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Akshay Kumar Bio

Akshay Kumar, whose real name is Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia and who was born in Amritsar, Punjab, India, on September 9, 1967, is an Indian actor who has become one of the most popular performers in Bollywood and is known for his versatility.

Bhatia’s father worked for the government in a country where acting runs in many families. As a young man, he trained a lot in dance and martial arts. His first movie role was as a martial arts teacher in Aaj, but he didn’t speak or get credit for it (1987; Today). He worked at a food stand in Bangkok, tried his hand at modeling, and was in a few movies before director Pramod Chakravarthy gave him the lead role in Deedar (1992; “Glimpse”). In the beginning of his career, he started going by the name Akshay Kumar.

Full Name: Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia
Nick Name: Akki
Date of Birth: 9 September 1967
Profession: Actor, Producer, Martial Artist
Birthplace: Amritsar, Punjab, India
House Address: 203, A Wing Benzer, Benzer Appartments, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Religion: Hindu
Nationality: Canadian
Marital Status: Married
Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar Early years

Kumar was born in Amritsar, Punjab, India, to Hari Om Bhatia and Aruna Bhatia in a Punjabi family. His father was an officer in the army. Kumar has always been very interested in sports. Even his father liked wrestling. He was born and raised in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk. When his father left the Army to work as an accountant for UNICEF, the family moved to Bombay, which is now called Mumbai. Soon, his sister was born, and the family moved to Koliwada, a part of Central Bombay that was mostly made up of Punjabis.

He went to Don Bosco High School in Matunga, where he learned Karate at the same time. He tried to go to college at Guru Nanak Khalsa College, but dropped out because he wasn’t very interested in school. He told his dad that he wanted to learn more about martial arts, and his dad saved money so that he could send him to Thailand. Kumar went to Bangkok to study martial arts, and he spent five years in Thailand learning Thai Boxing. He has a sister named Alka Bhatia. Kumar’s father asked him what he wanted to be when he was a teen. Kumar said that he wanted to be in movies.

After getting a black belt in Taekwondo in India, he went to Bangkok, Thailand, to learn Muay Thai and work as a chef and waiter while studying martial arts. Kumar worked in a travel agency in Calcutta, which is now called Kolkata. In Dhaka, he was a chef in a hotel, and in Delhi, he sold Kundan jewelry. When he got back to Bombay, he began to teach martial arts.

During this time, the father of one of Kumar’s students, who was also a model coordinator, suggested that Kumar try modeling. This led to an assignment to model for a furniture showroom. Kumar made more money in the first two days of shooting than he would have in a whole month of work, so he decided to become a model. He helped photographer Jayesh Sheth shoot his first portfolio for 18 months without getting paid. He also danced in the background of several movies. One morning, he was late for his flight to Bangalore for an ad shoot. He went to a film studio with his portfolio and felt bad about himself. That night, producer Pramod Chakravarthy gave Kumar the lead role in the movie Deedar.

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Some things you might not know about Akshay Kumar

  • Akshay was born into a Punjabi family in Amritsar. He grew up in Old Delhi, but later moved to Koliwada in Mumbai.
  • He has been interested in acting and martial arts since he was a child. He started training in class 8.
  • Both his father and Dara Singh knew each other.
  • He learned Muay Thai in Bangkok and has a Black Belt in Taekwondo before he got into the movie business.
  • To make a living, he worked as a waiter at a restaurant in Bangkok called Metro Guest House. His first pay was 1,500.
  • He even worked as a peon for a travel company in Kolkata after he went back to Mumbai. He then taught people how to fight.
  • When one of his students, who was a photographer, suggested him to a modeling agency, he gave it a try.
    After he was successful at this, he changed his name from Rajeev Om Bhatia to Akshay Kumar. He did this because he saw a movie in which the actor opposite his favorite actress was named Akshay.
  • When he moved to Mumbai, he took pictures for his portfolio at the same place he lives now, his Juhu Bangalow.
  • In the 1987 movie “Aaj,” he played a Karate Instructor for 17 seconds. This was his first role. Here’s a look at how he did in the movie.
Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar Net Worth

Akshay Kumar is also known as the “hit machine” of Bollywood movies, and he is one of the highest-paid actors in the world. He is one of the few actors who has had a lot of hits in a row. Akshay Kumar is thought to have a net worth of around $275 million, which is more than Rs 2000 crores in Indian money.

Most of his money comes from endorsing brands, which paid him a huge amount per endorsement. Also, he has saved a huge amount of money from his movie’s earnings, which is on top of his pay. Also, he is the busiest actor in the movie business. He has a lot on his plate and makes around four or sometimes five movies a year.

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Akshay Kumar Family

The Punjabi family Bhatia is where Akshay Kumar comes from. His father was an officer in the army. He used to live in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk. He moved to Bombay after that. When his father left the army to work as a bookkeeper for UNICEF. Akshay Kumar’s sister came into the world. So, they moved to the middle of Bombay. Akshay went to Don Bosco High School, Matunga, for his early education. For his higher education, he went to Guru Nanak Khalsa College. And he stopped going to school. Because they don’t care about school. Then, in 1991, he started his work life.

He wanted to act more than he wanted to study. So he began working as an actor. And he was in a lot of Indian movies. And they won a lot of awards. Hari Om Bhatia and Aruna Bhatia are the names of Akshay Kumar’s father and mother. She was a person who made Indian movies. Akshay Kumar’s sister’s name is Alka Bhatia. She acts in movies.

Akshay Kumar Personal Life

In 2014, Kumar was with his wife Twinkle Khanna and her mother, Dimple Kapadia.

On January 17, 2001, Kumar got married to Twinkle Khanna. She was the daughter of actors Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia. They have a son and a daughter as a couple. He is known for being a caring parent who keeps his kids away from the media. He said that he wants to “give them a normal childhood.” In 2009, Kumar asked Twinkle to unbutton his jeans so he could do a show for Levis at Lakme Fashion Week. A police case was opened against them because of this event, which caused a lot of trouble.

Kumar used to be a religious Shaiva Hindu who went to temples and shrines all over the country, including the famous Vaishno Devi Mandir, but in March 2020, he said, “I am a Muslim.” “I have no faith in any religion. I only think I’m Indian “.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

The Conservative government in Canada gave Kumar Canadian citizenship sometime during or after the 2011 federal election. They did this by using a little-known law that let them get around the usual residency requirement for immigrants to Canada.

Tony Clement, a former Conservative Party minister, said that Kumar was given citizenship because he offered to use his “star power” to improve relations between Canada and India and between Canada and other countries in the movie and tourism industries.

Even though Kumar had praised Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper at a campaign event in Brampton, Ontario, a city with a large Indo-Canadian population, Clement denied that Kumar’s citizenship was a reward for supporting the Conservatives.

Kumar got an honorary doctorate from the University of Windsor and said he had “dual citizenship” in an interview with the Economist in 2010.

He was one of 15 famous people from all over the world who were invited to Canada for the Olympic torch-bearer rally.

Kumar said in December 2019 that he had applied for an Indian passport and would be giving up his Canadian citizenship.


How much does Akshay Kumar have in the bank?

Akshay Kumar is worth about $325 million all together.

What is Akshay Kumar’s age?

Akshay Kumar is 55 years old right now (9 September 1967).

How much does Akshay Kumar make?

Akshay Kumar is thought to make between 45 and 50 Crore per year.

What is Akshay Kumar’s height?

Akshay Kumar is 1.78 m (5 feet 10 inches) tall.

What does his wife’s name sound like?

Twinkle Khanna is the name of Akshay Kumar’s wife (m. 2001)

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