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Aias Dalman: Who Is He? acts You Did Not Know About The Actor

Aias Dalman is a young actor who was recently seen in the movie House Of Chains. He is originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Since his appearance in House Of Chains, the young actor Dalman has gained a following. At such a young age, he is incredibly gifted and capable of playing neurotypical roles with grace.

Everyone enjoyed his prior achievements in the entertainment business, and he enjoys great popularity as an actor. The public is eager to see more of Aias’s performances in his next works.

Aias Dalman

Aias Dalman

Who Is Actor Aias Dalman? How Old Is He?

Canadian actor and scriptwriter Aias Dalman, 12, hails from Vancouver, British Columbia. Levente Mihalik, the director of Young Moviemakers, first noticed Aias in a kindergarten science class. Aias then spent the ensuing three years working as an actor and writer in independent films in Vancouver.

By the time he was seven years old, his screenplays had already received awards, including Best Film Overall at the TIFF Young Filmmakers Showcase for “The Fortune Teller” and Best Narrative at the Calgary International Film Festival for “Teen Chick.”

In 2018, more than 24 film festivals around the world screened his most recent picture, “Tough Guy,” and they will do it again in 2019. His initial interests are in science and the independent cinema industry.

In 2018, Aias secured a contract with Lucas Talent in Vancouver, and since then, she has been in numerous TV, movie, and commercial productions in the area.

Who Are Aias Dalman Family Members?

Aias’ parents gave birth to him in Vancouver. His family has always been a huge source of encouragement for him in his job, and they are to thank for his great acting career.

Dalman, an actor who is openly autistic, did a fantastic job of bringing a realistic presentation to the set. In the drama “When Time Got Louder,” in which he co-starred alongside Willow Shields, he played several autistic characters.

He has received a lot of love from everyone thus far in his career. So it is clear that at the young age of 12, he is also earning well from his acting career. The public is excited to see more of Aias’s future performances and projects. Aias has only recently started his profession, and he is only getting started.

10 Facts About Aias Dalmon

  1. Aias Dalmon is a Canadian citizen and was born in British Columbia, Vancouver.
  2. Dalmon is just 12 years old and has already starred in a handful of projects.
  3. He started his career as an actor when he was just 7 years old.
  4. Aias is an actor and also a creative writer.
  5. Dalmon was Scouted by Young Moviemakers Director Levente Mihalik while in a kindergarten science class.
  6. The Canadian actor is an openly Autistic actor and has represented Autistic characters in different projects.
  7. Aias has been a prodigy in math and creative writing.
  8. Dalmon was signed to one of Vancouver’s most prestigious Talent Agencies, Premiere Talent Management in 2017.
  9. The actor loves to meet new and talented people on set and make friends.
  10. In the future he wishes to have his own “Bill Nye” style Science Show and his own TED talk.

What is Azriel Dalman’s age?

On December 28, 2013, he was born in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

In 2022, Azriel will be 9 years old

He published an Instagram picture honoring his eighth birthday on December 28, 2021.

Azriel Dalman Wikipedia: Biography

He began filming The Gift in September of last year, a week after Azi started kindergarten (2020).

He has been in numerous films and advertisements since then. He played Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s son in The Neighbor in the Window, his first Lifetime Network appearance (2020).

The movies Debris (2021), Soul (2020), and Moonfall are Azi’s favorites (2022). Roland Emmerich, who previously produced Independence Day, is the director of Moonfall (1996). Azi enjoys every second of filming, regardless of the part she plays.

Azi enjoys acting because it allows him to interact with new people, eat continuously, and play “all kinds of odd individuals.”

No of the weather, he swims in the water every day.

His favorite TV shows are Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013) and The Office (2005), and he can practically quote every dialogue from each.

Meet Azriel Dalman Family

He was born in Canada, but nobody seems to be aware of his parents.

His brother, Aias Dalman, is an actor as well. They met through numerous auditions and sets.

He had a few unsuccessful auditions before deciding to pursue acting. It “looks like so much fun,” he remarks.

His mother and his oldest brother have always been close.

Aias Dalman, Azi’s older brother, and he frequently attended auditions and filming locations. Acting “looked like so much fun,” so he made the decision to do it.

Azi requested that his mother send him to a job interview like his sibling did. He was not only chosen to audition for the part, but also handed the lead role.

Azriel Dalman On Instagram

Azriel Dalman is active on Instagram and can be found there at @azrieldalman.

Given that he has more than 1,000 posts on Instagram, he obviously posts frequently.

Dalman additionally has 2524 followers in addition to the 941 persons he himself follows.

Azriel, sometimes referred to as “Azi” by his friends and family, began acting when he was just four years old. In a scene from the indie movie Blue Hour, he portrayed the “child with blue face paint” (2021).

He likes to read, write hilarious stories, play with Transformers, and build Lego models when he’s not acting.

I enjoyed watching the final films in which my brother appeared, but I had no idea how he landed those roles. We took my brother to a commercial audition when he was maybe 3 years old. The casting director instructed the youngsters to rehearse singing “Old MacDonald” while we were waiting. I was able to sing the song since I knew it. I questioned why they brought in all the children to try out together. My mother said that it was because they were selecting the singer for the commercial. Then I realized that they were holding auditions to determine who would appear in the video. I asked if I could also get auditions, but my mom said no because it wasn’t my audition. After that, I found an agency. I guess that notion is dead since I was never given the opportunity to perform “Old MacDonald” during a test.

Which films or characters are your favorites?

I adore the animated films Soul and Wall-E. I really enjoy Jim and Dwight from The Office as television characters. I used to aspire to look like Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Jake Nine, and I believe I do. Marvel Cinematic Universe is another thing I adore (MCU).

Iced tea is my preferred beverage when it comes to libations. I enjoy eating M&Ms as well, but I can only eat the yellow or orange varieties without having my mouth turn a different color, which irritates the ladies who do my makeup. I don’t want them to feel anxious. I also enjoy beef jerky and ramen bowls, but you typically have to ask for them because they are normally hidden on the truck. For lunch, I like to try new things, but the last dish I truly enjoyed was crunchy pork. They bring the meals to my trailer, and the third ADs are wonderful. But after we finish our meals in the trailer, I like to take a stroll, say hello to the caterers, and have a peek at the dessert. They discovered that I enjoyed watermelon on the first day of the previous project and they kept some for me alone.

Aias Dalman

Aias Dalman

Quick Facts

Full Name Aias Dalman
Age 12 years old
From British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Born On November 8, 2009
Height 3’10
Weight 45

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