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Asher Yasbincek will play Harper McLean in the eight-episode Australian young adult television series Heartbreak High as part of a groundbreaking Netflix relaunch.

Yasbincek’s role on Heartbreak High is surely not his first. Here are all the specifics you need to know about Asher Yasbincek after she became well-known for playing Rose in the critically acclaimed ABC drama The Heights.

Asher Yasbincek, a Perth native, binge-watched the majority of the original series after finding out she would be portraying the troubled young Harper. I watched until season six,” she claims. “Like the original, my character has a lot of bite to it.”

Asher Yasbincek

Asher Yasbincek

Some Quick Facts:

Name Asher Yasbincek
Birth Place Perth, Western Australia
Ethnicity Caucasian
Profession Actress
In Limelight Heartbreak High
Instagram @asheryasbincek

Who Is Asher Yasbincek Plays Harper On Heartbreak High?

Asher Yasbincek, an Australian actress, was born and reared in Perth, Western Australia. She is very passionate about acting. Since making her acting debut in 2019, she has been putting a lot of effort into realizing her dream of being an actress.

She found popularity playing Rose in the TV series The Heights from 2019 to 2020. When she was granted the chance to portray the recurring role for the first time, she quickly became a fan favorite.

The supporting role of Sally was played by Yasbincek in the comedy/drama Rams. In a brief appearance in the year 2022 episode of The Wilds, she played Julia. She played Chloe in the movie How to Please a Woman as well.

In the Netflix series Heartbreak High, Asher Yasbincek plays Harper alongside Ayesha Madon, James Majoos, and Chloe Hayden. Amerie routinely battles with Harper, an obnoxious high schooler (played by Ayesha Madon).

In an interview with, the Australian actress said she will always adore her ideal character, Harper. According to her, filming for the well-known Netflix series has been the most exhilarating experience of her life.

Yasbincek has learned a lot from the chances she’s taken in the entertainment industry. As an actor, she says she is developing patience. She is aware of how important it was for her to battle to accomplish her goals.

Asher Yasbincek Upcoming Psychological Series, Riptide

Yasbincek will appear in the upcoming psychological suspense series Riptide. The drama series was filmed in Melbourne. Production on the four-part series, which started in early August, ended on August 22, 2022.

She performs in the play alongside David Berry, Jo Joyner, and Peter O’Brien. The program was created jointly by Network 10 and Channel 5.

In late 2022, it is expected to make its debut on Network 10 and the original network Channel 5 (UK) (Australia). The cast was made public on July 14, 2022, according to Wikipedia. Alison is portrayed by British actress Jo Joyner.

She described Alison as “a caring and complex heroine whose world was tipped upside down, just when it felt like her life was finally coming together” since Peter O’Brien is a part of the main cast.

Additional cast members include Ben Turland, Ciarán Griffiths, David Berry, Ally Fowler, Pia Miranda, Asher Yasbincek, Yazeed Daher, Benjamin Samaddar, and Sonya Suares.

The Actress Asher Yasbincek

The Actress Asher Yasbincek

10 Facts You Don’t Know About The Actress Asher Yasbincek

Asher Yasbincek, a well-known Australian actress, currently resides there.

She is now single and has not released any information about her relationships.

She has already acted in numerous movies, such as ROSE, THE HEIGHTS, HOW TO PLEASE A WOMAN, and many more.

She stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 55 kilograms.

Asher was reared with her family and friends in Perth, Western Australia, where she was born.

She now works for major corporations like Netflix and ABC.

The actress is very active on social media, going by the handle @asheryasbincek.

Asher Yasbincek plays Harper McLean in Heartbreak High.

She became well-known for her portrayal of Rose in the Emmy-winning drama The Heights on ABC.

Since making her acting debut in 2019, she has been putting a lot of effort into realizing her dream of being an actress.

Who Is Asher Yasbincek?

The actor Asher Yasbincek, who plays Harper in the Heartbreak High Netflix Reboot, is not yet included on Wikipedia, despite the fact that she is currently working on the project. Read this article to find out more information about her.

The Australian actress Asher Yasbincek is best known for her roles in the films The Heights and Rams 2020.

Despite being relatively new to the entertainment business, the actress has already won the admiration and affection of a great number of people.

In addition, IMDB reports that Yasbincek is in negotiations to film a television series for the American streaming service Amazon, and that her part in the project will be revealed in the latter half of 2021.

Asher Yasbincek Age: How Old Is She?

It would appear that Asher Yasbincek is between the ages of 20 and 30 at the present time.

The city of Perth, which is located in Western Australia, is where the actress spent her childhood. Despite this, the real age of Asher as well as the date he was born cannot be found anywhere on the internet.

On the other hand, there is not a great deal of background material regarding Yasbincek that can be found on the internet because she has not yet spoken publicly about that issue to the media.

Asher Yasbincek Boyfriend And Parents Details

Asher Yasbincek had been silent on her lover and her parents throughout this entire conversation.

Yasbincek comes out as more of a reclusive individual who has maintained the confidentiality of his personal life matters.

Because of this, the identities of the actress’s parents and other members of her family have been kept hidden from the general public. In addition, it is possible that she is single because she has not yet presented her lover on any of her social media sites.

It’s possible that she’s trying to safeguard the privacy of those closest to her by keeping them out of the spotlight and out of the picture. It’s possible that Asher will soon introduce her family to her legion of devoted followers and admirers.

Meet Asher Yasbincek On Instagram

Instagram is a sort of social media that Asher Yasbincek uses and engages with on a regular basis.

On Instagram, the actress can be found posting under the handle @cheapplayboyperfume. As of right now, she has 749 followers, and she has made 184 posts.

On Asher’s social media platform, you can frequently find postings about her lifestyle as well as other casual content. In the same vein, she has marketed Heartbreak High through the use of her stories on Instagram.

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