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Following the premiere of Frankie Solarik’s new program this week on Netflix Canada, the judge from Drink Masters will be set to make his debut on the streaming service.

Few people are hoping to steer clear of the scary stories and kick back and recline in their couches without a potential jump scare lurking over their heads now that eerie shows are taking over the platform by storm.

One example of this type of reality show is the newest installment of the competition series that was produced by the same people that brought you the glass-blowing program Blown Away. They guarantee that they will invite the top players in the industry and assemble the most skilled bartenders as the competitors for the title of Ultimate Drink Master make their way through the competition.

Because there is a total of one hundred thousand USD on the line, each of the twelve competitors needs to do well in the various challenges. They are responsible for bringing a culinary approach to cocktails with unusual ingredients and bringing works of liquid art to life, thus it is imperative that they bring their A game when performing on stage.

The one who calls the final shot is none other than Frankie Solarik from BarChef, and the premiere of the show will take place on October 28. He will be accompanied by Julie Reiner, a mixologist and bar owner, while actor and comedian Tone Bell will be in charge of hosting the event.

Frankie Solarik

Frankie Solarik

Quick Info:

Name Frankie Solarik
Age 43 years
Born 1979
Wife Leanne Neufeld
Children 2

Some FAQs

What is Frankie Solarik age?

Frankie Solarik, the author of “The Bar Chef” and co-owner of the famed bar BarChef in Toronto, has reached the age of 43.

Does Frankie Solarik have a wife?

Frankie Solarik and his wife, Leanne Neufeld, have been together for a long time and are the proud parents of two children.

Is Frankie Solarik on Instagram?

On Instagram, the user Frankie Solarik (@frankiesolarik) has accumulated 27.6 thousand followers, 56 followers, and 720 posts.

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Drink Masters Frankie Solarik Wikipedia- What Is His Age?

Frankie Solarik, owner of BarChef and a native of Toronto who goes by the stage name Drink Masters, was born in 1979, making him 43 years old.

Since his humble beginnings in Canada, the tall, lanky, and beardless man has accomplished a great deal. When he started working at a cigar bar in London, Ontario, he was just a teenager of seventeen years old, and he did so with a glimmer of joy in his eyes. Because of his exceptional capacity for learning, he paid close attention while the guys discussed the aroma, flavor, and history of various tobaccos, cognacs, and single malts.

By the 1990s, he had achieved success in high-volume bartending, and he had begun working at Tocqueville in Manhattan with the intention of refining his skill set there.

Even though he had never played the game before, he was always quite curious about it. This never stopped him from learning new things. If he came upon a dish that he enjoyed, he would begin the process by tasting the foods and then reproducing them using a contemporary method.

It did not make a difference whether it took him an hour or seven, as long as he obtained it from the very last ingredient before going on to the following course.

However, it wasn’t until he moved back to Toronto at the turn of the millennium that he started to investigate the likelihood of success as a sole proprietor. As soon as he started doing other kinds of placements, he was able to swiftly find work in Rain, Luce, and lastly Kultura.

While he was devoting his time to observing celebrity chefs like Susur Lee and Guy Rubinond Grant Achatz of Alinea, to mention a few, he was well aware that he was an artist at heart.

On the other hand, he preferred to prepare his own cocktails for the event and adapt according to the circumstances. When he started drawing inspiration from strange places, like the cucumber-and-melon bath soap that was made for his newborn, or the muted trumpet on Sketches of Spain, his creative juices began to flow more freely.

In point of fact, he was the one who first began putting together the strangest possible combinations, some of which turned out to be really popular. His tried and true method never lets him down since the scents combine so harmoniously with the cheese.

Before he ever had the inspiration to launch his own company, he participated in the innovation processes of other businesses. At the time, he and his former business partner, Brent, along with Billy, were working hard to establish themselves in the marketplace.

Frankie Solarik with his wife and eldest son Kai.

Frankie Solarik with his wife and eldest son Kai.

Does Frankie Solarik Have A Wife?

Frankie Solarik, a well-known mixologist all over the world, has been blessed with a harmonious family life all because to his wife, Leanne Neufeld.

Because of the success she is having in her profession as a photographer and creative director, the lady does not require an introduction. Sheridan College was her educational institution of choice, and she worked for THP between the years of 2017 and 2018. The culinary photographer based in Toronto is a freelancer.

In addition to that, she is a helpful guide to her husband’s business, since she has been the resident photographer of her husband’s restaurant, BarChef, since the year 2012. She is also the creative director of the establishment, a role for which she receives the necessary appreciation from her partner on multiple occasions.

The stunning woman with auburn hair has a very low profile in public and only occasionally pops up on the social media accounts shared by her partner. They commemorated their ten years of marriage by sharing a sweet photo of their wedding day, in which their son, Kai Godfroy, can be seen giving his mother a peck on the cheek.

The youngster is now an adult and recently celebrated his sixteenth birthday in September. Time sure does fly by. He is an avid fan of the band Sabaton, and in his spare time he enjoys playing the guitar. His eldest son and their family’s youngest child, Lennox, looked up to him as the best big brother possible, and his father commended him for it.

It is not a secret that the father and son have a strong connection to one another because they make it a priority to spend their free time together.

In point of fact, the 43-year-old man transforms into a child when he is with his children, as evidenced by the fact that they rode out on their dirt bikes over the summer.

In addition, they are able to make a sufficient amount of money to contribute to a number of charitable organizations on occasion. For example, she has volunteered her photography services to the Sick Kids Foundation for the past five years.

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Frankie Solarik Net Worth 2022

As of the year 2022, Frankie Solarik’s estimated net worth is still being calculated, but we anticipate that it will be in the millions of dollars.

It started around 2008 when he had the notion to build a cocktail bar named BarChef in order to bring his forward-thinking concepts to the forefront of people’s minds. When they were trying to figure out how to make a name for themselves in the industry, he and his business partner Christine Sismondo would hang out at other restaurants and snack on paninis.

Shortly after that, he established a cocktail program at Bymark, during which he accomplished the unthinkable: he squeezed fresh juices and muddled a mojito in the correct manner. As he acquired his current cooking skills, equipment, and a Chef’s philosophy of assuring the optimal production of components and materials, he developed a distinct personality from the other shops on the block. This contributed to his unique personality.

They begin by preparing syrups, bitters, and infusions from scratch with the intention of moving away from the traditional flavor profiles of liqueurs and components that can be purchased in stores.

The drinks are distinguished due to the addition of star anise, caraway, fennel seed, and green cardamom, all of which are fragrant spices. The intricacy and infusion of aromatic essential oils are not commonly found. They also made sure that the chefs and mixologists adhered to the practice while using a multi-sensorial approach to composition, which resulted in them being placed on the Gold List by Condé Nast Traveler Magazine for both 2018 and 2020.

After years of operating the business in Queen West, they have taken care not to dilute their importance, sitting within an environment like that of an alchemist’s laboratory in order to continue producing works of art of the highest quality.

His enrollment in Food and Wine magazine’s list of the top seven new and inventive bars in the world is testament to the fact that he is unquestionably one of the most well-known figures in the industry.

Many people consider him to be a pioneer of the progressive and refused approach to cocktails in Canada. As a result, he has been featured in major international news outlets such as The New York Times, National Geographic, Imbibe magazine, Sharp magazine, and CNN, all of which want to speak with him.

Simply based on his reputation, he was invited to be a judge on the most recent season of Top Chef Canada on The Food Network. In addition, other listed shows have his phone information programmed into their speed dials.

In addition to that, he has assisted other individuals in the process of writing a book called The Bar Chef: A Modern Approach to Cocktails, where he has provided them with helpful hints. Despite this, he avoided getting involved in the catering business.

As soon as his calendar is free, his business partners have high hopes of expanding the catering side of Barchef and testing their mettle in unexplored waters.

In addition, he receives calls from other countries asking him to do a speech in front of thousands of people to demonstrate his enthusiasm for the occupation.

Frankie Solarik Net Worth 2022

On Instagram, where he can be found under the handle frankiesolarik and where he has over 27,000 people following him, Frankie Solarik has an impressive following.

Because he does not mess around when it comes to flavor profiles, his platform serves as a showcase for his deepest loves. His favorite part of the process is working with the herbs and leaves while he sniffs the flowers around to get a feel for their fragrances.

Even though his job requires a significant portion of his time, he makes it a priority to spend quality time with his wife and two children in addition to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

He is a fan of Louis Armstrong and Led Zeppelin, and when he is at the bar doing a setup, he enjoys listening to his favorite songs by those artists.

Because he has blended the distinctive dark chef’s clothing with his attitude, he appears to have a higher level of professionalism. Due to the fact that he is one of the most expensive speakers available, he even wears the same clothes whenever he is performing in front of an audience.

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