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Melissa Linehan, Danny Fujikawa’s mother, recently made an appearance on HGTV’s Celebrity IOU alongside her upcoming son-in-law.

On Celebrity IOU, Kate Hudson surprised her future mother-in-law by renovating some of the patio space she shares with her.

On December 5, 2022, the fourth episode of Celebrity IOU Season 4 was broadcast for the first time, and viewers couldn’t wait to find out how Kate would thank her. The programme did undoubtedly take viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions.

For the benefit of those who aren’t aware, Celebrity IOU is a popular series on HGTV in which A-list celebrities from Hollywood shock their friends and family by giving them upgrades as a thoughtful gift. They want to convey their profound appreciation to their loved ones who have made a big contribution to their life.

Additionally, Kate took advantage of the occasion to convey her gratitude and affection for Melissa. She collaborated with Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott, two of the stars of the show Property Brothers, to put together a stunning makeover as a surprise for Linehan.

Kate wanted to show Melissa how grateful she was for the amazing makeover that the famous actress had given her backyard, so this was her method of expressing her appreciation.

Danny Fujikawa

Danny Fujikawa

Meet Danny Fujikawa Mother Melissa Linehan

The devoted mother of Danny Fujikawa, Melissa Linehan, is an educator who has now retired and brought up all of her children by herself.

Recently, she made an appearance on HGTV alongside her soon-to-be-daughter-in-law Kate Hudson.

Melissa is having a wonderful time spending her retirement years with her children, but she does require a more secure and functioning backyard in order to spend quality time with her grandchildren. Lineham had two broken ankles as a result of a recent incident that was not particularly serious; nonetheless, she is doing well and is recovering.

Her ancestry can be traced back to Scotland, Ireland, and Great Britain. She has a very special relationship with her granddaughter Rani Rose, who she inherited from Kate and Danny. According to what other people have said, Rose and her grandma enjoy singing and dancing together while they work in the vegetable garden.

Linehan’s children with her first husband, Ron Fujikawa, are named Michael and Brady in addition to their older brother, Danny. Both Michael and Danny were instrumental in the formation of the band known as “Chief.” Before disbanding, the band issued one extended play (EP) and one album.

Additionally, when Daddy and Kate have conflicting obligations, she watches over her grandchild on her own. Melissa is considered to be Rose’s “Grandma MuuMuu” by Rose.

In April of 2021, Melissa took care of her granddaughter Rose while Kate focused on her own self-care by engaging in activities such as stretching with hand weights. The video of the actress’s workout was posted to her Instagram account for all to see.

While Rose discovers a variety of workout equipment, Grandma MuuMuu can be seen in the background lavishing her full love and care on Rose. Kate reflected on the early clips in her journal, writing, “Thank God for Grandma (MuuMuu), otherwise I’d never get this in.”

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Kate Hudson’s works on future mother-in-law’s backyard in Celebrity IOU’s episode 4

Kate Hudson will be the next celebrity to use a sledgehammer for a charitable cause after Terry Crews. In the upcoming episode of Celebrity IOU, Kate will make over the backyard of Melissa Fujikawa, the mother of her fiance Danny Fujikawa, with the assistance of design professionals Drew and Jonathan Scott.

The brothers will spend the next month transforming Melissa’s backyard into a low-maintenance getaway that will include an outdoor fireplace, kitchen, bocce ball court, and refurbished casita that will be used as an art space. They will even work their magic on her garden and porch to make them look beautiful.

Kate is thrilled that the day has finally arrived for the demolition since, in her words, “demo is like a bucket list item” and she has “always wanted to take s—- down.”

In the preview, Kate utters these words as she and the brothers work to lower the porch to the ground:

You provided us with a lot of excellent shading, but unfortunately, you are no longer here.
In the preview, Hudson explains that she is “forever beholden to Melissa,” who is a retired educator, and that she also feels Melissa is “the most selfless woman.” These qualities inspired her to want to undergo the makeover.

In order for Melissa to be able to spend time with her grandchildren while she is mending from her two broken ankles, Kate wants to make Melissa’s backyard safer and more practical.

It’s not just the actress who’s assisting the brothers in their transformation, either. Her daughter Rani Rose, who is four years old and whom she shares with her fiance Danny, is also a member of the team that assists with the changes. Rani is seen digging in her grandma’s garden, stating she “loves gardening” at her house too. Even as they are working in the garden, Rani and Melissa enjoy breaking out into song and dance.

The introduction between Kate and Danny was made possible by the fact that his stepsisters are good friends with the actress. The two people began their relationship as friends, but they quickly discovered that there was something more to their connection. In May of 2017, they made their first appearance in public, and in 2018, they became parents to their first child, Rani.

Danny made his proposal to Kate in September of 2021, after the couple had been dating for almost five years. In addition to her daughter Rani, Kate is the mother of two other children: Ryder Robinson, who is 18 years old, with her former spouse Chris Robinson, and Bingham “Bing” Bellamy, who is 11 years old, with her former fiance Matt Bellamy.

On Monday, December 5, 2018, there will be a brand new episode of Celebrity IOU available to watch on HGTV. Additionally, you can watch the programme online via streaming using services such as Philo, DirecTV Stream, Sling TV, Fubo TV, YouTube TV, Vidgo, Spectrum TV, or Xfinity Choice TV. The episode is also available to stream on Hulu and Discover+, respectively.

Danny Fujikawa is a music composer and editor

Danny Fujikawa is a music composer and editor

Who is Danny Fujikawa?

Danny Fujikawa is a music composer and editor who resides in the United States and goes by the name Danny Fujikawa. In addition, he is known for his band “Chef,” which he departed to launch his own production company after achieving some degree of success. After becoming engaged to the well-known actress Kate Hudson, Danny Fujikawa found himself thrust into the public eye.

Name Danny Fujikawa
Date of birth 10th June 1986
Place of birth Los Angeles, California, United States
Age 36years old
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Mixed
Gender Male
Zodiac sign Gemini
Height 6feet 2inches
Weight 78kg
Education High School Graduate
Profession Musician, Social media personality
Famous for Being fiancé of Kate Hudson

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Physical Stats

Height (Approximate) in centimeters – 187.9 cms in meters – 1.879 meters in feet – 6’2”
Weight (Approximate) in pounds – 167.5 lbs in kilograms – 76 kg
Figure Measurements (Approximate) Chest Size – 31 inches  Waist Size – 28 inches Biceps Size -20  inches
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
danny fujikawa wife

danny fujikawa wife

Danny Fujikawa Marriage

At an awards show, Danny and Kate. The report said that the smart, attractive, and talented musician was dating the well-known actress Kate Hudson. In 2002, they met at a party that his step-sister Sara Foster had set up. Sara is Kate’s best friend. They worked together for a long time after that. In 2016, Denny asked Kate to be his life partner, and they have been together ever since. Last year, on September 13, Kate and Denny got engaged. They told people on social media that they were getting married.

On October 2, 2018, Kate and Danny will have their first child. Both were very shocked to find out they were going to have a daughter. Ryder Russell Robinson and Bingham Hawn Bellamy are Kate’s other two children from his first marriage. We all live together, and Denny loves his three children.

Kate Hudson surprises her future mother-in-law with a garden makeover on HGTV's Celebrity IOU

Kate Hudson surprises her future mother-in-law with a garden makeover on HGTV’s Celebrity IOU

Danny Fujikawa Career

Danny was very interested in music, so he chose to make a living out of it. When he was in high school, he decided to stop going to school and start working. At the start of his career, he used to make money by working in a local bar. It was a little hard for him to start a new job because of his family. After a few months at the bar “Lit Lounge,” he quit to focus on his career.

Danny changed what he did as an editor at work. Before that, he worked at “Swim Company” as a Project Manager. After a few months as a project manager, he joined a company as an assistant editor and stayed there for three years before leaving. After that, he was able to work on the crews of two movies, “Scumbag” and “Flat.” He was chosen to be in a TV show called “Noisemakers on Noisevox” in 2009, according to the most recent report. He had many other jobs, and now he works with his future wife, Kate Hudson.

Melissa's granddaughter, Rani Rose, calls her Moo Moo

Melissa’s granddaughter, Rani Rose, calls her Moo Moo

Danny Fujikawa Family

Danny was born in California, United States, to a wealthy family. Both of his parents were well-known figures in the country. Both Danny’s dad, Ron Fujikawa, and mom, Melissa Lenihan, were very strong people. People said that his father had known Rebecca Dyer for a long time. Ron died in 2012 because of his health.

Father Ron Fujikawa
Mother Melissa Lenihan
Siblings Michael Fujikawa, Brady Fujikawa
Step sister Sara Foster
Stepbrothers Erin Foster, Jordan Foster

There is nothing else that can be said about his mother. Danny’s family and he all believe in Christianity and have a good moral background. Brady Fujikawa and Michael Fujikawa are his brothers’ names.

He has three step-siblings, though. Their names are Sara Foster, Erin Foster, and Jordan Foster. They are all happy living together.

Kate Hudson with Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott

Kate Hudson with Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott


  • Danny was 1 when Brady was born.
  • Danny was 13 or 14 when Melissa & Ron got divorced.
  • Danny was 25 when Ron passed away.
  • Danny was 30 when he & Kate began dating.
  • Danny was 32 when Kate gave birth to Rani.
  • Danny was 35 when he & Kate got engaged.

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