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On October 13, 2012, at sunset in Los Angeles, Alfonso Ribeiro wed his wife Angela Unkrich. The couple will celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary this year.

actor, director, and television host of American descent Maxwell Stanton in In the House, Carlton Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on NBC, and Alfonso Spears in the comedy Silver Spoons were all played by Alfonso Lincoln Ribeiro.

After 15 years on ABC, Tom Bergeron stepped down as host of America’s Funniest Home Videos, and he was replaced by him. The television shows Dance 360, Catch 21 on GSN, and Spell-Mageddon on ABC Family all have Ribeiro as their host.

He also took part in the 13th season of the British reality competition I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! and portrayed The Tap Dance Kid, the lead role in the Broadway show. Ribeiro won Season 19 of Dancing with the Stars with professional partner Witney Carson.

He is well-known for the role of Caltron in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” in which he frequently struggles with relationships with women. Love has never been his cup of tea, but in real life, Ribeiro is quite different. The couple has been married for ten years and the man is the picture of romanticism. As a result, among his supporters, there is great mystique around his ideal woman. What you should know about Angela Unkrich is given below.

Alfonso Ribeiro's wife Angela Unkrich

Alfonso Ribeiro’s wife Angela Unkrich

Quick Facts About Angela Unkrich’s

Age 42 years
Height 1.64m
Weight 50 kgs
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Blonde
Religion Christian
Birthday February 4th
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Marriage date December 2012

Who Is Angela Unkrich? Meet Alfonso Ribeiro’s Wife

The story goes that Alfonso and Angela first met at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, in 2011. Alfonso made contact, but Angela didn’t seem interested, to the point that she also referred to him as a stalker. She acknowledged that she was unaware of the star at the time. Later, her main concern was to avoid contact with anyone connected to the entertainment industry as much as possible.

Unkrich is a multifaceted individual who is not only qualified to be referred to as a famous spouse. She works as an influencer, blogger, writer, and performer. She manages a well-kept home while also working and striking the ideal balance between her family and job.

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How Old Is Angela Unkrich?

The age of Angela Unrich is 41. She is a devoted Aquarius and was born on February 4th, 1981. According to her horoscope, the social media sensation is extraordinary, progressive, independent, intelligent, and optimistic.

Alfonso, her actor spouse, is 50 years old in contrast. He was born in The Bronx, New York, in the United States, on September 21, 1971. He was born in New York City’s Riverdale neighborhood of The Bronx to Afro-Trinidadian parents. His paternal grandpa was a Trinidadian calypsonian of African and Portuguese descent who sang under the stage name Lord Hummingbird.

As a result, Angela and Alfonso are 10 years apart in age. Despite the distance, they get along great and seem like a model couple for many people who are attempting to maintain their relationships.

What Is Angela Unkrich’s Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of Angela Unkrich is $1.5 million, according to She has accrued the sum during the course of her acting, blogging, and social media influencer careers. She shares her life path with her fans on Instagram, where she maintains a high level of activity. She takes sure to highlight everything in her own unique style, from her children’s playdates to her husband’s modest to major accomplishments.

She is active on the platform with the verified handle @mrsangelaribeiro1. Her audience can embrace information pertaining to travel, wellness, health, and homeschooling, according to her bio. To sum up, Unkrich makes money through internet interaction and brand sponsorships.

She has appeared on TV shows like Para Verônica (For Her) (2019), I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! (2002), and Celebrity Family Feud as a television personality (2008).

She has undoubtedly earned the aforementioned sum through her job as a celebrity.

Her spouse, Alfonso Ribeiro, has a net worth of $4 million, on the other hand. The character of Carlton Banks in the popular TV series “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” may be his most well-known performance. Since 2015, he has hosted “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

In November 2015, Alfonso paid $1.94 million for a 7,500 square foot, eight-bedroom home in Granada Hills, California. At the time of the purchase, he listed his long-time previous Toluca Lake residence for $1.45 million. He sold this home for a $50,000 profit in 2015. He acquired the property in 2004 for $729,000.

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Alfonso Ribeiro And Angela Ribeiro Have Four Children

The television personality has Sienna, his oldest daughter, with his ex-wife Robin Stapler and three younger children with his wife, Angela Unkrich. Despite getting divorced in 2007 and having a child together, Sienna, he wed Angela in 2012. The couple expanded their family when son Alfonso Jr. was born in 2013, then Anders in 2015, and Ava in 2019.

Alfonso prioritized parenting when he first became a father, but he is parenting his kids a little differently than most. Instead of keeping his children in a classroom, the host of Catch 21 enjoys taking Sienna, Alfonso Jr., Anders, and Ava on excursions to teach them about the world.

He declared, “I feel that travel is the ideal approach to educate your family,” in an exclusive 2019 interview with Closer. Despite the fact that you can read about topics in books, nothing can quite match the influence and influence that firsthand experience has on you.

When he first became a father, Alfonso put parenting first, but he is raising his children a little differently than most. The host of Catch 21 likes to take Sienna, Alfonso Jr., Anders, and Ava on outings to teach them about the rest of the world instead of keeping them in a classroom.

In an exclusive 2019 interview with Closer, he said that he thought traveling was the best way to educate his family. Even if you can read about subjects in books, nothing truly compares to the impact that actual experience has on you.

Alfonso Loves Spending Time With His Family

The family of the Emmy candidate has already visited sites like Yellowstone, Mesa Verde National Park, Zion, and Bryce Canyon. Alfonso expressed his appreciation for the COVID-19 lockdown, noting that without it, he “would have never thought to” go on their outing. He has improved as a hands-on dad as a result of the time they have spent together.

He claimed that the idea of spending more time with my family, including the children, made him even more pleased of what they can accomplish together as a unit. He knows he won’t get this time back, which allows him to fulfill his goals and spend quality time with the kids at the same time.

As Carlton, Will Smith’s preppie cousin, in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Ribeiro had one of his most well-known performances. When Ribeiro read the line “Carlton dances” in one of the screenplays, he knew he had to embrace the geekiness of his role.

When coupled with Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual,” the swinging-arms-snapping-fingers motion is recognizable across generations as a nerdy show of joy. Ribeiro said, “That’s not a motion you’re supposed to be doing in public, but when you do it, everyone around you is delighted.

Angela Unkrich and Alfonso Ribeiro biracial family

Angela Unkrich and Alfonso Ribeiro biracial family

Alfonso Has A Biracial Family

The family of the man of color Alfonso includes members of many racial groups. Their family is complete because of this. A photograph of them all together demonstrates the diversity within a single home, which is equal to the art form itself. People adore this so much.

It was actually made possible by Alfonso and Angela’s interracial relationship; hence, their children received both traits, which is in and of itself an enticing difference.

In the July 2021 interview, Alfonso was asked if he has ever lived out a scene from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In the scene in question, his on-screen alter ego, Carlton Banks, gets rejected by a fraternity. Alfonso asserted that he constantly runs into situations like these, largely because of his marriage.

In Season 4, Episode 8, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Carlton Air and Will try to join a fraternity for persons of color. Will accomplishes this excellently, but Carlton is turned down because he is overly eager and perfection-obsessed.

Alfonso told the Atlanta Star that he felt alienated from the neighborhood since he wed a fair woman.

He has a mixed relationship and frequently attracts comments, glances, and other kinds of attention. Because you see so many things on social media where people say things and have thoughts and perspectives, he finds it to be quite fascinating. Making that choice is challenging because you don’t feel at home anywhere. He would never be impartial, and his community would never fully back him.

Several users attempted to refute Alfonso’s claims on Twitter by stating that they were not aware of his wife.

A tweeter stated, “Alfonso Ribeiro and his wife have never faced any criticism from the neighborhood, I guarantee. When my wife goes to bed, I’ll sneak a piece of the German chocolate cake from the refrigerator downstairs. This cat lacks knowledge.”

Some FAQs

What Is Angela Unkrich’s age?

The age of Angela Unkrich is 42 years old.

What is Angela Unkrich’s net worth?

The amount of money Angela Unkrich is worth is 1.5 million.

How many children does Angela Unkrich have?

Three of Angela Unkrich’s own children and one stepdaughter are hers.

What Is Angela Unkrich’s job?

A media personality and social media influencer, Angela Unkrich.

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