle and does not like to brag about it.

You can find him on Instagram under the handle stulaundy44; he has approximately 36,000 people following him there. Because he has not yet received his blue tick, the website portrays him in a more modest light than his efforts do. He makes a comparison to his younger self, demonstrating the heartthrob that he was throughout his adolescent years.

However, his children are his top focus, even if he continues to maintain appearances with his ex-girlfriend Sophia. This is because she played a significant role in his life.

More recently, he has started speaking about the things he enjoys, ranging from t-shirt labels to cricket teams; nonetheless, he refuses to accept money in exchange for sponsored articles.

The Truth About Sophie Monk And Stu Laundy’s ‘Secret Wedding’ :

Is a couple’s ability to travel together a sign of a long-term relationship?

In their burgeoning romance, Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy have already taken a giant step forward by travelling to cold Canada to celebrate the new year.

While partying at the Silver Star mountain Resort, Monk, 37, and Laundy, 45, are joined by Oscar Gordon, the former Bardot singer’s best friend.

There are some really bizarre rumours going around that Sophie and Stu got married in secret when they were in Canada. According to, Laundy can be heard referring to her as his “bride” in a recent video on Monk’s Instagram.

As Sarah and Gordon appeared to be dancing around the fireplace, he exclaimed, “I’m very proud of my bride.”

Back in November, Sophie made fun of the fact that Stu and his wife were still legally wed despite their four-year separation.

It’s highly unlikely that these two are actually married as a result. However, it appears that they will be relocating together very soon! The couple recently revealed to the Kyle and Jackie O Show that they intend to split their time between Sophie’s home on the Gold Coast and Stu’s house in Sydney, where his four daughters also dwell and attend school. A base in Sydney and one on the Gold Coast doesn’t sound very outlandish, according to Laundy. “However, I have kids, and I’ll always be around them. We both move about.

We’re eager to find out what the upcoming year has in store for The Bachelorette couple!

Quick Info About Stu Laundy :

Name Stu Laundy
Age 47 years old
Occupation CEO of the Laundy Hotel Group
Ex wife Rachel Laundy
Children 4

Frequently Asked Questions About Stu Laundy: 

What is Stu Laundy’s net worth?

  • CEO of the Laundy Hotel Group, Stu Laundy, is heir to a rumored $500 million fortune.

Who was Stu Laundy’s wife?

  • Stu Laundy’s wife was Rachel Laundy.

What is Stu Laundy’s age?

  • The heir to a $500 million pub empire, Stu Laundy, is 47 years old.

Who is Stu Laundy’s family?

  • The Laundy family business gets valued at $500 million and has been run by patriarch Arthur Laundy, 78, for decades.

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