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Is Simon Dorante-Day Charles and Camilla’s love child? Bio And DNA Test Results From Wikipedia

Simon Dorante-Day, who lives in Queensland, Australia, says that he is the secret child of King Charles III and Camilla. He has said this for years. Now that the Queen has died, he has given some new information about the DNA paternity test.

Simon Dorante-Day might not be as popular as Camilla, Prince Charles, or Queen Elizabeth II. But his shocking claims about King Charles III have been making headlines around the world for years.

Dorante-Day, who is said to be Prince Charles III and Camilla’s secret love child, recently talked about his DNA paternity case.

Simon has said for a long time that he is related to the royal family. In an interview with the Australian newspaper 7NEWS, Simon defended his claims.

After Queen Elizabeth II died, he added a new twist to his story.

Simon Dorante-Day

Simon Dorante-Day

Simon Dorante-Day Wikipedia: His Family Background

Simon Dorante-Day was born in Gosport, Portsmouth, in the United Kingdom. He was raised in Queensland. Karen and David Day, who lived nearby, took him in when he was eight months old.

According to 7news, both of his adopted grandparents, Winifred and Ernest Bowden, worked in the royal households of the Queen and Prince Philip. Ernest Bowden was given an Imperial Service Award.

Dorante-research Day’s shows that Charles and Camilla became close for the first time in 1965. He says that Charles was taken to Australia and that Camilla disappeared from social media in Britain for at least nine months after that, which was before Charles was born.

Also, a historian says that the hospital listed on his birth certificate as the place where he was born did not have any babies in the ten years before he was born.

Simon Dorante-Day DNA test Results: Is He The Love Child Of Charles and Camilla?

Simon Dorante-Day is thought to be the secret love child of Prince Charles III and Camila. His DNA paternity case has now been made public.

He had made news before with his statements, which he said were the result of decades of research.

He has been telling people for a long time that he is Charles and Camilla’s son. Dorante-Day says that his adoptive grandmother worked for Queen Elizabeth. He said that she told him that Charles and Camilla were his real parents on her deathbed.

Since he was born in 1966, it’s likely that he was conceived before Charles and Diana’s wedding. Many people think Charles and Camilla met in 1970, but Dorante-Day says that’s not true.

Dorante-Day also thinks that Charles and Camilla gave him to the staff so they could raise him. He also said how sad he was about losing his “grandmother” after Queen Elizabeth died.

He had also said before that he had tried to write the Queen a letter, hoping she would answer, but that his attempt had failed.

Dorante-Day has said since then that he wants Charles’s and Camilla’s DNA to be tested in court. In an interview with 7News, he said that he had talked with lawyers about filing a lawsuit against the King.

Also, Dorante-Day had tried to bring the case before a court before, but she had failed. He thinks that this time things will be different.

Simon Dorante-Day

Simon Dorante-Day

How Old Is Simon Dorante-Day’s Age?

In 2022, Simon Dornte-Day will be 56 years old. He was born in Gosport, Portsmouth, UK, on April 5, 1966.

He has spent more than ten years trying to prove that he is an heir to the British throne and that he is a blue-blood.

It’s interesting that he started to claim it long before Charles III became king.

Simon Dorante-Day hitting back

1. Debate over grandfather’s award

Dorante-Day claimed that his grandfather, Ernest Bowlden, had been awarded an Imperial Service Medal, and that his adoptive grandparents, Winifred and Ernest Bowlden, had both worked for the Queen and Prince Philip.

Dorante-Day first learned about his royal parents from his grandma Winifred.

My grandmother and I were quite close, and she frequently reminded me that I was Camilla and Charles’s child, the man stated.

She didn’t simply imply it; she was up front with me. She was always quite protective because she was concerned for my safety and the consequences if it got out.

However, presenter Philip Schofield and royal biographer Robert Jobson criticized Dorante-Day on a recent TV interview in the UK, claiming there was no evidence that Ernest Bowlden had ever received an Imperial Service Medal.

However, Dorante-Day has provided evidence in the form of a photo of the prize that is displayed at his adoptive parents’ house.

Ernest Bowlden was honored for his 25 years of dedication to the English prison system.

After working as a gardener on one of the Queen’s estates, where he first met his future wife Winifred, a chef for Her Majesty, he entered the prison service.

Ernest Bowlden was featured on the list of 1963 prize recipients, according to government documents from the day.

According to Dorante-Day, “I found it in the archives of The London Gazette, it’s clearly stated in black and white.”

It’s not hard to find, as my Facebook fans also discovered.

There is no doubt in this situation because the date on the award’s corner, which came from my adopted mother Karen Day’s house, matches the date on the newspaper story.

The ‘Aussie son’ of Charles and Camilla is shaken by new Charlotte evidence.

2. When Charles and Camilla first met

For many years, royal authors and correspondents have speculated wildly about the precise day when Charles and Camilla first met.

Four distinct years, from 1969 to 1972, have been cited in various articles and books as the couple’s “first meeting.”

Last week, New Zealand radio broadcasters Jono and Ben from The Hits were informed by UK royal writer Gavin Grey that they “don’t think” Charles and Camilla “were together” when Dorante-Day was conceived.

Dorante-Day, however, is of the opinion that there is enough reason to suspect that they may have met far earlier than that.

According to Dorante-Day, “the fact that royal biographers and novelists have provided such radically divergent stories of their first encounter proves that none of them actually know what they’re talking about.”

“This ‘initial meeting’ has been recorded as occurring in 1969, 1970, 1971, and 1972, thus they are not simply a day or month apart from one another.

“What we do know is that in March 1965, Camilla was introduced to London society. Charles was spotted out and about in London in 1965, and they frequented the same high society areas.

So it stands to reason that they would have run into each other in early 1965, following her introduction to society.

“Charles also paid a visit to Camilla’s home town in 1963 while she was enrolled at a Swiss finishing school. They therefore lived in the same place in 1963 and participated in the London society scene in 1965.

There is sufficient reason to believe that this initial encounter did not take place between 1969 and 1972.

3. Camilla ‘didn’t appear pregnant’ in March, 1965

Gavin Grey, a UK royal correspondent, also revealed to New Zealand radio DJs Jono and Ben that Camilla appears to have a flat stomach in images taken in March 1965.

He told the radio hosts, “Actually, there are pictures that show her going to a debutante ball in London on March 25, 1965, which is roughly the time he’s talking about, and she is quite plainly not pregnant.

And she appears in various photographs taken throughout the year of 1965. I’m not saying he’s wrong; there are just elements that obstruct his progression of events.

Dorante-Day, however, said that he was “disappointed” by this “inaccurate” remark.

He added, “They need to do their math.”

“Since I was born in April 1966, my conception must have taken place around July 1965, minus nine months.

Why, therefore, do they anticipate Camilla to seem pregnant in March 1965? The Debutante Ball, which was held on her birthday in July rather than March, I believe you’ll also discover.

“My investigation has proved that Camilla vanished from the social scene between August 1965 and June 1966, which is the period during which she would have been carrying me,” he continued.

And Charles was deported to Australia in December 1965 till my birth in April 1966.

4. Why don’t you just get a DNA testing?

In interviews and on social media, detractors frequently ask Dorante-Day why he hasn’t taken a DNA test to support his claims to be a prince, according to Dorante-Day.

Because this is obviously what I’ve been working so hard to try and achieve, it always amuses me when people ask me this, he told

“I’ve been fighting in the courts for three years to get Charles and Camilla to agree to a DNA test. Because media coverage of Family Court proceedings is illegal in Australia, my actions have not been made widely known.

discovered is a new connection between Prince Andrew and Charles and Camilla’s “Aussie son”
But despite how drawn out the legal procedure is, I’m not giving up. My case was referred back to the Family Court by the Australian High Court when I filed a petition there, and it will do so once again in the coming months.

“I’m also looking for legal counsel in the UK so I may take my struggle abroad.

Since I will ultimately need to go to court, I am not interested in taking DNA testing with other distant royals. I want this handled properly in front of a court.

5. Family resemblance

According to Dorante-Day, he also receives criticism from people over pictures showing similarities between himself, his children, and members of the royal family.

They think this is the core of my thesis and that I have no other research to support my assertions, he said.

They are so far from the truth, though. I’ve taken a very cautious approach to learning the truth ever since my grandmother informed me that Charles and Camilla were my parents.

“I never simply assumed that because she stated it, it must be true. Without a doubt. I went and conducted my own research, talked to historians, and perused documents. Every path I took brought me back to Charles and Camilla.

“But it was another piece of the puzzle when my kids were born and my wife Elvianna and I noticed the parallels. However, as I frequently point out, there are still a lot of missing pieces.

A recent photo comparison between Dorante-youngest Day’s kid, Meriam, and Prince Charlotte has sparked a lot of curiosity recently, according to Dorante-Day.

He remarked, “I’ve never seen a reaction like it on Facebook. “I just uploaded a picture of Meriam to celebrate her birthday, and hundreds of people commented saying they couldn’t believe how similar she looked to Princess Charlotte.”

But it’s important to remember that, even though DNA is the only conclusive evidence, courts nonetheless take into account facial and skeletal resemblances when determining paternity.

“Facial characteristics, structure, throat, ears, and stance can all be considered.”

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