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The principal characters in the Christmas anthology from Hallmark’s Bedtime Stories are played by Erin Cahill and Steve Lund.

The protagonist, Danielle, is a single mother who is forced to care for her daughter after the departure of her husband from the army and deployment to another country.

Because Danielle goes through a lot of hardships after her husband goes missing and is subsequently found to have passed away, she tells her daughter bedtime stories in order to keep her father’s memories alive for her daughter.

The upbeat and heartwarming film boasts magnificent urban surroundings that contribute to the development of the story and is bursting with the spirit of the festive season.

christmas bedtime stories

christmas bedtime stories

Details Of The Movie Christmas Bedtime Stories

Name Christmas Bedtime Stories
Director Alysse Leite-Rogers
Main Stars Charlie Weber, Erin Cahill and Steve Lund
Genres Drama Romance
Release Date October 29, 2022
Country Of Origin United States

Christmas Bedtime Stories Hallmark Cast

Christmas Bedtime Stories, the newest holiday movie directed by Erin Cahill, will make its debut on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on the evening of Saturday, October 29, 2022.

After the disappearance of her husband, the film’s main character is a young woman who is responsible for the upbringing of her daughter all by herself.

Erin Cahill plays the lead part, along with a number of other persons who will be acting in major supporting roles throughout the production.

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Erin Cahill As Danielle

Danielle, the main character of Christmas Bedtime Stories, is played by Erin Cahill in this production. As a result of the fact that her husband has vanished, she is now solely responsible for raising their child by herself.

Fans may be looking forward to Cahill delivering a stellar performance because she effortlessly and flawlessly depicts the fragility and sorrow of her character.

In addition to her appearance in Christmas Bedtime Stories, she is most known for her roles as Heather in How I Met Your Mother and Jen Scotts in Power Rangers: Time Force. Her acting resume also includes roles in films such as Resident Evil: Vendetta, Love on the Road, and Every Time a Bell Rings, in addition to a large number of other films.

Steve Lund As Pierce

In the movie, the role of Pierce is played by the actor Steve Lund. The sneak peek of the movie reveals that Pierce seems to have feelings of love and attraction for Danielle. In the preview, we get a glimpse of Danielle’s life and Lund, who appears to be rather exceptional and plays an important role in it.

The television shows Schitt’s Creek, Bitten, Street Legal, and Haven are just a few examples of those in which Steve Lund appeared. Canadian actor Steve Lund rose to prominence with his portrayal of Jake in the television series Schitt’s Creek and Nick Sorrentino in the film Bitten.

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Charlie Weber As Colby

Charlie Weber is the actor that plays the role of Colby, Danielle’s husband in the film. As a result of the fact that Colby has not been seen for some time and is assumed dead, Danielle is forced to bring up their daughter all by herself.

Weber has appeared as a cast member in a number of well-known legal thriller television shows, such as 90210, Underemployed, and How to Get Away with Murder. As They Made Us, Panama, and After We Collided are just a few of the movies that he has appeared in.

The following is a list of some of the other actors who appear in the movie playing supporting or small roles:

  • Alice Comer as Audrey
  • Victoria Dunsmore as Jane
  • Tegan Moss as Sophia Anderson
  • Ecstasia Sanders as Lisa Johnson
  • Sarah Kelley as SGT. Lena
  • Jerry Trimble as General Toby Anderson
  • Jamall Johnson as Rick
  • Michael Meneer as Aarons Lakeland
  • Dunya Ishola as Jenny Johnson – teen
  • Eliyah Grace Ann Drysdale as Jenny
  • Andrew Zachar as Henry
  • William Ford Hopkins as Tree Lot Worker
  • Yvonne Schalle as a Meteorologist
  • Scott Fee as a Newscaster

Christmas Bedtime Stories Hallmark Filming Locations, Release Date And Time

“Christmas Bedtime Stories” was shot in Canada, despite the fact that it takes place in a sleepy town in the United States of America. The majority of the movie was shot in Vancouver, which is located in the province of British Columbia, which is the most western province in Canada.

The principal filming for the project most likely began in April 2022 and continued through May 2022 before coming to a close.

Christmas Bedtime Stories will air as an original Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel this 2022

Christmas Bedtime Stories will air as an original Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel this 2022

Vancouver, British Columbia

The actors and crew of “Christmas Bedtime Stories” shot their movie in a number of different sites across the city of Vancouver, which is a port city located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

A handful of the film’s scenes were shot in and around the Coal Harbour district, which is situated along the bay that divides the Downtown Peninsula of Vancouver from Stanley Park’s Brockton Point. This bay also serves as the boundary between the two areas of the city. One of the most important cities in North America for the production of motion pictures is Vancouver.

It is a popular location for the filming of many mid-budget movies and television programs because it is known as “Hollywood North” and it boasts a number of top-notch production facilities, talented actors, and a tax credit of up to 35% for local productions. In addition, it has earned the nickname “Hollywood North.”

Christmas Bedtime Stories Release Date And Time

Christmas Bedtime Stories will make its premiere as an original Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel production for the 2022 holiday season on Saturday, October 29, 2022, at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST). It will be released around the same time as other holiday movies including “A Maple Valley Christmas” and “We Need a Little Christmas.”

Some FAQs

When Will The Movie Christmas’ Bedtime Stories Release?

On October 29, 2022, the film Christmas Bedtime Stories will be released in theaters.

Who is the main cast of Christmas Bedtime Stories?

Charlie Weber, Erin Cahill, and Steve Lund are going to be starring as the primary characters in Christmas Bedtime Stories.

Where was Christmas Bedtime Stories filmed?

Canada served as the location for the filming of Christmas Bedtime Stories.

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