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Ansu Fati: Who Is He? Know About Spanish’s Player Family- Six Siblings And Parents

Ansu Fati is a forward for the Spanish national team. He competes for both the Spain national team and La Liga Barcelona.

He is ready to make his Barcelona debut against Elche. One of the gifted athletes at Barcelona’s renowned La Masia academy is Fati.

After Lionel Messi left Barça, he even received the #10 jersey, making his debut in 2018. He didn’t play much, though, in the 2020–21 season because of ongoing injury problems.

He played for the local side of Herrera and Sevilla’s youth teams prior to joining La Masia in Barcelona in 2012. On July 24, 2019, he agreed to his first professional deal with Barcelona.

He is regarded by many experts as one of the most gifted and promising young players in the entire globe. He is a versatile attacker because he can play in any attacking position.

Ansu Fati

Ansu Fati

Ansu Fati Siblings: Meet His Brothers And Sisters

Ansu Fati grew raised in Herrera, Seville, alongside his five siblings. His older brother Braima Fati has also joined Sevilla as a football player.

Additionally, Miguel Fati, his other sibling, plays football. The three sisters that Ansu has are Djuco, Djeny, and Anjela.

Just a year after joining La Masia, in 2011, Braima was joined by Ansu. Braima struggled to advance after joining Barcelona B in 2017, though, and he eventually started taking regular loans.

Ansu’s nine years old Brother Miguel Fati Is Attending La Masia

By 2022, Miguel Fati, the younger brother of the football player, will be almost ten years old. He’s been going to La Masia.

He then began training with Thiago Messi until August 2021. Thiago, the son of Lionel Messi, is friends with Miguel and they are both the same age.

Online footage of Miquel and his brother Ansu demonstrate some of their football prowess.

More information on the Spanish footballer Alejandro Garnacho, who was selected for Argentina’s preliminary squad by Manchester United.

Who Are the Parents of Ansu Fati?

His parents welcomed him into the world on October 31, 2002. His mother, Lurdes Fati, worked as a cleaner, while his father, Boji Fati, was formerly a driver.

In his family, he is the second kid. In his own nation, a civil war began just four years after Fati was born.

The battle feared for his parents’ children’s security. As a result, his father left Bori and relocated to Guinea-Bissau in quest of better opportunities elsewhere.

Ansu Fati's Family

Ansu Fati’s Family

Childhood Story of Ansu Fati: Early Years and Family Background

Anssumane Ansu Fati was born on October 31, 2002, in Bissau, the capital of Guinea-Bissau, West Africa, to his mother Lurdes Fati, a housekeeper, and his father Boji Fati, a former driver.

Ansu Fati’s homeland experienced a civil war for four years before to his birth. A year after his birth, in 2003, there was a military takeover that came following this.

His nation was left in tatters by the coup, which also made poverty more pervasive. Because of their concern for their children’s future, Ansu Fati’s parents forced Bori’s dad to leave Guinea-Bissau in quest of a better life abroad.

When Bori initially arrived in Europe, he tried unsuccessfully to start a football career in one of the lower leagues.

While still in Portugal, Bori overheard a rumour that an immigrant-friendly municipality in Spain called Marinaleda was hiring. To accept the position, Ansu’s father hurriedly departed Portugal for Spain.

Sadly, his luck ran out in Spain when Bori started scrounging for food on the streets of Marinaleda.

Just a few months later, Bori Fati had the chance to meet Seville’s mayor Marinaleda, who hired him to be his driver.

The Major of Marinaleda made the decision to assist Bori in transporting his wife and children (including Ansu) from Guinea-Bissau to Spain after impressing his supervisor with his humility and diligence.

When he was six years old, Ansu Fati, his mother, his brothers (Braima and Miguel), and his sister (Fati Djucu) migrated to Spain.

Education and career development for Ansu Fati

Although he was forced to leave his low-paying job early in order to look for greater prospects in Portugal, where he likewise struggled to succeed, forcing him to retire.

Bori found it difficult to adjust to retirement after moving to Spain. He made the choice to suggest to his sons—including Ansu—becoming football players.

2009 was a big year for Spanish football since Real Madrid signed Cristiano Ronaldo. Ansu Fati, a Real Madrid supporter at the time, idolised the superstar and followed every aspect of the team’s operations. Simply put, he used to be a fan of Ronaldo.

His older brother, Braima, was far ahead in the game while he was still learning it. The first member of their family to achieve athletic success was Ansu’s older brother Braima Fati, who cleared trials and was recruited by Sevilla FC.

Ansu set an excellent example by participating in trials with Sevilla and other local clubs due to his love for the game. While Sevilla FC’s performance faltered, he was accepted by the Herrera local club.

Before finally being hired by Sevilla FC, Ansu Fati spent a season with Herrera. He was so talented that academy scouts from Real Madrid and FC Barcelona competed to sign him. His words are;


Sevilla left Ansu without playing football for a year due to transfer issues brought on by losing their main player. This didn’t cause him to give up on his ambition to become a professional.

FC Barcelona academy-Le Masia had to take measures in response to secure the youngster without a club. Ansu Fati, a nine-year-old boy, was given the foundation he needed to launch his career.

Ansu Fati quickly made an impression at FC Barcelona’s illustrious La Masia programme. Have you heard? Before life got in the way and Takefusa Kobo, aka The Japanese Messi, joined Real Madrid, they were teammates.

Best buddies and top scorers at the academy on multiple occasions were the two children (seen below). They had no idea that they would start competing before turning 20.

Biography of Ansu Fati: The Rise to Fame

Even before he turned the age of adolescence, Ansu Fati made an effect on La Masia.

The lowest point of Ansu’s young career occurred right as he was about to demonstrate his value as a captain. He broke both of his legs horribly.

Ansu Fati suffered a shattered tibia and fibula in his right leg as a result of a hard tackle from a Espanyol defender in December 2015.

He was obliged to sit out for ten months and spend a lot of time in the hospital as a result. As his little brother recovered, Braima took on the role of the big brother by staying by his side.

Bio of Ansu Fati: The Success Story

The majority of fans who are familiar with Ansu Fati would concur that his leg break most likely marked his career’s turning point.

Ansu Fati’s resolve didn’t waver while he was still in his hospital bed, and he returned healthy and ready to argue his case as opposed to disintegrating.

He experienced a recent spectacular climb to fame and is now one of FC Barcelona’s academy’s most sought-after recruits.

Ansu Fati dominated youth football and carried that momentum into adulthood. He agreed to a term through 2022 when he signed his first professional contract with the FC Barcelona senior team on July 24, 2019.

Everyone in his family started getting excited for his entrance at this point, right after he made his new contact.


Ansu Fati, who was 16 at the time, was still waiting while he was prohibited from playing football after 9 o’clock at night by Spanish law.

Regulations in Spain state that clubs must obtain parental permission before using young players in night matches.

Ernesto Valverde, the manager of Barcelona, decided to give Ansu Fati a chance because Ousmane Dembele and Luis Suarez were both injured. Fortunately for the Guinea Bissau lad, his parents approved of his leaving to go chance the night and pursue his goals.

Ansu Fati’s Personal Life

To succeed in life, you don’t need to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth. These remarks had a significant impact on Ansu Fati and every member of his family shown below.

Bori, the father of Ansu Fati, once broke down in tears as he talked about his son’s first competitive game for Barcelona.

“Now I can die today,” he said. Even if I die now, my life is complete. Following his son’s debut, Bori makes a statement to a local radio station. In contrast to his wife (Ansu Fati’s mother), who keeps a low profile, he appears frequently in the media.

About the Brothers of Ansu Fati

All of Ansu Fati’s brothers, notably Braima, his elder brother, Miguel, his younger brother by one year, and Miguel, the youngest, are football players as well, though not to the same degree as Ansu.

Both currently attend FC Barcelona’s La Masia programme. It is certain that charming Miguel (seen below) was born in Spain based on his age and the period of time that Ansi Fati’s family lived there before emigrating.

Apart from Braima, Ansu’s older brother, the other brothers all participate in FC Barcelona’s renowned La Masia academy. At the time of writing, the loving older brother Braima is on loan at Calahorra.

About the sister of Ansu Fati

Ansu Fati’s stunning sister is Djucu. Her age difference with her brother Ansu could be one or two years. Djucu celebrates her birthday each year on January 20th, at least according to her Instagram account.

Ansu Fati Style of Living

For Fati, there is in fact a distinct distinction between enjoying oneself and playing football.

Ansu Fati enjoys relaxing in Ibiza and other stunning locations in Spain when football seasons end. He is often spotted having a solitary ride on a yacht and canoe.

Ansu has the self-control to follow the budget. For instance, he only rides non-power motorcycles and mediocre autos.

He is also not averse to putting in the effort necessary to improve his family’s financial situation.

Quick Facts:

Birth Name Anssumane Fati Vieira
Known As Ansu Fati
Date Of Birth 31 October 2002
Age 19
Birth Date Bissau, Guinea-Bissau
Occupation Football Player
Position Forward
Height 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Current Team Barcelona
Number 10

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