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Ekin Su and Davide from Love Island UK are still dating and living together. In 2022, Love Island was won by Ekin Su and Davide.

During the Love Island series, the two of them became a fan favorite. They won the show because fans voted for them.

But some people wonder if they are still together, and their fans are glad to hear that their relationship is stronger than ever.

Ekin Su And Davide

Ekin Su And Davide

Are Ekin Su And Davide Still Dating?

Yes, after Love Island season 8 ended, Ekin Su and Davide are still together. Davide asked her to move in with him in October.

They were busy with their lives and hadn’t found a place to live yet. But when they went out to dinner, he surprised her by asking her to move in with him.

The 27-year-old businessman sent her a cute video in which he asked her to move in with him. Daily Mail says that Ekin-Su also said that she would live with him.

The two of them met on Love Island, where they gave viewers a lot of fun and drama to watch. They made a lot of people happy, which helped them win the show.

In an interview with Ok! Magazine, she said that dating in the public eye is hard. Their relationship is still pretty new, and she told them it’s very important to trust each other and talk to each other the right way.

There were rumors about him online when he was seen in a car on a night out with two mysterious women. In response to those online rumors, she said that he was her man and that she could trust him.

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Dates for Ekin Su and Davide’s relationship

The reality couple met in the villa of Love Island series 8. Just a few days after her boyfriend broke up with her, she came out of nowhere.

They got along quickly, but it took a few glances away from each other before they realized they liked each other.

When they got back together for the fourth time, they decided to give each other a chance. The bosses decided to set up a date for the two of them outside the villa, in a vineyard. She told him she needed more time to get to know him and that she wanted a second chance.

When Adam Collard came into their lives, they fought again, and the reality star said he couldn’t trust her enough yet. But they worked it out like adults and decided to get back together at the sixth ceremony.

After that, he asked her to make their relationship exclusive by preparing her an Italian Tiramasu in which he wrote “Be Mine” in Italian, and she quickly agreed. Before the finals, they also met each other’s family members, and both sets of parents were fine with it.

In August, they were named the winners, and they took home £50,000.

Ekin Su And Davide

Ekin Su And Davide

After Love Island, Getting Together

The reality star celebrated her 28th birthday with him on August 21. In September, there were rumors that he was cheating on her, but she put those rumors to rest by saying she trusted her man.

On October 4, it was announced that they would have a show called “Ekin-Su & Davide: Homecomings.” In this show, they will take two once-in-a-lifetime trips to Italy and Turkey to visit their homes.

Reality asked her to move in with her for a romantic dinner in the middle of October, and she said yes. Before their show came out, they took a break in Dubai and had a great time.

In October, when she talked to the press about their relationship, she was asked about rumors that they were getting married. She said that they both want it to happen at the right time, not just to hurry. She said they would definitely get married, maybe in two or three years.

She also talked about how she felt about getting married. She said that they could rush to get married and split up in a month, or they could get married and stay together for a long time. She said that it should be done at the right time.

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Who is Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu dating?

Since leaving the ITV2 show in August 2022, Ekin-Su and Davide are still going strong as of November 2022.

Davide was a business owner in Manchester before he joined the show.

After he quit his job as a financial worker, he started the company S Deluxe Shisha.

Since they lived in the villa, there have been a lot of rumors about their relationship, but the Turkish model and actress have said that they are still very much together.

She has, however, talked about how hard it has been for her to date in the public eye.

She said to OK! : “I’ve learned that you have to trust your boyfriend or girlfriend because it’s hard to do otherwise in public.

“Especially when people make up rumors or say things they haven’t seen or heard, or when things look different in a picture than they do in real life.

“All you need to do is talk to your partner, trust them, and keep your relationship private.”

Ekin Su And Davide

Ekin Su And Davide

Ekin Su Bio

Ekin Su was born in Islington, London, on August 21, 1994. Her mother, Sezer, is Turkish, and she has a younger brother named Arda.

At age 10, she moved to Loughton, Essex. Cülcülolu comes from Turkey, and she lives in both Essex and Istanbul. In 2011, Cülcülolu competed for Ireland in the Miss Asia Pacific World pageant. [6] She took part in a few more beauty contests before going to the University of Central Lancashire to study performing arts. She graduated in 2015. Susie Hayzel, Su Hayzel, and Su Ekin Cülcülolu were some of the names she used when she first started performing.

In 2020, Cülcülolu was cast in the Turkish TV show Kuzey Yldz lk Aşk. She played Işl, a photographer from London who saves the life of Kuzey (smail Demirci), the main character.

She also played a serial killer in a soap opera from Turkey.

Cülcülolu took part in the eighth season of Love Island in June 2022.

She was a “bombshell” when she walked into the villa on Day 3. She and Davide Sanclimenti both won the series. After they won, they were the stars of a travel show on ITV2. In September 2022, she made a deal with the clothing store Oh Polly to become their brand ambassador. A month later, it was said that Cülcülolu would be on the 15th season of Dancing on Ice in 2023.

Ekin-Su and Davide talk about their new show in great detail

Who wins Love Island in 2022 Ekin-Su and Davide’s new two-part series, Ekin-Su & Davide: Homecomings, takes them to Italy and Turkey.

Now, the couple has talked to and other press about what we can expect from the series and what surprised them the most on their trip.

The couple said that in one episode of the show, they spend the night in a caravan. Davide said that the experience taught him something about Ekin-Su that he “didn’t expect.”

Davide said, “I didn’t think she’d be the kind of girl who could come with me. You know, I met her in the villa, and sometimes you might think, ‘Oh, maybe she only likes the high life, like fancy restaurants and hotels.’ But then you find out that she’s just as simple as I am.”

He kept going: “She likes simple things, so we just grilled some meat and camped like any normal couple. So, I think we got to know each other better and like each other more after this road trip.”

When Ekin-Su was asked what she found most difficult about the show, she said that the constant filming was sometimes hard for her.

She told me: “Everything was always being filmed. We wanted it to be as real as possible so that everyone could see everything and it would look like we were living a normal life. We wanted to take everyone on a journey with us, so, you know, couples can get tired and fight sometimes.

“I’m sure you’ll see us disagreeing on something in episode 1 or 2, but that’s fine, we just laugh it off. That’s how every relationship is, and I think it’s good that people can see it. But obviously, that doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean we’re bad. It just means, “Well, if we’re having a reality show right now, they’re going to see everything.””

What will Ekin-Su and Davide do while they are on the road?

ITV has told what the two reality stars will be doing on their trip together. First of all, Davide and Ekin-Su will go back to Frosinone, Italy, where Davide grew up.

Before they get there, the two will take a quick tour of Verona, which Shakespeare fans will recognize as the city of love made famous in Romeo and Juliet. Then, they will go through the valley of Tuscany before heading to Istanbul, Turkey.

There, Ekin-Su will introduce Davide to some of her fellow actors. After that, the two will take an eight-hour trip in a campervan to Ekin-family Su’s village, Odemis. During their trips, we’ll meet the couple’s family and friends and see what Turkey and Italy have to offer.

The two seemed to have a good time on the road. Davide said this about their best parts: “Well, I loved my time in the Turkish bath. It’s very warm inside, and then you get a massage. I felt calm after it, and I would tell anyone to do it. We also had a lovely romantic dinner in Italy. The candles and pretty lights made us think of our last date in the Love Island Villa.”

Ekin-Su added: “Yes, I really enjoyed that date, too. I think you should go to the country in Italy. I liked Davide’s hometown because one day I want to live in the country because it would be so peaceful. I would love to grow my own fruits and vegetables. I would also own my own wine bar.”

ITV2’s Head of Reality Commissioning and Controller, Paul Mortimer, said: “We can’t wait for ITV2 to get this great show. As the couple goes on two epic adventures together in Turkey and Italy, we can expect more romance, laughter, fun, and everything in between.”

When does the ITV show Ekin-Su & Davide Homecomings air?

Ekin-Su & Davide Homecomings will be shown on ITV2 at 9pm on Monday, November 28 and Tuesday, November 29.

Lifted Entertainment’s Creative Director, Mike Spencer, said: “We’re thrilled to be working with Davide and Ekin-Su on this really exciting new ITV2 show.

“Ekin-Su and Davide both won the hearts of the country on this season of Love Island, so we can’t wait for viewers to see what they’ve been up to since the show ended.”

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