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Mother Nino Lagotto and father Clive Greensmith were Hanako’s parents at the time of birth. According to her mother, she is half Japanese.

Born in 1996, Greensmith. She has achieved fame in America as an actress, model, singer, songwriter, musician, cellist, and social media celebrity.

Due to her involvement in the well-known TV show “Chicago Fire,” Hanako gained attention. She lands a recurring role in the three seasons of the television show because of her acting. In the TV show, people liked the way she handled situations and talked.

Hanako Grrensmith obtained her high school diploma in 2014, according to her Facebook profile. Following high school, she was 18 years old.

For her high school education, she spent 2010–2014 enrolled at Dobbs Ferry High School in New York. She subsequently enrolled at Pace University to pursue a BFA in musical theatre. Our research revealed that she has enrolled in the Manhattan School of Music Pre-college in addition, according to her official website.

Hanako Greensmith is a well-known actor who has been in Chicago Fire (2012), FBI (2018), and Chicago Med, according to the website IMDb (2015).

Hanako Greensmith

Hanako Greensmith

Quick Facts About Hanako Greensmith

Real Name Hanako Greensmith
Date Of Birth 1996
Age 25 Years Old
Place Of Birth New York City, USA
Profession Actress, Singer, Musician, and social media star
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Mixed
Education BFA Musical Theatre
School Dobbs Ferry High School, Pace University
Mother Nino Lagotto
Father Clive Greensmith
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 62 kgs
Hair Color Black
Hair Length Medium
Eye Color Brown

The Ethnicity of Hanako Greensmith’s parents

Nino Lagotto (the mother) and Clive Greensmith, both Americans, are the parents of Hanako Greensmith. Due to her family’s partial Japanese heritage, Hanako is of mixed ancestry.
While Greensmith’s dad is English, her mother is Japanese. Her father, Clive, is well recognized in the music industry all over the world, particularly in Japan.

She is based in the US, where she is a citizen, and has a rich family history. She also has an imaginative nature. Hanako is living a contented and lovely life with his relative.

Additionally, on May 19, 2018, Hanako’s grandfather, Hisashi Ishikawa, who was Chizuko’s father, passed away. Hanako expressed her gratitude to her grandfather in a poignant letter, stating, “I am now more than ever aware of just how valuable time and memories are.”

Age of Hanako Greensmith

Age 26 as of 2022 for Hanako Greensmith. November 11, 1996, marked her birth.
At 5 feet 9 inches tall and 62 kilograms, Hanako Greensmith is a petite woman. Additionally a model for Instagram, she has posed for numerous regional businesses.

Along with performing, Hanako has talent as a cellist, singer, and writer. Even though she wanted to be a nurse, she chose to learn the cello instead in order to follow her parents and father’s example.

The seasoned actor began to sing and eventually dabbled in musical theater after spending more time observing. Hanako soon found her passion and experience in acting, and she developed into a member of several theatre companies to gaze at the storied 54/Below in New York.

A BFA in Musical Theater was earned by The Chicago Fire from Pace University in 2018. The actor is now helpful in securing suitable alternatives on schedule thanks to her developing experience.

The Tattos of Hanako Greensmith

Hanako Greensmith

Hanako Greensmith

In January 2019, Hanako Greensmith undertook a photoshoot. She had numerous bright tattoos on her arms and body when the picture was taken.

There is evidence that the tattoos were temporary. It was at least temporary on her arms. She does not have arm tattoos on the images on her Instagram profile as of right now.

With 86.9k followers, 963 followings, and 83 posts to her Instagram account, Hanako is a regular user of the platform with the ID @hanakogreensmith. Blue ticks indicate that her social media accounts have already been authenticated.

September 22, 2022, saw the posting of Greensmith’s most recent photo to her official Instagram account. She wrote “My favorite queens ring in the new season. Tonight on NBC at 8/7c, don’t miss us.”

Educational History

Hanako Greensmith is a person of an excellent education; she started her path at Dobbs Ferry High School in New York and is thought to have finished in 2014.

With the goal of becoming the best in her field, she applied to Pace University and was accepted. There, she chose to focus on BFA Musical Theatre. She put in extra effort in her studies and graduated in 2018.

That was far from the end of it, though, as information on her official website also said that she continued on to the Manhattan School of Music Pre-College immediately following her graduation from university.

Professional Life And Acting Career of Hanako Greensmith

Hanako Greensmith

Hanako Greensmith

Since she was a young child, Hanako Greensmith, a 26-year-old actor and singer, has been active in acting.
Model, singer, and actor Hanako is well recognized for her roles in the FBI, Bull, and Chicago Fire. Her wonderful acting talent and charming voice helped her achieve enormous recognition.

Bull, a 2018 television series, was where Greensmith made her acting debut. In the television show, she portrayed Veronica Hill. In the short film “Cace XR” from 2019, she portrayed Ayara, the movie’s protagonist.

The actor made a cameo in the TV show FBI that same year in a supporting role. In the television series Chicago Fire from 2020 to 2021, she portrayed Violet Mikami. She is still involved with it.

As a theater performer in New York, the actor began his or her acting career. At the Schaeberle Theatre at Pace University, the Hangar Theatre, and Clocktower Players, Hanako gave performances.

Since her parents were both classical musicians, Greensmith had an early interest in music. She eventually mastered a number of different instruments as a result. In February 2018, she debuted her first musical, “Halona and Ophelia.”

She’d auditioned for Chicago Fire once

Greensmith told the One Chicago podcast Meet Us at Molly’s that she’d been going to the casting office for “FBI” and “Chicago Fire” for years and that the casting directors swore to her.
Her brief appearance on “FBI,” also produced by Dick Wolf, may have shown directors what she could do as a performer. She had previously tried out for “Chicago Med,” where she later played Violet in a crossover episode.

Greensmith is still getting used to acting on video after years of theatre work. “There’s something about camera work that produces a more cushioned environment,” she remarked, admitting she has yet to “judge” how she feels about it.

Is Hanako Greensmith dating?

Hanako Greensmith is single right now and concentrating on her music career.

The actor may not want to get sidetracked by falling in love when she is at the height of her profession. This could be the reason he’s still single as of 2022.

On her official Instagram account, Hanako is pictured with a dubious-looking man. She hasn’t told her fans and following about their connection yet, though.

Greensmith is friendly and hasn’t kept as many details of her private life a secret. We may thus have the opportunity to see the actor and her partner in the days to come.

Some FAQs

Is Hanako Greensmithn Japanese?

Hanako Greensmith is half-Japanese on her mother’s side.

Who Are Hanako Greensmith Parents?

Greensmith was born to American parents, mother Nino Logotto, and father Clive Greensmith.

How Old Is Hanako Greensmith?

Hanako Greensmith’s is 26 years old as of 2022.

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