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Caleb Oyelowo: Who Is He? Information Regarding David Oyelowo’s Son

One of David Oyelowo’s four adoring kids is the British actor, producer, and director Caleb Oyelowo. David Oyelowo is a native of the UK.

David received significant acclaim for his portrayal of the legendary Martin Luther King in the 2014 box office sensation “Selma.” He has received a number of renowned awards and medals in recognition of his substantial contributions to the entertainment industry.

Among the awards he has previously won are two NAACP Image Awards and a Critics’ Choice Award. Additionally, he has been nominated for honors including the Screen Actors Guild Award, the Golden Globe Award, the BAFTA Award, and the Primetime Emmy Award.

David was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2016 in honor of the services he has made to theater over the years. He received a lot of praise from critics for his performances in the drama movie Selma (2014) and the HBO film Nightingale (2014).

David has appeared on television in the roles of Javert in the well-known BBC miniseries Les Misérables and Danny Hunter, an MI5 agent, in the British television drama series Spooks (2002–2004). In the UK, Spooks lasted from 2002 to 2004. (2018). He has provided the voices for a variety of other characters in addition to acting.

He provided the voice of Agent Alexsandr Kallus for the Lucasfilm-produced animated television series Star Wars Rebels (2014-2018). In addition, he rose to fame for his performances as Louis Gaines in The Butler and Robert Katende in Queen of Katwe (2016).

Over the course of his career, David has performed authoritative parts in a range of movies and television shows. The actor is dedicated to making his characters come to life on film, but he is even more dedicated to being a fantastic parent to his four adorable children.

David Oyelowo

David Oyelowo

What Is Caleb Oyelowo’s Age?

It is plausible to presume that Caleb Oyelowo is between the ages of 17 and 19 based on his appearance and general disposition. He entered the globe following the arrival of his musical sibling Asher Yelo, his older brother.

The cheery six-person family’s residence is in Tarzana, a city in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley. On July 20, 2016, David and his wife Jessica were granted naturalization as Americans. After appearing in the 2014 movie Selma, the actor was inspired to apply for citizenship in the United States.

The majority of the pictures their parents have shown them show Caleb with a range of funny expressions on his face. On June 21, 2021, Jessica shared a photo of her family along with a caption wishing her husband a happy Father’s Day. Caleb, Jessica’s son, can be seen grinning widely and making a silly face in the photo.

The age of David Oyelowo is 46.

The father of Caleb, David, was born in the English county of Oxfordshire in Orford on April 1st, 1975. At the moment, David is 46 years old. He was raised in the Baptist religion by his Nigerian-born parents.

While his father is from Oyo State in western Nigeria, his mother is from Edo State in the country of Nigeria’s south. In South London’s Tooting Bec, David lived for the first six years of his life. David’s family moved to Lagos, Nigeria when he was six years old when his mother accepted a position with a railway company and his father accepted a position with the national airlines.

Age of Jessica Oyelowo

Jessica, Caleb’s gorgeous mother, was born in 1978, making her forty-four at this time. She was born in Ipswich, but spent her formative years in Suffolk, England. She joined the National Youth Music Theatre while she was a student at Woodbridge School. She afterwards pursued a career as an actor.

She became well-known as an actor and singer because to her portrayal as Detective Sergeant Alex Jones in the British television detective drama comedy series Mayo. Jessica co-starred in the television series Murphy’s Law with James Nesbitt, a Northern Irish actor and television host.

The ensemble cast of the sitcom Murphy’s Law includes, among others, Del Synnott, Claudia Harrison, Owan Tale, Nesbitt, Mark Benton, Sarah Berger, Georgia Mackenzie, Michael Fassbender, and Larry Lamb. The show was created by Colin Bateman.

Images from the Instagram account of Caleb Oyelowo

Caleb Oyelowo is usually featured in the gorgeous family photos that his parents, David and Jessica Oyelowo, post on social media.

Recently, David published a couple images that he had taken while on holiday with his family in Berlin, Germany. Along with that, he revealed a small area where his kids were seen having fun with one another. He shared a photo of himself with his four kids—three sons and a daughter—on social media on June 20 in observance of Father’s Day.

“Being a dad is one of the nicest things that’s ever happened to me,” the actor wrote as the post’s caption. Jessica, thank you so much for introducing us to these four great people. David also never misses a chance to share photos of his sons’ workouts on Instagram. He is always there to support his sons when they go to the gym.

Parents of Caleb Oyelowo

David and Jessica Oyelowo are such fantastic parents, therefore Caleb Oyelowo is really blessed to have them. They gave him a nurturing and loving upbringing, together with his two sisters and one brother.

The start of David’s stage career was in 1999. Ben Jonson made the actor an offer to play the part of Volpone for an entire season with the Royal Shakespeare Company. He performed the title part in both Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra and the play Oroonolo.

David and Jessica’s marriage officially began in the year 1998. The fact that the couple can coexist happily and successfully despite the fact that interracial marriages are still seen very badly in the corporate world suggests that there are probably other people who can do the same.

The actor met the future love of his life when he was 19 years old and still enrolled in theater school. At the time, Jessica was 18 years old. The instant David saw the woman who would become his wife on stage at the National Youth Theatre, he fell in love.

He had already gotten engaged to the lady he loved when he was only twenty. David regularly claims that his wife is the only person who truly understands him. The majority of his career decisions are made with Jessica’s help, including his first one as a director in The Water Man.

Meet the siblings of Caleb Oyelowo

The couple’s first child together is Asher Yelp. In the spring of 2020, he graduated from the university and is now enjoying himself with his family.

He is a musician, and his Instagram handle is “asheryelo,” making it easy to contact him there. Through his 196 social media posts, the young musician has amassed a following of over 14.1 thousand individuals. Additionally, his father regularly uses his Instagram account to promote his son’s creations.

David said on June 9 that his son Asher had been shortlisted for a Denniz Pop Award (Rookie International Award). The thrilled father published the video on Instagram along with a message expressing his pride in his son.

The couple also has two younger children in addition to Caleb and Asher. He has a son named Penuel in addition to Zoe, his youngest daughter. The actor acknowledged in one of his Instagram posts that he took involved in the making of Peter Rabbit 2 partly at his daughter’s pleading.

What About Caleb Oyelowo’s Girlfriend?

Since Caleb Oyelowo has not revealed any details about his personal life, it is safe to presume that he is single. He is also too young to be in a relationship and is putting all of his attention into his studies.

Asher, his older brother, is currently attempting to pursue a career in music. After announcing his desire to pursue an acting career, fans are eager to see Caleb in front of the camera. He is expected to make his debut very soon, supported by his parents’ undying love and support.

Caleb Oyelowo’s Educational and Career Prospects

Caleb Oyelowo probably finished his academic coursework and is getting ready to start his professional career. His father revealed that he wanted to pursue an acting profession in one of his Instagram posts.

Additionally, David took him to the school where he had been educated. Most of the time, from the moment of birth, children take inspiration and ideas from their parents. Many people aspire to continue their parents’ legacy and walk in their parents’ shoes.

It’s not surprising that Caleb is so passionate about theater and wants to become an actor like his father. We should soon get to see him on the big screen, according to predictions. His parents are both well-known celebrities in their own right, and he was born into a family of artistically gifted individuals.

Additionally, his mother Jessica, a talented vocalist, is where his artist brother inherited his musical ability. He has composed a number of songs, including There Ain’t Nobody, Go Backwards, In This Ocean, This Will Heal, and Say It Back.

David Oyelowo's Wife

David Oyelowo’s Wife

Quick Facts

Full Name Caleb Oyelowo
Parents David Oyelowo, Jessica Oyelowo
Brother Asher, Penuel
Sister Zoe
Grandparents Stephen Oyelowo
Famous as Celebrity kid
Instagram @prince_oyelowo


Who Are Caleb Oyelowo Parents?

His Parents Are David & Jessica Oyelowo.

How Old Is Caleb Oyelowo?

David & Jessica Oyelowo’s Son Is Currently In His Teenage Years.

Does Caleb Oyelowo Have A Girlfriend?

Currently Caleb Is Single.

What Does Caleb Oyelowo Do?

As Of Now He Is A Student, But He Want To Pursue A Career In Acting.

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