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On March 1, 2015, Sharyn Alfonsi made her debut as a journalist and correspondent for 60 Minutes. In 2019, Alfonsi won the esteemed DuPont-Columbia Journalism Prize.

The journalist gained notoriety when, in 2020, she was the first correspondent to obtain images from the jail cell of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein and autopsy images, which were broadcast on 60 Minutes.

For their reporting on the US/Mexico border, she and her producers won the renowned DuPont-Columbia University Journalism Award in 2020.

The 60 Minutes correspondent also won a Gracie Award in 2020 for Outstanding News/News Magazine talent from the Alliance for Women in Media.

Sharyn Alfonsi

Sharyn Alfonsi

Sharyn Alfonsi’s Weight Loss: Diet And Workout Details

Sharyn Alfonsi’s admirers noted changes in the journalist when she lost weight, but she hasn’t given an update on the situation.

She also doesn’t seem to have ever been in shape or shed weight. Alfonsi is a typical-sized woman for her height at 5 feet 5 inches and 58 kilogrammes.

Alfonsi has been eating a balanced diet and working out to be healthy, so it looks that the report regarding her weight loss is untrue.

Alfonsi works diligently as a journalist. In 1995, she started a career in local news at KHBS-KHOG-TV in Fort Smith. She subsequently moved on to KIRO-TV in Seattle, Washington, WBZ-TV in Boston, Massachusetts, and WVEC-TV in Norfolk, Virginia.

She was hired by Dan Rather in 2002 and left CBS News to work for ABC News in 2008. In 2011, Sharyn came back to CBS to work for Showtime’s 60 Minutes Sports.

Sharyn Alfonsi Illness: What Disease Does She Have?

Sharyn Alfonsi is in good health, and there are no recent reports of her condition getting worse.

Due to claims of a dramatic weight reduction, people were worried about her health, but it seems like she’s doing fine and leading a happy life.

“Fighting Infection: Inside Surgery Centers,” an ABC News segment featuring Alfonsi and Jessica Hooper, explored surgery.

Their report states that a Nevada doctor is facing more than 20 felony charges for actions they claim he took inside an outpatient surgery centre. He allegedly encouraged staff members to recycle pharmaceutical vials in order to save money.

While the personnel used new needles, it was discovered after an inquiry that the syringes and vials carrying the medication were re-used. There was a hepatitis outbreak as a result, with 6 or 7 people supposedly getting the disease directly and more than 100 allegedly getting it indirectly.

Meet Sharyn Alfonsi’s Kids Wyatt & Flyn

With her husband, Sharyn Alfonsi has two kids. She gave birth to Wyatt Eby, her first child, in 2010.

By the end of 2022, Wyatt will be 12 years old. Likewise, in 2012, she gave birth to a girl whom she called Flynn Eby.

By the end of 2022, Flynn will be ten years old, two years younger than his siblings.

Alfonsi is less concerned with her children’s privacy than some other celebrities. The journalist willingly posts a picture of her kids on Instagram.

In one of the interviews, Sharyn acknowledges that raising kids in New York is unusual and shares the fact that her son’s first word was “taxi.”

Aside from work, she likes to play with kids and spend time with her family. She is an excellent mother who cherishes and looks after her kids.

Sharyn Alfonsi is an American journalist and correspondent for 60 Minutes

Sharyn Alfonsi is an American journalist and correspondent for 60 Minutes

Meet Sharyn Alfonsi’s Husband Matt Eby

Sharyn Alfonsi and her investment officer husband, Matt Eby, have a happy marriage. Matt and Sharyn got married in 1995 after dating for some time.

Alfonsi was a student at the University of Mississippi at the time, and he was situated in the Washington region. The reporter and the future spouse met through a mutual friend in Washington, D.C.

The couple’s relationship was unaffected by their separation, and they ultimately got married permanently. Sharyn, on the other hand, works in the public sector but chooses to keep her marital status private.

The newscaster hardly ever talks about her family in the media. She does, however, occasionally share a beautiful picture of her hubby on social media. Together with her husband and kids, she resides in New York.

Sharyn Alfonsi Bio

Sharyn Elizabeth Alfonsi is a journalist for the American news programme 60 Minutes. She was born in the United States on June 3, 1972. On March 1, 2015, she made her first appearance on “60 Minutes,” which was her television debut. 2019 marked the year that she was presented with the coveted duPont-Columbia journalism award.

Sharyn also worked for a number of networks before joining CBS News, including WVEC-TV, Kiro-TV, KHBS-TV, and ABC News. Additionally, he has conducted interviews with a variety of well-known figures, including Paul McCartney of the Beatles and golfer Bubba Watson. Furthermore, he is a public speaker in addition to being a journalist. He is regarded as having a tremendous personality in America, so let’s discuss this personality, i.e., Sharyn Alfonsi’s biography.

The 60 Minutes contributor Sharyn Elizabeth Alphonsi was born in Mississippi, United States, on June 3, 1972. In addition to keeping his family and siblings out of his media job, which entails not disclosing anything about him, he spent his youth in a community close to Washington, DC with his family.

In McLean, Virginia, Sharyn completed her high school education. She continued her education at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science and journalism studies in 1994.

Full Name Sharyn Alfonsi
Profession Journalist
Gender Female
Age 50 years
Date of Birth June 3, 1972,
Nationality American
Weight 58kg
Marital status Married
Husband Matt Ebby
Children  Yes
Net Worth $2 million.
Last Update: 2022

Early life and education

McLean, Virginia was the location of Alfonsi’s secondary education. In 1994, she received a James Love Scholarship while studying at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, where she earned a degree with honours.


Alfonsi started her career in the local news industry in 1995 at KHBS-KHOG-TV in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She then moved on to WVEC-TV in Norfolk, Virginia, KIRO-TV in Seattle, Washington, and WBZ-TV in Boston, Massachusetts later on. At CBS News, Dan Rather was the one who decided to hire her in the year 2002. In 2008, she moved on to pursue a career at ABC News. In 2011, she made her way back to CBS in order to work for the show 60 Minutes Sports, which was broadcast on Showtime.

In 2015, Sharyn Alfonsi had her first appearance on 60 Minutes with an investigative piece exposing fraud after Hurricane Sandy. The piece, which ultimately resulted in an investigation by Congress and won her a Writers Guild Award, was broadcast on the programme.

During the 2016–2017 season, she made many appearances on 60 Minutes, including one that was for an investigative piece on hacking phones that demonstrated how easily hackers could access the phone of a congressman.

In 2018, she was the focus of the season premiere of 60 Minutes, which contained a fascinating interview with Paul McCartney and attracted a viewership of almost 13 million people. McCartney admitted that he was unable to read music, that he suffered from extreme insecurity, and that he was concerned about his legacy.

In 2019, Alfonsi was presented with two Emmy awards for the work she did in the aftermath of the tragedy at Parkland High School.

In the year 2020, Alfonsi created headlines all over the world when she was the first reporter to receive images from inside the jail cell of notorious financier Jeffrey Epstein, as well as photos of his autopsy, which were shown on the television programme 60 Minutes.


Reporting that Alfonsi and her producers did from the border between the United States and Mexico earned them the coveted duPont-Columbia University of Journalism Award in the year 2020. During her speech of acceptance, Alfonsi dedicated the award to all of the people who had previously referred to her as a “pain in the ass.” Additionally, the Alliance for Women in Media presented her with a Gracie Award in the year 2020 for Outstanding News/News Magazine talent. This honour was bestowed upon her.

Personal life

Alfonso is a family man; he has a wife and two kids. May of 2013 found her delivering the graduating address at the University of Mississippi’s Meek School of Journalism and New Media. Her commencement address was recognised by NPR as being among the very best ever delivered at a graduation ceremony.

Age, Height, and Weight

She was born on June 3, 1972, which makes her age 50 as of the year 2022; her body type is 32-23-34 inches, and she maintains a slender and healthy appearance. Aside from them, her height is 170 centimetres, which is equal to 5 feet 4 inches, and her weight is 53 kilogrammes. Additionally, he has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Sharyn Alfonsi’s Net Worth

As you may already be aware, she has been a correspondent for 60 Minutes since 2012, and the episode of the show in which she interviewed Paul McCartney served as the season opener drew over 13 million people. In addition to this, Sharyn Alfonsi has previous work experience with other well-known networks such as ABC. In terms of her financial worth, it is estimated that his net worth is close to one million dollars.

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